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  • Rush & Brenda. on Psalms 91
    We quote this Psalm everyday that's the way we make it along life's way Gods word is here forever to stay take joy in knowing everything is okay!
  • Mercy
    Which King James? Maybe I dont know the difference but I heard of the 1611 Kjv, the 1769 and the Cambrige edition. I want to get a real bible but I dont know which kjv. I heard a lot saying that the cambridge is changing more than just spelling. On the other hand the 1611 Version is in Gothic Font and has more than just the old and new testament but do all of the 1611 have it? Nay Gid bless you!
  • Melki
    Get the 1611 KJV. It also has the Apocrypha in it!
  • Ann
    Mercy, I bought a Holman - Authorized King James Version, Holy Bible The Old and New Testaments. Super Giant Print Edition. This is the pure word of God. Hope this will help you in choosing your Bible. God Bless.
  • Stanjett on Matthew 1
    His people are all that believe in Him. Jews and gentiles.
  • Donna Glenn on Matthew 7
    You are right there is a difference from a True Believer in Christ and a Sinner for when we become one with God we are made whole. A non-believer sinner does not reap the benefits of God which is giving on to us which is the main reason we are to become one with God and that is to have ETERNAL LIFE with him for as We Know the only prayer God heareth from a sinner is the sinner's prayer..REPENT!!
  • Elly on Ezekiel 1
    Only a true prophet chosen by God can reveal the meaning of this vision. "I, the Lord God, will do nothing unto the children of men save I reveal it to my servant the Prophets first." After the death of Christ Apostles the fulness of truth was taken off the earth as prophesied it would be. Men had bits of truth, but not all. Scriptures tell us the fulness will be restored 1 last time before Christ
  • B.H.McG on Romans 1
    Romans 1 shows God's heart. That He is righteous but that He does not tolerate sinful behavior. He is Holy. Yet, even though He loves ALL of us He will not force His love or force us to love Him. Therefore, He puts the choice of sin back on men women to choose to follow Him surrender their lives to Him. He is a kind gracious Father, but He expects deserves obedience from His own.
  • Brianna vs. 8 on Psalms 62
    I appreciate how God is a source of comfort for us at all times. When we feel like we can not talk to anyone else about our problems, God encourages us to pour out our hearts to him in prayer. When can be open and honest with our God Jehovah and he will listen to us. This reminds me that we do not have to carry burdens on our own. We can always turn to God for help.
  • Alex on Genesis 1
    Trident k9 the blood of christ is too powerful for anybody to escape it. the curse of adam was so profound it was passed to all men no exceptions not 1 single person cd escape it world wide.likewise the blessing of christ via his blood is passed on to all men.not 1 single person will escape the blessing blood of christ that 2 nd adam. if i be lifted up his blood i will draw all men unto me.
  • Alex on Psalms 46
    In Christ Jesus every day is the Sabbath,GOD wants every day Holy.When he said abide in me and i in you thats every day 24 7 Jesus said the Branches have to abide in the Vine 24 7 or there will be no fruit. His disciples followed him 24 7 not 1 day a week,they forsook everybody and every thing and followed him it was like a marriage. Even John said he that hath the bride disciples is the GROOM
  • Tkay on Psalms 46
    If all the days of the week are holy then the Sabbath is holier, because its the only day in the bible which was blessed and sanctified after creation. Genesis 2 vs 2 n 3.
  • Bob scholebo on Psalms 46
    I like soung 23
  • Melkages on Psalms 46
    Yes, every day is a holy day. Yahushua went to the Temple every day to preach BUT the sabbath of Yahuwah is appointed by Yahuwah that every man should observe it. On that day, we do not but or sell, we worship and rest. It is the highest day of the week. Also, the sabbath is regulated by the moon. Stop using the gregorian calendar to calculate for the sabbath.
  • Frankzdrrik on 1 Kings 19
    verse 18 reminds us that in ancient time, god himself marked his choosen ones if his people turn away from him to worship baal or satan and his in our modern time,as god's people once again influenced by baal or satan and his allies by compulsive marking of 666,there are still some who refused to received that mark because the true god inspired them not to receive the mark
  • Melki on 1 Kings 19
    The mark of the beast is a counterfeit of Yahuwah's mark. Yahuwah's mark is obtained by keeping his true sabbath which is regulated by the moon. Anybody who is not observing the true Sabbath has the mark of the beast by default.
  • Will on 1 Kings 19
    How do you reconcile your condemnation of people who don't observe your definition of sabbath with: Colossians 2:16 View whole chapter See verse in context Let no man therefore judge you in meat, or in drink, or in respect of an holyday, or of the new moon, or of the sabbath days:
  • Melki on 1 Kings 19
    That is not my definition of the Sabbath. That is from the bible. Colossians 2:16 was to provide hope for those who were observing the true Lunar Sabbath and the New Moon days.
  • Adam on 1 Kings 19
    Melki, you said "Anybody who is not observing the true Sabbath has the mark of the beast by default." but after decades of prayerful Bible study I, nor thousands of other Christians, have never seen that in the Bible. So, which is more likely: that despite reading the Bible cover to cover that God hid that from us, or that it isn't in the Bible? What is your book, chapter, verse support for it?
  • Seventh day is sabbath on 1 Kings 19
    We are to keep God's Sabbath 7th day of week the 4th Commandment is clear. Sunday is Satans counterfeit sabbath day which was started in 321 AD by Constantine, then changed to law by Rome in AD 364. The Roman Catholic Church admits it changed the Sabbath from the 7th day of the wk Sat to the 1st day of the wk Sun Study history and the Bible. God does not change His commandments do not change
  • Melki on 1 Kings 19
    Reading the Bible cover to cover is meaningless if we are not keeping the law. Why do you think the book of revelation uses code words like dragons, horses, etc? Because Yahuah does not want everybody to understand it. Read the book of second Esdras, the angel Uriel, told Esdras to hid some of the prophecies he wrote and give it to the righteous children of Israel those keeping the LAW .
  • Melody on Psalms 46
    God helps us when we have trouble.its wonderful we have churches around us to go to and there s always someone to help melody
  • Vernon cartwright
    As Christians following the teaching of the Bible, why are we not keeping the Sabbath? Is there any where in the Bible that the Sabbath was changed?
  • Seventh day is sabbath
    The 7th day Sabbath was changed by the Constantine in AD 321. The Catholic church admits that they changed the Sabbath from the 7th day Saturday to the 1st day Sunday see the converts catechism of Catholic doctrine
  • Vernon Cartwright
    You are correct to say the Sabbath was changed. It was not changed biblically, neither did Christ change the Sabbath to Sunday. No where in the Bible will you find the word Sunday. Exodus 20:8-11, Mark 2:27,28, Luke 4:16. If we are followers of Christ, we will follow His example that He set for us. John 14:14 If you love keep my commandments.
  • Melki
    You should also come out of Christianity because Christianity came from the devil, the serpent that deceiveth the whole world. Why am I saying this? Because Christianity teaches that people are under grace and that the laws are not binding but REVELATIONS 22:14 saying something interesting and opposite concerning the laws of Yahuwah.
  • Cartwright
    Rev.14:22- If the commandments are done away with , why would Jesus say "Blessed are they that do His commandments that they man have right to the tree of life". The Sabbath is a part of the ten commandments. If the law is done away with there is no sin. Rom. 7 Paul talk about the law, Rom.7:12, why would God do away with the law if it is holy. John 14:15.
  • Adam
    Hi Melki, I'm sure you know that this is a controversial statement to make on a Christian website. Perhaps that is a way of saying if the original sin didn't happen if Adam and Eve didn't give into satan's temptation and eat the forbidden fruit that Christianity may not exist? I'm 100 percent sure that Christianity comes from Jesus Christ- it's named after Him, because He died to save us.
  • Melki
    Yahushua did not come to create a religion. He came to bring us back to the law. Matthew 5:17-19 proves that he came to fulfill what the prophets have written about him. HE Yahushua said that, until heaven and earth pass away, not one DOT from the law will pass away. We have to be conscious and start keeping the laws. SHALOM.
  • Melki
    The original sabbath which was observed using the Lunar Calendar was lost among the Israelites because they refused to keep the laws of Yahuwah. Read Hosea 2:11 for more info.

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