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  • Hazel Carty on 1 Corinthians 10
    Thank You Lord Jesus for your blessings on me I love the Lord with all my heart and with all my body and with all my soul,prays his holly name AMEN
  • Mishael to Bob - in Reply on Revelation 1
    The first church is mentioned in Acts 2:47


    "And THE LORD added to the CHURCH daily such as should be saved."

    People build big buildings with great beauty, art; sculptures, but they can be dead as a door nail without Jesus in it by the Holy Spirit.

    Get a grip. The people are out in the streets now. No apathy. Everyone's turned on to a cause. The Church needs to be out in the street too! Hand out some tracts. How do we know this isn't a move of God going on right now?! We're all banished from going to church so we're hiding out in the house.

    You just want to hash for days how much you can expound on churches of the past.

    Guess what? It was in the news how all the ancient churches have been sold to pay Taxes, so now they are reborn as event centers, restaurants with real art. Google it! Maybe we should consider what Peter said: it's all going to burn.

    Is the hourglass full or empty?
  • Chris - in Reply on Ephesians 1
    Marie, Romans 9:10? Or, did you mean Romans 10:9?

    Do you also have a supporting Scripture that the Gift of Tongues is a 'Heavenly language known only to God'? The Acts 2:4 account of Pentecost Day seems to indicate that the Tongues spoken was not Heavenly but Earthly & Paul's teaching on this in 1 Cor 14 was specifically to show that Tongues was an unknown (unlearned) language to the speaker but may be known to another present or to be used when one gifted with its Interpretation was present. Without an interpretation, the (unlearned) Tongue was not to be used however it could be used in prayer to God only, where "my spirit prayeth, but my understanding is unfruitful" (v 14). This seems to me that apart from its use in prayer, the Tongue should only be used when someone who understands/interprets it is present.

    I would be interested to learn what Scripture you know that can support what you've said.
  • Mishael - in Reply on Psalms 70
    Welcome to the family of God. Find a KJV Bible that has the center of each page columns; that reference to Old Testament scripture and prophesy: past, present and future.

    The Holy Spirit was given to us by Jesus to be our Teacher. Questions you have should be asked of Him first.

    Everything someone tells you should be compared to scripture. We are living in the last days and false teaching are out there. God has a plan for our lives: for good things; not evil.

    Confusion and accusation is from the devil.

    Proverbs 3:5-8. Trust in the Lord.
  • Portia on Psalms 23:1
    For someone who is curious about the bible, just maybe god is drawing you. for no one comes to the jesus except he is drawn of the father. so, this is curiosity that will not kill the cat, so to speak. therefore, i suggest that you start in the book of matthew and read a chapter daily, meditate or think about what has been said/written. starting in matthew and following on thru the books after, you will learn more about jesus, who he is and what he has done, ect. i will make prayers for you because i have hope for you.
  • Edna L39herault on Matthew 5
    Yes what is the righteousness of the Scribes and the Pharisees? Please explain. Thank you,. Edna L'herault
  • Sophie - in Reply on Ephesians 1
    Beautiful wisdom! Thank you for reminding me the importance of daily praising the Lord.

    He truly deserves all praise and glory no matter what is going on here on planet earth.

    He created it and knows all about it!!!

    God bless you and thank you again!
  • Sophie on Psalms 70
    I desperately pray for the United States of America. The land of milk and honey. The fertile ground where blood was shed so we can worship Jesus without retribution. A bountiful land to enjoy our God given freedom.

    I pray for all to find Christ Jesus, for the strength to not submit to the inevitable beast system lurking in the shadows.

    Lord, I pray for your protection from all evil, seen and unseen.

    God Bless America

    God Bless the precious little time remaining.

    God Bless everyone here tonight as we face the collapse of the Western world.
  • Melvin - in Reply on Daniel 2:43
    Very profound!
  • Helen Reed on Ecclesiasticus 46
    The break down on Ecclesiastes chapter 46, 9-12
  • colu you give me the over all views of Ecclesiastes 46: 9-12
  • Johnson emile on Ecclesiasticus 23:18
    is Mary son that is call Jesus is he God
  • Chris - in Reply on Revelation 1
    Cris, your statement: "Jesus came only for the lost sheep of Isreal not the whole world", indicates to us that you hold little or no regard to the rest of the New Testament. Am I right? If so, I can't offer further comment.

    But if I'm wrong & you do believe in the NT as well, then please consider these few verses (to which matter there are many more verses): of Paul, Galatians 1:15,16; Acts 9:15,16; Romans 15:15-18; etc. Why was Paul sent by Christ to minister to the Gentiles? Apparently, so that they too could hear the Gospel & be saved (1 Thes 2:8-16, especially verses 14-16), therefore fulfilling the Lord's Word that He had 'other sheep' that still had to come into His fold (John 10:14-17).

    You might be "for my people 12 tribes of israel" & that is wonderful, but since Israel was cut out from the olive tree because of their 'blindness to the Messiah' (Romans 11, especially verses 18-25), they are in desperate need for the "fullness of the Gentiles" to be accomplished before they will one day be saved. It's not possible to rule out clear & abundant Scripture showing that Christ came for all people, Jew & Gentile alike, rather we ought to be concerned for the many who are going into a Christ-less eternity having never heard the Gospel & opportunity to be saved (I speak here not of God's election but man's concern & responsibility).
  • Karen lewis-frazer on John 6
    i love this app
  • Anthony r johnson on Revelation 1:14
    I disagree with the color agenda. But I also disagree with the reference of scripture. If you will read that part of Revelation it is speaking of Jesus as a judge. The White Hair, The Bronze Feet. The Bible says that Jesus was from Nazareth. A place in Israel that was commonly Hot and Dry. Yes all of these men had a tanned skin. But Cris, the Bible does say that Jesus came into the world not to condemn it, but that it might be saved. He did not only come for the Israelites he grafted all into the vine. So that all men(women) might be saved.
  • Anthony r johnson - in Reply on Ephesians 1
    Mari B.

    I differ from you somewhat on your explanation of Acts 2:38. To my understanding you are receiving the Holy Spirit upon the new birth. The birth by water in John 3, is the fleshly birth.( uh oh my water just broke) and then born of the Spirit is the second birth. I believe verse 6 says that which is born of flesh is flesh and that which is born of the spirit is spirit. That is an explanation by Jesus on the new birth. I do believe that you have to be born again to enter the kingdom of Heaven. But also the water baptism is an outward expression of an inward change. Water baptism has nothing to do with salvation. No where in the gospels does it speak of any baptism that seals your salvation. The Word does say in Acts 4:12 There is salvation in no other, there is no other name under heaven given among men whereby we must be saved. Salvation is the gift of God and the shedding of Jesus blood for the remission of our sins. Christ and Christ alone.
  • Isaac lochowicz on Psalms 70
    i have only recently realised Jesus Christ is my true lord and saviour, i pray i can continue to learn and spend everyday absorbed in his holyness, i am about to purchase a bible and continue to learn what i must do to live in the holy name of Jesus Christ, Amen.
  • Kathy Davies on Psalms 24:10
    Jesus The Lord of host, which are the angels in heaven, Jesus said in Mathews he can call on 12 legions of angels, we can call on the hosts of heaven also for help on earth , that's there main function to help us on earth.
  • Adam - in Reply on Revelation 1
    Jesus said otherwise in the Bible. Luke 19:10, Acts 17:26, John 12:46 - he came to save the lost of all people, not just who you claim are your 'own people'. Why do you care about skin color so much? Why not eye color? Why not height or weight? We're all individuals of equal value, not members of fictional political tribes. Satan is deceiving people into believing they are unequal and trying to divide everyone and some are believing the lie.

    Lamentations 4:7 - you know Jesus was from Nazareth, right? This says they're white so that counterbalances the assumption that because someone's hair is like wool it must be black. Other races can have wool-like hair too. There's plenty of hair variety within the races.
  • Chris - in Reply on Exodus 15
    D.J., if that were the case of Genesis 1:26-28 referencing another creation of people simultaneously to Adam & Eve, then the question of the beginning of sin & its transmission comes up.

    Romans 5:12, in my understanding, tells me that sin was first committed by Adam & Eve, resulting in both spiritual & physical death to them, & so this death sentence (in & from A & E) passed upon all men. Given your understanding of the creation of man (not mankind in Genesis 1:26-28), how did this transmission of the sin nature (or, even original sin) pass upon all men? Or, maybe this 'other creation of mankind' were likewise tempted to sin, with resulting death, which would make Paul's understanding erroneous by believing that the inception & transmission of sin was only through Adam.

    I realize that this matter has been raised earlier, but felt to just bring this out, as there needs to be a fuller justification of our understanding of the Word to those who read about this. No mischief intended - just scriptural proof for our positions for this very basic, important teaching.
  • Mari B on Ephesians 1
    Douglas Russell, Please read my comment in here. We must receive Christ by repenting. That means turning away from a wrong way of living & truly living for our Lord Jesus every day of our life. We can not do this on our own. It's why we need the Holy Spirit. It's a spiritual birth from above. We must surrender our life unto him. Let go & A!low him to lead our life thru the Holy Spirit. (Holy Ghost & the Holy Spirit are the same). Holy Spirit will lead you to all truth. If we are not lead by the Spirit, we are none of his. Romans 8. Let no man tell you different. Acts 2:38 is the New Testament salvation thru faith, love & obeying the gospel. This is all in the Bible. I learned this bc I was so hungry for God's truth. I still am. He loves everyone but it doesn't mean everyone will be saved. Stay in prayer each day. Ask him for his help. Thank him. Yes give thanksgiving into Christ. We are in the world but we must not love the world. now w the indwelling of God's Spirit, soon you will have the fruits of the Spirit. Peace, love, joy, faith, longsuffering, meekness, kindness. Praise him daily. He loves to be praised & he deserves to be praised & worshiped. God is a Spirit & we must Worship him in Spirit & in truth. This is also biblical. Amen
  • Belinda - in Reply on Matthew 12:31
    Okay thank you
  • Mari B on Ephesians 1
    I meant John 3: 3-8 is where Jesus spoke in red letter words about water & the Spirit are needed to enter into the kingdom of God. Thank you Jesus
  • Mari B on Ephesians 1
    Jesus spoke in John 3-8 about the water & Spirit & how it is needed to enter into the kingdom of God. After we read the gospels we then go to the book of Acts. We must obey Acts 2:38. It's for everyone. The Bible from Acts & on is for the people that came from the book of Acts; the baptized, Holy Spirit filled,saved people/churches. First obey Acts 2:38 before you can claim Romans 9:10 or any other verse I was water baptized yet I didn't receive the Holy Ghost until nearly 3 yrs later. You will speak in tongues as the sign of receiving the Holy Ghost. It's a heavenly language known into God. Also in Acts 1:8 says you will receive power once the Holy Ghost has come upon you. Its a wonderful journey. We must know our God & obey the gospel. 2 Thessalonians 1:7-9 kjv is clear on these words. Amen
  • Bob Hilt - in Reply on Revelation 1
    Bible book Song of Solomon 5:10 - My beloved is WHITE white and ruddy, the chiefest among ten thousand.

    Bible book Lamentations 4:7 - Her Nazarites were purer than snow, they were WHITER whiter than milk, they were more ruddy in body than rubies, their polishing was of sapphire: (Ruddy means reddish as in blush)

    Revelation 1:14 - His (Jesus) HEAD head and his hairs were WHITE white like wool, as WHITE white as snow; and his eyes were as a flame of fire; 15 And his feet like unto fine brass,

    (Brass is made of copper which is REDDISH GOLDEN BROWN) as if they burned in a furnace; and his voice as the sound of many waters. The world hates white Christians especially it seems today.

    Who printed the Bibles and built the churches? Europe and the USA or Africa and asia?
  • Cris - in Reply on Revelation 1
    Revelation 14 hair like wool only black people have hair of wool I know that people like to always say middle eastern because they can be more comfortable with that than saying Jesus was an israelite from the tribe of Judah a black man Color does matter to me because my people have been lied to and still being lied to about the physical appearance of the Isrealites Lord and savior he did not come to save the world only the Nation of Isreal before just reading only John 3 16 also read Mathew 15:24 you have to read the bible precept upon precept Jesus came only for the lost sheep of Isreal not the whole world every one has their own interpretation but I'm for my people 12 tribes of israel
  • Obbie Beal on Revelation 19:20
    As it relate to verse 1-3 above let us we review.

    Note: in this case of this Great Whore from her beginning to her end, her 'intent' is kill, steal, and destroy men, women, children, using whatever means she had. It is important to know she 'is not' concern with pleasure from intimacy even though such a pretensions may have been one of many deadly weapons she used on us /nations when applicable.

    Note: she is a master of sorcery thereby her sinful actions guan teed success, so kings /people open their arms /country to her until she corrupted the WHOLE EARTH.

    Note: Her corruption and yeast are identical, meaning both when planted spreads and multiply until it takes-over all, all from the top officials down to the street person.

    Note: as Queen, she is empowered with another power /political power thereby she can flaunt herself. Such Queens /kings as this always have a mighty army to control, and in this case she flaunt it thinking she was untouchable.

    Note: artfully and where applicable she boldly was the means of slain men, women, children, and she thought the blood of those slain was well hidden, but Jehovah /GOD remained her restrainer /recorder until the day HE bring her down. GOD the JUDGE, JURY, and EXECUTIONER.

    Note: GOD blessed her, never-the-less she corrupted the WHOLE EARTH with her fornication /sins, and finally GOD passed HIS judgement on The Great Whore.

    fornication - any type relationships prohibited by JEHOVAH /GOD.
  • Adam - in Reply on Revelation 1
    Middle Eastern Jews today are medium olive skinned just like Jesus and others were 2,000 years ago. But most were probably very tan and dark, because they walked outside long distances. That opinion is based on scripture and evidence. However, I also don't care what the exact color is. It makes zero difference what his skin pigment is nor anyone else's. It's like people are trying to earn political or social points for their own team by convincing themselves someone they like is a certain skin color. I think doing so is wrong. Jesus died for everyone- he already said that in the Bible, so pigment is irrelevant and it really detracts from the message to keep talking about it.
  • Bob Hilt - in Reply on Matthew 12:31
    Revelation 21:8 But the fearful, and unbelieving, and the abominable, and murderers, and whoremongers, and sorcerers, and idolaters, and all liars, shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone: which is the second death. satanism is considered sorcery.
  • Cris - in Reply on Revelation 1
    Edomite with black feet as if they were burnt in a furnace how so Jesus was a black man i know its hard to digest because of the false truth that has been the portrayal since The Roman Catholic church which is the synagogue of Satan Jesus Christ is a Black Man from the tribe of Judah

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