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  • LLOYD SITHOLE on Genesis 6
    thanks got it
  • Seventh day is sabbath on Genesis 6
    Aleska foster: Isaiah 28:13 The bible is interpreted precept upon precept,line upon line here a little there a little. In Romans 8:14 it tells us who the Sons of God are, they are those who are led by the Spirit of God, they are Godly men..In Genesis 6:1-2 Godly men married worldly heathen women. In 2 Corinthians 6:14 we are told to not be unequally yoked together with unbelievers.
  • Aleksa foster on Genesis 6
    If they were just normal people, then why were there children giants?? V4
  • Seventh day is sabbath on Genesis 6
    Genesis 6:4 says There were giants in the earth in those days and also after that. Look at some people today in 2019 they are big, tall and strong,standing next to most people they could be called "giants".Here is the definition of giant: an abnormally tall or large person, animal, or plant. a very large company or organization. a person of exceptional talent or qualities. Blessings!
  • F.wilson on Deuteronomy 32
    What do I think of DEUTERRONOMY, first of all, The word of GOD ALMIGHTY, of what would to the Israel people if they do not do GOD'S Commandment, that GOD Gave to Moses to give to the people of Israel, and what would happen to them if they worship other gods. and that Moses did not go to the promest land for he disobey GOD. how ever. I am not sure I understand were did Moses disobey our LORD GOD
  • Melki on Deuteronomy 32
    Read Numbers 20. Moses' lack of faith in the words Yahuah told was the sin he did. He was commanded by Yahuah to hit the rock with staff but Moses did not believe that water can be able to gush out of a rock. That was his si which prohibited him from getting to the promised land.
  • Stanjett on Deuteronomy 32
    Moses was told by God to speak to the rock and water would come out. He hit the rock with his rod instead of obeying God. Water still came out of the rock but it was Moses sin in that he would not go over into the promise land but only see it and die.
  • F.wilson on Deuteronomy 32
    Thank you for your reply Miekl, I will go back the read the book of Numbers. GOD Bless you.
  • Numbers 20:11 Moses struck the rock twice, that is a symbol of Christ being crucified on the cross twice. Not good, for that reason Moses didn't go into the promise land.
  • Stanjett on Deuteronomy 32
    Moreover the LORD thy God will send the hornet among them, until they that are left, and hide themselves from thee, be destroyed.
  • Innocent Sheha on Genesis 39
    Here I see a man who trusted God in every situation,and the God who is forever faithful,we only need to know that no matter what we go through or face in life,God is our ultimate savior,there is nothing too hard for God
  • Lawana
    who are the masons to the Lord in the bible? and There are cupbearers to the kings. Who are they?
  • Lucy
    Luke Chapter 4 verse 7: Jesus found the place in the prophet Esaias where it is written etc ....: is there an agreed understanding of where if at all these words ascribed to the prophet Esaias can be found in the Old Testament?
  • Gary Olsen
    Isaiah 61:1,2 are the verses you are looking for.
  • Madison on Acts 3
    I love act because my dad teaches it he is a pastor
  • Alex on Acts 13
    Steve now unto abraham and his seed natural israel were the promises made but he said not unto seeds plural but unto 1 seed which is christ.thus its christ that is gona be multipled as the stars of heaven which means that god is gonna have gransons thats y they call him the bridegroom he is gona sow the incorruptible seed of god in humanity that woman is us giving birth to the granson th h.g.
  • Alex on Acts 13
    Steve jesus cd not refer to the h.g. as the promise if he were not his seed his breath his multiplication etc i will multiply thy seed as the stars of heaven that was the great promise and god was so passionate about this promise of multiplcation of christ's seed that he swore by his very self thats y jesus is saying to whom the word his seed came it made them gods thus the h.g is th granson gbu.
  • Alex on Matthew 5
    Steve that great promise was that christ wd be multiplied as the stars of heaven which means that god the father wd have gransons and there has to be an israel of god even the promise to abraham that his seed wd be as the sand of the seas meant that abraham wd have gransons and abraham means exaulted father in hebrew.thats y jesus refers to the h.g. as the promise he is the multiplcation o christ
  • Alex on Matthew 5
    Steve let me tell you y the h.g. is the grandson simply b c the h.g. comes out of christ loins his seed etc, th seed of christ is his word his breath etc when christ breath on them the seed was sown in their hearts the granson which is the h.g. was born at pentacost that which is born of the spirit is spirit thats the h.g. which resulted from his seed his breath. thus th h.g. is truly granson
  • Frankzdrrik on John 15
    this is about verse 19....many are sayings that they are followers of lord jesus but the world loves them because they also participated in traditions,customs and occassions that imposed by religions politics and commerce...The true followers of lord jesus were all in this world but not part of it,no more traditions,customs and occassions the reason why the world hated them.
  • Vanessa on Ecclesiastes 2
    seeking pleasure of the things you possess of this world, an glorify in riches means nothing, it will all be someones elses when we leave, nothing here really matters except glorifying God the father and be thankful to him for sending his son to die on a cross so we can have a life with him forever, that's our true treasure and the one I seek, we are free from the burdens of this life. Amen!
  • Melody on Psalms 100
    Praise the lord and his wonderful name he can do anything from helping someone who s hungry to bringing a bill down cause it s to high to pay I love the lord with all my heart he has helped me change my life around amen
  • Dean on Philippians 3
    These bodies are not eternal and are in a fallen state. For we exist in a fallen World with a fallen nature. Praise God once born again we are free from all of it. Soon to receive a new eternal body and purified nature. In a new World and new Heaven. This is the reward and higher calling we press on towards. The Crown of glory and eternal life in Christ Jesus. Run the good race. Shalom
  • Dean on Proverbs 29
    This is ended very sobering. To know that continuing to ignore God will result in one being hard necked and cause their sudden destruction death, from which there is no remedy. Today is the acceptable day of the Lord. Seek him now while he may still be found. Changing your mind and obeying Christ, forgiving all and being forgiven. Shalom
  • UsaArmyVetUsa
    KJV 1611 - John 3:16. For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life. God did not state only those or them or these. The "whosoever" covers it all. God bless!!
  • Dean on Romans 9
    God asks, "Do you not know who I am?". Know this sisters and brothers our God, Creator, and Father will not share his glory with another. He alone is to be worshiped and sees things from the End to the Beginning. Already knowing how things will go, who will and will not submit to him. There is one way and ONLY one way. Jesus Christ his Son is that way. By Faith not seed line, works, or law.
  • Melki on Romans 9
    Faith without works is dead. What are the works? Works are the laws we are commanded to keep. For it is written in Revelations 22:14 that only those who keep the laws will be allowed to enter into the kingdom. Come out of Christianity and start keeping the laws of Yahuwah.
  • Cindy on Romans 9
    Revelations is not talking about the 10 commandments when Jesus said keep my laws. Jesus law is the law of Grace not of works. The law of Moses has been fulfiled By Jesus. That means he completed and finished all the works of the law for us. When you depend on the law for salvation you spit on the cross and trample the blood of Christ under foot. No flesh was ever justified by the law. Ever.
  • Seventh day is sabbath on Romans 9
    Rev.14:6-12 is the three angels message... V12 says Here is the patience of the saints here are they that keep the commandments of God, and the faith of Jesus. Rev 12:17 The dragon was wroth with the woman and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, which keep the commandments of God and have the testimony of Jesus Christ. Rev 19:10 tells what the testimony of Jesus Christ is.
  • Adam on Romans 9
    I agree with this. Many contemporary Christian churches are teaching once-saved, always saved and their church members use it as justification to proactively sin with no guilt, not asking forgiveness, not even trying to avoid sin, but enjoying it as a perk of grace. This is exactly what Paul said to not do- Romans 6. And if someone turns their back and denies Christ they should not expect grace. Hebrews 6.

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