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  • Anniebell White - in Reply on Genesis 1:10
    Thank you Jesus .
  • Grace - in Reply on Revelation 1
    Hello Mrs Fernandez,

    I suspected your question is not for you personally, and the Lord told me to investigate the prayer section. Sure enough I found more to your question. So I've answered it there
  • Grace - in Reply on 1 Chronicles 16
    Hello Ms Green,

    It is likely that Matthew Henry, of the 18th Century, was vaguely referring to a much later time well after the event at the beginning of chapter 16, which was held in a tent in Jerusalem, also called the City of David. A bit after that event, another shrine/altar (spelt with two A) was constructed in Gibeon (see verse 39). Usually, Reverend Henry gave very good good commentaries, but like most commentators they aren't also the rare few talented writers who understand the effect of words on the audience. Henry confused the readers. Anyway, it's good that you read the commentary before asking your question because correct answers are sometimes in such
  • MURRAY HILL on Matthew 12:42
    1 Chronicles 16:11: what is the literal meaning of to seek his face - throughout the old testament basically.

    i get that we should seek the lord while he may be found, but what does it mean to actually seek his face?
  • An-noor on 1 Timothy 2:4
    I like the Bible because it tell us about God
  • Paulina Kelly - in Reply on Revelation 1
    This is a reply to Estrella's question:

    Hello Estrella, I hope these verses help answer your question. God bless you!

    "Estrella M Fernandez on Revelation 1

    QUESTION: Please Would like a biblical verse on homosexuality. So I can have the correct

    biblical verse on what our precious LORD explains concerning homosexuality.

    Thanks God bless all."

    ANSWER: Leviticus 18:22, 20:13; Romans 1:16-32; 1 Cor. 6:9; Galatians 5:19-21
  • Grace - in Reply on Amos 1
    Hello David,

    That earthquake happened during the time of King Uzziah of Judah. Except witnessed in Zechariah 14:5 it isn't mentioned anywhere else
  • Mary m white on 1 Timothy 2:4
    The pastor this morning said your spirit and soul go immediately to heaven. What I do not get is.... if spirits go immediately to hell or heaven, then why is there a judgement day? You would already be where you are. The white thrown judgement is after the 1000 year reign, so would God pull em out of hell to send em back to hell after judgement? and bring us from heaven to go back to heaven after the judgement? Please help me to understand what happens after death.
  • Grace - in Reply on 1 Peter 4:15
    A busybody, Jacquella, or a fool if the person deliberately insults or starts an argument : )
  • Grace - in Reply on John 5:28
    Hello Patrick,

    English words have subtle similarities and or difference. A trait has been scientifically defined and proven for decades as to its accuracy and meaning: traits are any characteristic or discernable feature that is permanent. Examples are: someone born with brown eyes will never have a natural colour change because that is the most dominant eye DNA trait, and another with cheerful outlook all his/her life has an optimistic personality trait in contrast to someone who is optimistic only occasionally. A less permanent or less dominant feature or characteristic is called a "state" quality, feature, or characteristic. The word attribute is not a scientific word, but is just a synonym for the words characteristic, feature or quality (describes someone or something). So, an attribute can be a state or a trait but never both. Examples of attributes: someone born with red hair is classified as red haired when young but will be in either the grey hair or white hair attribute category when old; someone who is energetic usually is throughout life even when retired and slowed down due to aging. So, no the two words are not the same
  • Grace - in Reply on John 12:30
    Hello Jose,

    Yours is not a foolish question, but complex to many and controversial to fools. It is fools who engender strife and show they are ignorant time and time again

    In verse 28, Jesus was not giving an order but was urging in this context. It is no different to you or someone strongly encouraging a parent to buy this, or choose that, or do something that seems obviously good. This said, it does not negate the concept of the Trinity because it supports the tenet that the son is not the father, but that also the son is equally God as some will argue that Jesus did give an order

    In verse 30, the voice was a witness to the crowd so that they will recall it during or after the crucifixion and be encouraged out of their fear and doubts that it was really the Messiah with them. Therefore, it was a prophecy for their sake
  • Elijah Isaiah Zmuda on Genesis 6
    Scriptural Facts-Genesis 6:4:

    . Heavenly or Fallen Angels can not procreate according to biblical scripture. (Matthew 22:30; Mark 12:25; Luke 20:34)

    2. The Nephilium were present before, at the time, and after the sons of God and daughters of man had ***. They can't be their offspring, because they would have to be born first.

    3. Sons of God could mean holy Angels or holy men according to scripture. (Job 1:6; 2:1), (Psalms 82:6, Hosea 1:10; John 10:34-38, Matthew 5:9; Luke 3:38; Romans 8:14)

    * The sons of God are the renown men of old(from seth's lineage)and were tempted by the Nephilium (Fallen angels) to lust the daughters of men(from Cain's lineage).
  • Happy Jack on Genesis 3
    can not find where GOD said " do not touch "
  • Brends hyde on Revelation 9
    And it was commanded them that they should not hurt the grass of the earth, neither any green thing, neither any tree; but only those men which have not the seal of God in their foreheads.
  • Sammy - in Reply on Matthew 25:40
    Our present day President just sign an executive order to allow prayer back in the schools, keep praying that God use our leaders to do the right thing, no matter who sits on the throne of this country.
  • Sheila Hedgepeth - in Reply on Revelation 11
    Hi. you are wrong but I believe you know this.
  • Sheila Hedgepeth - in Reply on Revelation 11
    thank you. I had no idea how to respond to that statement or if I should. again thank you.
  • Gary Scotland - in Reply on Psalms 94
    This is a Wonderful psalm Kevin. Verse 14 in particular, be rest assured the Lord is with the United States of America. And will not forsake his people.
  • Carolyn on Matthew 10:30
    This man sends me those post a bout God

    I tell him God does not have a face-book page
  • PerkinGladys on Isaiah 7:14
    The world will give way to those who have goals and visions
  • Sheila Hedgepeth - in Reply on Revelation 8
    Amen amen and amen
  • Bob Grove - in Reply on John 12:30
    If any man lack wisdom let him ask of God who gives it liberally , but let him ask in faith .

    Foolish questions gender strife .
  • Patrick Osborn on John 5:28
    Is a trait and an attribute the same?
  • Joshua on James 4:4
    The whole of God's Word shows us that once we are born again, we become a new creature(2 Corinthians 5:17). We are to be dead to our old ways. Dead to the ways of the world, because the world is wicked(1 John 5:19). We are not to continue practicing sin(Titus 2:12, James 1:27).

    We will still sin because we are still imperfect. (Romans 7:23-24, Philippians 3:12, Ephesians 4:13). The difference is we do not continue PRACTICING sin, or WILLFULLY sinning.

    If we continue our old practice - our dead in our sins way of living AFTER we become saved, we were never saved/born again to begin with(Hebrews 10:26, 1 John 2:15, 2 Peter 2:20-22).

    We are still in the world but we are not of the world(John 17:16, Romans 12:2). On the contrary, we are tasked by the Lord to be examples & witnesses to the world(Philippians 2:15, Matthew 5:14, Romans 10:14-15).

    This, I believe, is the "key" to knowing whether or not we are truly saved. If we truly believe.
  • Sunday Levinus Alaka on 1 Chronicles 16:11
    After restoring the presence of God to his people through the Ark of the Covenant, David and Asaph gave them these verses as a song to perpetually remind them of the importance of seeking God because ... our strength is found in him ... our grace is from his loving presence ... and our hope is in seeing him face to face and knowing him even as we are known by him. We must look to the Lord and not seek our own way or follow our own path.
  • Jose Sanchez on John 12:30
    I have a great question , when the Lord Jesus said: "Father glorify thy name" , did Jesus give an order to the Father? , but this can't be, because Jesus said , "my father is greater than I"

    And the verse "this voice came not because of me , but for your sakes". What does it mean?

    I hope to get an answer.

    Have a nice day.
  • Alex on Deuteronomy 6
    Matthew 13 kjv Comments by Alex about the ability of Christ to multiply very God in humanity via his seed the Word th living Word.It was God the father that made this law that everything has to multiply after its Kind, Thats how we know that Jesus is truly God the son simply b/c he has the ability to reproduce very God in humanity. He does not reproduce flesh and blood children he has the ability to reproduce God Almighty, SPIRITS the H.G. PLURAL IN humanity

    the World, Thus there is an Israel of God in his seed, spirits,Thats y he said that which is born of the spirit is spirit thats th h.g. our new innerman the very kingdom of God in US thats y david said beautiful for situation THE JOY OF THE WHOLE WORLD simply b/c its gonna be situated in our hearts b/c/ that good seed is sown in our hearts when the book is opened which are the seeds/words of the sower that he wrote with his own blood. I JUST BE RAMBLIN in the spirit. But i have just proved that Jesus is truly God the son with a mission to impregnate this whold world with his precious seed th word. he wants to bring many sons into Glory with his seed. The Manchild that is gonna rule all nations is the H.G. and Jesus is the father of the H.G. simply b/c the H.G. is the fruit of his loins his seed the WORD, To whom the word came it made them Gods and the scripture cannot be broken My word cannot return unto me void it has to prosper in what it was sent to do meaning a birth salvation, she brought forth a manchild simply b/c of his seed his Word, conversation, understanding is conception, gestation in the spritual realm today if you will his voice his seed, Thats what real faith is a spritual pregnancy b/c i have spoken these words Sorrows have filled your hearts meaning a child Thats y the scripture is saying FAITH is the substance of things hoped for ( The child )the evidence of things not seen ( th BABE ) that which is born of the spirit is the H.G. Unless ya receive the Kingdom of God AS A LIL CHILD .ty Jesus
  • Bob Grove - in Reply on Matthew 12:42
    I was reading Job ch 38 v 36

    I thought you may like this verse . God was speaking to Job .
  • Geneva Haynes on Colossians 2
    The place of Goshen. What is God saying to me today.
  • Jacquella M Walker on 1 Peter 4:15
    What do you call a person who always meddling in people

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