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  • CHERRY BLOSSOM on 1 Peter 5
    Yes, I think in this generation we're living in, submitting, or showing respect to elders, or people that are older is no longer part of the make-up of children, young adults and even adults. It is a sad sight-where the morality of people has decayed. The older that do not lead by example, who are corrupt themselves, should not get any respect, and the younger should not follow submit to them.
  • D W L on Acts 2
    There were two thieves that died on their cross one on each side of Jesus. The one on the right repented and Jesus said today you will be with me in paradise. He other one mocked him. Jesus said to repent or perish.
  • Stanjett on Exodus 12
    34 And the people took their dough before it was leavened, their kneadingtroughs being bound up in their clothes upon their shoulders. This must be why the Jews don't eat leaven bread to this day.
  • Stanjett on Exodus 8
    Once, long ago. My Father and older brother was on our way to our fishing hole when it started raining Very hard. We pull off into a service station and frogs was falling from the sky with the rain, hundreds of them. They was hopping all over the ground. So, I know this is possible.
  • Gary Olsen on Revelation 11
    The 2 olive trees in verse 4 were also prophesied of in Zech.4. In Zech. 4:12, it speaks of the golden oil which empties out of them. The oil is that which gives light or knowledge which is the word of God. The 2 olive trees also called the 2 candlesticks are the 2 churches or faiths - Judaism and Christianity- from which we get the golden oil or word of God. These are the 2 witnesses.
  • Charley on Luke 18
    How sad how many pharisees we have today have there own selfrighteous tring to get to god by some other other instead of the only mediator between god and man our lord jesus christ. so many are going to hell without true saving faith in the finished work of the cross. religion or salvation which have you. most have religion not salvation. acts 4-12. praise the lord i deserved hell but he saved me
  • Dionysus on Genesis 2
    Gen. 2:19 provides a distinct description of a defined gift of Adam. That is, the substantive sense of the universe. Whatever Adam names something becomes the name of that thing. When God created the heaven and the earth, the Earth was void. It was until Adam that some sense of perceptive reality that may be viewed with some sense of organization, structure, and relatedness was realized.
  • Chris
    Why does Matthew have a different account of Jesus' birth than Luke?
  • Nadine Chalmers
    Each gospel writer appeals to it's audience from their vantage point they wrote what they saw. Matthew wrote to the Jews, his objective was to present Jesus as King of the Jews. However, Luke's audience were the Greeks who were philosophers, He presents Jesus as the Master Teacher. To get a full scope of the story, all gospel writings should be read.
  • Cinda campbell
    Does the Bible mention anything about a "chip"
  • Seventh day is sabbath
    No..The meaning of "mark in their right hand or foreheads" in Rev 13:16 is doing work with your hands physical work or thinking with your brain So those who do not obey God's 4th commandment and instead obey man's commandment on the issue of sabbath ie.. work on the sabbath or do not focus the mind on God our creator will choose by default the mark of the beast..There is no physical chip...
  • I, even I, am that Michael Isaac Dale: on Psalms 27
    The fear of the LORD is wisdom: she cleanses the heart and mind of all unrighteousness. Man would have it that ye fear them: but what can man do when the LORD says, Nay? Wisdom of heart makes ready the mind for all spiritual gifts. She brings forth repentance and gives place to hope, peace and joy. It is written, Let just men eat and drink with thee and let thy glorying be in the fear of the Lord.
  • Vanessa on Romans 1
    we have a great God , you can go to him dirty and filthy, he loves us all, he doesnt want anyone held captive to the past, Christ died for us all to cleanse us from our sinful ways, his mercy is great Amen! If we continue in sin then we know not Christ for then he has died in vain, HIS LOVE IS GREAT! He is a GOOD GOD, He knows us all , he just waits for us to say enough, I want something real PRAY
  • Oliver williams on John 19
    When Jesus declared that it is finished, could this also be interpreted in the context that He had finished setting up the governmental structure upon which the New Testament Church will be built?
  • Bro Emeka Ihai on John 19
    Dear oliver williams-When the Lord Jesus said "it is finished", it meant He had perfectly fulfilled the Law of Moses and perfectly satisfyig the justice of God against Sin Romans 6:23 . Tgerefore when a person believes in Jesus Christ, they are not required to keep the law of Moses to be Justified before God because the Righteouness of Jesus is then transfered to that person. Godbless you
  • Bill on Daniel 10
    I'd like to make a correction to Vernon Cartwright's comment about Dan..10: 13, 21 stating that according to these scriptures, it is clear that Michael is Christ. Please take another look, Dan..10: 13 states, but, lo, Michael, one of the chief princes, came to help me Michael is the Arc Angel that assisted Christ in the struggle with the Prince of Persia Satan ! Christ is not Michael!
  • Obbie Beal on Luke 15
    Luke 15:1-32 Jesus mind is on SALVATION, and many people came to hear Jesus message but, notice in verse 1-2 there are some with the people, leadership, who were against both Jesus and the people desiring to hear Jesus.
  • Hazel Carty on Psalms 118
    This psalms is is good to give thanks to ur God his mercy endureth for ever and ever he endlessly and valiantly work in our lives the strength of our lives our salvation he is my all in all hence I will exalted his name I will proclaim he is my Lord Jesus Christ and King and I love you Lord
  • Vanessa on Galatians 2
    Peter was preaching to the Jews of the laws and a different way to the gentiles, Paul faced him on that saying we walk in faith in Christ not by the laws, Christ fulfilled the laws when he was crucified on the cross, we do not continue a sinful life style since we died with him, we walk in faith, and we speak the truth of the gospel, those are God's words. If we followed mans word we'd all perish
  • Inez on Psalms 21
    I love this Psalm 21 and I read often. This Psalms came to me in a dream one night where a lady told me to stand and read it in a church. After I woke up the morning I look up the Psalm and read it frequently.
  • Gary Olsen on Revelation 11
    In Matt. 24:14, Lord Jesus told his disciples that the gospel of the kingdom shall be preached in all the world for a witness unto all nations and then shall the end come. In John 12:48, Jesus said the word that I have spoken, the same shall judge us in the last day. The 2 testaments of the Bible are the 2 witnesses for or against us depending on if we follow its teachings or not.
  • Lola Barrett on Psalms 16
    I'm learning to trust him more as I read the book of psalms. I'm a older woman learning the bible, but I always went to church and I believe in the Lord, but really never study the bible.
  • Lillian James on Psalms 103
    Psalm 103 is great! I don't want to ever forget the blessings God has granted me, without God,' Ioving little old me, I would not be here today. I want to love others the way God loves me, which is showing it to all people. People who don't look like me shouldn't matter because we are all children of God. Show that love today. Smile at someone today, it may be the smile they need. Peace
  • Regina Wilson on Psalms 91
    Psalms 91 is truly a blessing and a covering from god I pray it daily
  • Obbie Beal on Luke 15
    Luke 15:1-2 Jesus message is on SALVATION, and many people came to hear Jesus message but, notice there are those of the people who were against both Jesus and others of the people, especially against those who desired to hear the message of SALVATION.
  • Richard on Galatians 6
    Jesus is lord
  • John B
    Who was "melchizedek" ?
  • Bro Emeka Ihai
    Dear John, Melchizedek is a Priest of the God to whom Abraham gave the tithes of all after delivering his nephew lot who was captured during a war Genesis 14:18-23 . This singular act was the reason why Jesus could come from the tribe of Judah to become our High Priest of the New Testament forever making intercession for Us to Psalm 110:1-end, Hebrews 7:1-end . Godbless you
  • Daniel on 2 Chronicles 15
    This was grossly mistranslated into English, as the original Hebrew text clearly points to a future event from the author's timeline - which prophesied the coming exile divorce of the Ten Northern tribes of Israel, and the rejoining yet future event of the ingathering of both houses of Judah and Israel Ezekiel's two sticks in ch. 37 . Just sharing my insight from studying Ancient Biblical Hebre
  • Angie on 2 Chronicles 15
    Thank you

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