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  • Mishael on How to search numbers in the search box - in Reply on Genesis 15
    Put this in the search box when you enter the website. Do not search numbers only; you have to type: four hundred.

    You will get every scripture with that number.
  • Mishael on Author of Book of JOB - in Reply on Job 28:9
    Moses. Authorship, language, texts

    Rabbinic tradition ascribes it to Moses, but scholars generally agree that it was written between the 7th and 4th centuries BCE, with the 6th century BCE, as the most likely period for various reasons.

    It's no fairytale. None of that anywhere in the Bible. You must be born again to SEE The Kingdom of God.

    Read John chapter 3, verses 3-21, 36
  • Mishael on Who the Holy Spirit is To You - in Reply on Psalms 32
    Here is some scriptures to pencil in on the back page of your Bible:

    John 14:26

    John 15:26

    John 16:7

    John 14:6 Lamentations 1:16

    Teacher, Advocate, Helper. Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Jesus. The Greek word is: paracletos (one who comes alongside to Help)

    The thing some people miss is that the Holy Spirit is always close by. Even tho he's a Spirit with no visible me, He is beside you. Talk to Him. Study with Him. Be aware of His presence.

    It's hard, but don't grieve him or quench Him. He is God, the Holy Spirit. He loves you more than anyone else you've ever known.

    Sing to Him and soon you will hear His song singing in your heart. Anything that hurts in you, will be healed.

    Luke 4;18-19 (Isaiah 61:1). Jesus speaking about the Spirit of the Lord.

    Gifts and ministries of the Holy Spirit, that He imparts as He wills. 1 Corinthians 12:31

    One thing was hard for me to learn: walk beside the Holy Spirit, and don't run ahead of Him. :)

    Proverbs 3:5 Trust in the Lord....

    A LOT of wisdom is given in Proverbs. Also, David was a man after Gods own heart. It's good to study WHY.
  • Mishael - in Reply on Revelation 12:9
    Yes. Our soul and spirit ascend to God at death immediately. At the rapture (caught up in the clouds), our former bodies are transformed into the spiritual body; and joined with spirit.

    Another scripture spoken by God: says ALL souls belong to me.

    Check out those scriptures: healthy bodies, no sickness, no corruption.

    Give praise to Jesus, who purchased us with His holy blood.
  • Kim B. - in Reply on Revelation 12:9
    It is for man kind to be born in the flesh. When we believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and repent often of our sins , strive to do better and reflect the love of God. At our passing it's written the flesh returns to dust from which it came and our soul Returns to Father. Ecclesiastes 12:7.
  • D.J. - in Reply on Exodus 15

    Please do yourself a favor!

    (2 Timothy 2:15)

    "Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth."

    Do your best to learn Biblical Hebrew (and Chaldean) and Greek; other languages don't matter (concerning Scripture).

    Acquire for yourself Biblical aids; such as Bible Concordances, Bible Dictionaries, Bible Commentaries, Etymological Dictionaries, Lexicons, Dead Sea Scrolls, etc., to assist in your Biblical journey.

    Pray to your heavenly Father daily that what you pass on as Biblical truth is correct.
  • Chris - in Reply on Luke 1
    Thanks Dean, for a great testimony & account of the Lord's immeasurable mercies afforded us undeserving souls. Our heads can only be held high in praise based on all that He has done for us & nothing from ourselves. It's ALL of Grace.
  • Chris - in Reply on Revelation 12:9
    Mark, the only qualification to get to Heaven, is to believe on the Lord Jesus Christ. That is, one has to acknowledge his sinful state, repent of it & put his faith completely in Him for forgiveness & indwelling. That new life will be empowered to live in a world where lives are given to the lusts of flesh & therefore victory over the flesh will be the order in that life & not one of sin. How the deceased body will be dealt with, is of little consequence, maybe it would be of more importance to those sorrowing for their loss. The Lord is well able to reconstitute the believer's remains to give us a glorified body at His Coming.

    If you want to follow the Jewish & NT pattern, then entombment or burial is effected, since the burning of the dead was generally done by the heathen. Yet, no instruction has been given to us in this matter, whether by Jesus or the apostles.
  • Chris - in Reply on Psalms 32
    Ed, you may get other opinions on this Psalm, but my impression is that it is David speaking throughout the Psalm & seems very likely that it is a sequel to Psalms 51, another penitential utterance. If you look at Psalms 51, you will see a similar style (i.e. vv 1-12 showing David's pleas & confession, & then v 13 records that "then will I teach transgressors"). Likewise, in Psalms 32, vv 1-7 shows the blessing of forgiveness & then v 8 (& this may follow a similar thought), "(only then) will I instruct thee & teach thee".

    However, this interpretation is open-ended as one can only make an assumption from our standpoint. Yet, from portions from other Davidic Psalms, there is clear indication that they were Holy Spirit inspired so as to convey the Lord's Mind or Action to readers. So, to answer your question, I believe the whole Psalm is David's utterance (even in his giving of instruction after first confessing) but, as in all Scripture, the Psalm is inspired by the Spirit & therefore it is He Who speaks to us in our reading & meditation, applying it to our specific need.
  • Achakutty on Genesis 2:12
    compare and explain in which countries at present belongs to the rivers mention in Genesis 2: 10 to 14.
  • Ronald Bailey on Deuteronomy 28:57
    Why is this verse worded so different than other translations?
  • Ed Robinson on Psalms 32
    Regarding Psalms 32:8 is this the Holy Spirit speaking to us ?
  • Mark on Revelation 12:9
    can I go to heaven being cremated
  • Karen lewis-frazer on John 8
    God is good
  • Dean on Luke 1
    Tender Mercies?

    God has shown mercy to sinners by the gift of His Son Jesus the Christ and who was obedient to His Father's will to the point of death and that whoever believes in God's gift being that His Son paid for all the believers sins will receive God's tender mercy. See mankind is now born with sin and then he commits sins of willfulness and sins of ignorance. Without remission of sin God must judge mankind because God is Holy and Justified. He's is God....We are not. But by His mercy which is obviously tender He made a way out of the death penalty for us by offering His Son as a replacement for us and all of the worlds sins were poured out on Him when He hung on the tree. If that isn't mercy for us I don't know what is? God so loved me that He gave His only Son for me a lost sinner and now I can hold my head high knowing that His Kingdom will come and I will be remembered and have a life without the decay that holds me now. He is tender and merciful in His ways that I can't understand but if I read His Word I will know the path.

    Believe and you will be saved. That is tender mercy.

  • Chris - in Reply on Ecclesiasticus 23:18
    Johnson, you've started a new thread & not written your question to your ongoing thread. But anyway, I apologize for not answering your question as you wanted. When I read your question, I understand it like this: is Jesus, the Son of Mary, also God?

    If that is your question, then I responded, 'Yes, Jesus is God' & I gave a lengthy description as to how we arrive at that understanding. If that is not your question, could you re-phrase it another way?
  • Jim on Psalms 4
    Having faith and peace in God, you can sleep in safety. Knowing, that the Lord is on your side. Destruction is all around and you are at ease,with God fighting your battle. There is nothing too hard for god; he can and will do anything for his people. Praise him, glorify him,worship him with all your might; and see for yourself how good he is. In reference to Psalms 4.
  • Ken Beltran - in Reply on Isaiah 57
    Hi John

    Taken from gracethrufaith...(Jack Kelley)

    The English translation of 1 Thes. 4:17 , where Paul introduced the rapture, reads in part,

    After that, we who are still alive and are left will be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air.

    In the Greek language the word translated "caught up" is harpazo. It literally means to seize, or carry off. About 1700 years ago, when the Bible was translated from Greek into Latin, they used a word we pronounce "rapture" to translate harpazo. (Rapture is a word of Latin origin that also means "to carry off".) Not being a Greek word, rapture is not part of the original language of 1 Thes. 4:17. And since our English Bibles are translated directly from Greek, it doesn't appear in our translations either. But while the word itself is not there, the event it describes certainly is.

    Word study credit goes to Jack Kelly gracethrufaith


  • Chris - in Reply on Mark 4
    Wesley, that's a good question, as Jesus could have done either, or maybe even shifted the boat to another part of the sea or even to miraculously take all of them onto dry land, leaving the boat to be tossed about & destroyed.

    So there were options before the Lord. Yet, I can see that Jesus had to on numerous occasions prove to His disciples (& others) Who He really was - not just another good person or a prophet. Remembering, that these were generally simple, carnal men who would one day believe on Him, do great exploits in His Name & even go to their deaths for His sake. So through Jesus healing of many, raising the dead, revelation of His Wisdom & Divine Authority, forgiving sins, demons fear of Him, acceptance of worship, prediction of the future, equality with the Godhead, etc. all served to not only touch the lives around Him, but to also prove His Deity, Power & Wisdom.

    So I see Jesus' calming of the storm & waves as yet another one of those proofs He gave to an otherwise disbelieving & fearful coterie of men. He could have calmed them down with comforting words & seen them through the storm - that would've worked too, but He chose to demonstrate God's Power working through Him & that indeed, God had visited His people.
  • Chris - in Reply on Exodus 15
    D.J., thank you for your response. My apparent "lack of biblical explanation & shaky position" I believe is justified, simply because the Bible doesn't reveal any other human creation other than Adam & Eve, from whom ALL humans descended. I realize that you support your position by quoting Genesis 1:26-28 to prove the creation of other humans, to which I regard as referencing the creation of Adam & Eve only.

    Indeed, you mention "Original sin was not transmitted through a particular bloodline, but rather through the Spirit and the Will of God." Can you offer a Scripture to support this, since I'm intrigued & perplexed? And I don't mind if you can "dig up some gold" to prove it from the Word. I cannot even conceive of such an Act of God. So, if my understanding of your statement is correct (& to save time & space), then sin has been imputed to every newborn into the world by an act of God & not transmission through the flesh (to which I submit). So if I had to allow this thought to progress, then God deems that because of Adam's sin, He is compelled to allocate sin & thus implicate each one of us on that basis. Please correct me if I have misunderstood you as this is an important matter that affects every human & event subsequent to it.

    So then it no longer becomes a matter that my sinning, even from the earliest age & as a result of the inherited sin nature from Adam, but rather 'by the Spirit & the Will of God'. And so to this other creation, aside from Adam & Eve, they too had not the sin nature from Adam & Eve (simply because they were separate creations), but had to suffer the burden & consequences of sin simply because of Adam's folly as it was God's Will for them to also be accounted as sinners. Am I understanding this correctly? Or, can you further enlighten me?
  • Wesley Smith on Mark 4
    Why did not Jesus just tell the deciples Not to worry, because He was right there with them and he knows that they would make it to the other side. Instead He spoke to the storm "Peace be still". Give your understanding of the purpose here where either would have been a comforting word.
  • John on Isaiah 57
    When God wrote the Bible did he make a mistake and leave out the Word Rapture? Because the Word rapture is not in the Bible nor does it ever describe a rapture. When doing researching, one will find, (what will happen to those that are asleep will rise first, then the ones that are still remaining will be caught up...etc) This is TOTALLY 2nd coming of Christ.

    1.) What will happen to the dead.

    2.) Second coming

    That is all the Bible ever

    talks about!

    God LOVES all his children
  • Cephas Tagher on Job 28:9
    (1) Who precisely wrote the book of job?

    (2) Is it a fiction or a true life story?
  • Phillip Broomfield on Matthew 4:7
    The most High God...we give respect and Honor to today
  • Sunday Levinus Alaka on Psalms 4:8
    I will both lay me down in peace, and sleep-The word "both" here means "at the same time", that is, I will alike be in peace, and I will lie down and will sleep, I will have a mind at peace (and in tranquillity) when I lie down, and will sleep calmly. Happy Father's Day to you my beloved in Him.
  • Mishael - in Reply on Revelation 1
    I think I did. I will check it later when I get back home. Blessings on you, beloved of God.
  • Mishael on COLORS ANCESTRY on Ephesians 4:30
    Just a short addition to why people look different from each other.

    God moulded Adam from dust. If you look at dust under a microscope, there are all colors in the dust.

    Adam, in Hebrew, translates as RED. His color was reddish. I am NOT saying Adam was Native American.

    People these days are the color of their ancestors.

    We don't need to get drawn away by ideas that we need to have white hair like wool, as describes Jesus in Revelation 1.

    Who do we know that LIES continually and is called the Father of Lies in the Bible.

    Satan has used this against mankind since the beginning.

    Look at our society, even planet wide: fighting and killing others who are different from us. It has to stop. Be happy to be a child of God; who accepts us by way of the BLOOD of JESUS.

    Doesn't it make practical sense that if there are 400 hundred (I'm guessing) varieties of roses.... that the same thing happens for humans too ?

    I don't make this stuff up. I PRAY and sit before God, till the answer comes. He doesn't tell me private information ever!

    He cares deeply what people are going through.

    Look at Creation's colors! More beautiful than anything humans can attempt to copy.

    Stop and get before the Lord and ask Him yourself. God called His creation VERY GOOD. Why can't we believe what HE says?
  • Adam - in Reply on Revelation 1
    I didn't write that, so you replied to the wrong person. Whomever wrote that won't see your message unless you reply to their specific comment.
  • Mishael - in Reply on Revelation 1
    Someone said the 1st Church was Moses leading the children of Israel out of Egypt.

    They praised God that first day, but even after all the miracles they whined for fleshly things.

    I stand by my reply.
  • Andrea Oliver - in Reply on Revelation 1
    Because they were babtized and older Satan would chastise them and they were to allow the Temple be Holy. They seen things differently. They were with the apostles. They were to listen to Moses and follo

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