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  • KARLIE on Psalms 1
    Do good nd good shall follow........i i ini hail him high.if u walk in da light of da most high u cant be hanging out with bad people or going to wrong places...u mast talk the talk and walk da walk
  • KATHY on Psalms 1
    Amen brother
  • AVE NOBLES on Acts 28
    Scripture said Paul was a prisoner. I see no pardon, nor explanation as to how he got free. Can you let me know which book I need to seek out for the understanding that Paul rented a house or dwelling of his own for two full years and preached the gospel of the Kingdom?
  • Seventh day is sabbath on Acts 28
    Ave Nobles..Purchase the book "Sketches from the life of Paul" This book goes over the life of Paul and his ministry, it is authored by Ellen G White and after reading it, it is easier to understand reading in the bible about the life of Paul and the condition of the cities and towns that he ministered in and the troubles that he had.. Is 5.00 from Amazon
  • Stanjett on Acts 28
    It's in acts. When he was sent to Rome after taken prisoner by the Jews. And yes he did rent a house there. Lots of stuff happened to him on the way. You need to read all of acts.
  • AVE on Acts 28
    Appreciate your time. That is exactly what I wanted to know. Learning of the times is very helpful to understand what was really happening at the time. For my sake, I pray I don't have to purchase another book every time I have a curious about a character. Blessings
  • Seventh day is sabbath on Acts 28
    Sorry AVE on Acts 28...There is a link to be able to read this book for free, egwritings org click on books and scroll down to Sketches from the Life of Paul
  • MotherToTheNations on Isaiah 41
    As I Read Isaiah vs 10 over and over, it's only because my Granddaughter,, who ask me to buy her a Bible. Sent this scripture to me and it brought tears to my eyes! Because I've been going through a storm and her Dad My Son needs a miracle. She is 13yo, BUT GOD , sent her to remind me, " FEAR NOT" He is with me.. He Loves me, He has Chosen me, He has Empowered me through His Holy Spirit ...
  • David: on Psalms 127
    Because God has fearfully and wonderfully made me, every sickness arrow shall not prosper against me, in Jesus Name. Amem
  • Jerel Moore
    Revelation 2:9 says there are people on earth who say they are Jews and are not but are liars. We know there are people in Israel who call themselves Jews. So if they are not the Jews then who are? Remember the Israelites were scattered all over the earth and I'm a so called African American and was brought here on ships. What's your take on this
  • Melki
    You are right. The african-americans are part of the real Israelites. Just as Yahuwah as said, he scattered the Israelites around the four corners of the earth.
  • Seventh day is sabbath
    This is talking about those who say they are of God but choose to sin,they make void the law of God so Christ calls them a liar. The "real" Jew are those who obey God and keep His law 10 Commandments It is not meaning anything about the color of our skin, for God loves ALL regardless of skin color, it is the sin in our lives that He hates..
  • Adam
    Hi Jerel, if you ever go to Israel or the surrounding area you will see the Israelis are dominantly middle eastern looking with olive skin not white, not black . Surrounding countries people look mostly like that, even in Egypt Africa . They traveled on food all the time and likely dark from sun. I believe they are the real Jews and you can tell, because God still protects the people of Israel.
  • Kimberly Hayes
    What does the bible say about being around people that drink curse and smoke
  • Wolfen244 on Revelation 4
    ..and I will shew thee things which must be hereafter. And still Christians are told this is about the future. How sad. Obviously this is about the present - as of 2000 years ago - not today.
  • Isaac freeman on Nehemiah 9
    awsome i love it
  • Royalpriest on Psalms 18
    I agree with Bruce. Yeshua is the Hebrew translation of Jesus. I don't know where the lady got the information that it is the name of a pagan god. It is also translated as Joshua or Yehoshua. There are Jews who believe in Jesus and refer to Him as Yeshua Ha Mashiach meaning Jesus the Messiah. May His name be exalted and blessed for evermore.
  • R on Psalms 18
    First things first the Hebrew you are referring to is Yedish not Hebrew, second there is no letter J in the Hebrew language enough with your lies Yedish is a mixture of German and Polish, so the name is not Jesus and by the way he was not white blue eyes and long hair
  • RoyaiPriest on Psalms 18
    Wonder why R is so upset. My original response on Psalm 18 stated that Yeshua is Hebrew translation of the name Jesus. No letter J in Yeshua. I know Hebrew speaking believers in Yeshua - some live in Israel. Not once in my 45 years as a believer in Jesus Christ or Yeshua Ha Machiach has any one indicated that it is a Yiddish name. Is that the most important issue in discussing the beauty of Jesus?
  • Royal Priest on Psalms 18
    Dear R. I do not have any reason to tell lies but you may need to check your information before stating them as facts. When talking about the names "Joshua" or 'Yehoshua' I referred to them as translations. The implication there should be obvious - the names are not in the original language. Not important if Jesus was white. etc. the fact is he lived, died for our sins and rose again Aleluia
  • Chas on Isaiah 55
    Gods Words are sovereign. Gods Words are to be spoken. Gods words are to be shared. Gods words will sanctify.
  • Jackie on Matthew 3
    Thank you Lord for sending your only son to sulfer and die for a lost and dieing world that we could have love more abuntedly in Jesus name
  • Jackie on Matthew 2
    We know that God is not slack in him promise to his children and we know that he will all ways be there when we call on his name he come in to the world as a baby but he is Lord over all .thank you Lord for saving my sole and makeing me whole
  • Peter on Genesis 2
    I don't think that GOD actually wrote the Bible but HE did inspire others to do so and thus we have several countries and religions including the Islam religion and Christians believing in one GOD GOD is good and by nature we probably also know what is good. Obviously however some preachers do not know what is good as many have abused children, etc... Such evils needs to stop of course
  • Jackie on Psalms 32
    We all need to repent and ask the Lord to come in and save us from our sin. So Lord of there is sin in my life please come in and make me new in you .I have children out in sin so I ask you send your holy spirit to convict them of there sin in Jesus name!
  • Velma Troy on Psalms 91
    I really need God's blessings the enemy is after everything I have. But I have faith and will not lose hope are faith. God never fail.
  • LYLE R SHORT on Romans 11
    The olive tree analogy is speaking only of Israel and Gentiles who became part of Israel. That has to be the case since the body of Christ never had or has conditional salvation, but Israel did. To truly understand this chapter one has to know all the rest of Paul's epistles. Israel, the body of Christ and the little flock of faithful Jews are separate entities.
  • Peter on Genesis 2
    2 of 2 Eve also the only women made. I would like to see it in the Bible if indeed there was a second man made by God and indeed if there were would that be a second creation? I don't think that there was a second creation. If so I would like to see where that is in the Bible also? I feel that Adam and Eve was the GGGGGG........Grand mom of all and Adam the the GGGGGGGG............Grand Dad
  • Stanjett on Genesis 2
    Adam and Eve was the first two people on earth. All others came from them. And there was a second creation. His name was Abel and Cain and more after. You may even say all that was born was created by Him.
  • Peter on Genesis 2
    Thank you. I never knew the actual names although I had heard of Abel and Cain and they were of course creations also and we are all descendants and hopefully we will continue to be and exist on earth until the end of time, so I take it that we are all related all over the world. The only things that make us different is climate, conditions and time maybe Thank You for your reply

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