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  • RevJJGop on Psalms 1
    It's the perfect aid when you need a spiritual lift.
  • Shane on Genesis 5

    1 This is the book of the generations of Adam. In the day that God created man, in the likeness of God made he him;

    Chapter 5 2 Male and female created he them; and blessed them, and called their name Adam, in the day when they were created. Created man and a woman an called their name ADAM. Every book of the KJV Bible is flawed how's that possible when they say it's the word of God
  • Vanessa on Revelation 2
    Christ is still here walking in the churches, it is not wise for them to make excuses for sin, their duty is to the love of God, his truth, you do not cover the candle. They must repent.
  • Lilian on Revelation 1
    Amen praise the Lord
  • Sharon Smith on Psalms 34
    It's very encouraging for strength knowing that GOD is a prayer and cry away
  • Gloria Lowther on Matthew 3
    I really believe that Jesus forgives and thru him only you can get to ALMIGHTY GOD.

  • Bruce on Isaiah 40
    Tom: We may Talk to Angels Every Day, But You Will Never Know. Some have Entertained Angels Unaware(Hebrews 13:2)
  • Boy g on Genesis 1
    I like this chapter. God created everything!
  • Sharon on Galatians 1
    The Law of the OT, show us that we are in bondage because of our sins. Jesus Spirit free us from the law. Jesus said he came to fulfill the law so that we would be recognized by His Spirit, even if we did not know all the laws. We are free from sin and under no condemnation. If we abide in His spirit we can be fruitful and multiply, and bring joy, honor, and praise to God Kingdom through others
  • Tom Ford on Isaiah 40
    Do Angels communicate with humans at times ?
  • Ivy Johnson on Psalms 23
    Memorized: studied: Loved: comforted: Psalms 23 from a child: A small giant: Psalms 23: Shepherd: no lack: pleasant: quiet: soul is in His Care: right in Him: in death: no fear of evil: comforted: Holy Scriptures: table spread: before enemies: head is anointed: cup overflows: goodness and mercy: follows me: all the days of my life: dwell in the the House of The Lord:
    FOREVER: Covers the Basics:
  • Lourdes M Jenkins on Psalms 127
    I found this vez very interesting it open up my eyes to lots of question that i have had in my mind its very interresting and it helps u understand the bible vez even more is very helpfull thank you jesus in the name of jesus amen
  • Obbie Beal
    verse 22-23 as it relate to Covetousness, Jesus knew of the war we engage with daily
  • Obbie Beal
    22-23 as it relate to Covetousness, Jesus knew of this war we engage with daily
  • Vanessa on John 1
    Worthy is the Lamb of God , John lead the way, but he wasn't worthy he baptized in water, Christ was the one that could baptize us with the Holy Ghost
  • Antonia Sandy Antoine on Psalms 93
    Psalms 93 is quite comforting:God is mighty and powerful and will reign forever.
    He is our shield from any storm and will protect us from all harm and danger.He comforts those who seeks him
  • Vanessa on John 1
    John was the first to lead the way to repentance by water, but Christ is the the light of the world to repentance, for he came to cleanse us from our sins and baptize us with the Holy Ghost, John could not do that. And stan phillip was the other God Bless all! Glory be to God in the highest Amen
  • Vanessa on Psalms 91
    Have Faith in him alone there is know one above him.Glory be to God Amen!
  • Vanessa on Psalms 91
    Sherriann praying for you and your family be of good courage the Lord is with you, trust in him , he will never forsake you, trials and tribulations come to us all, the closer we draw to God, seems the devil tries to beat us down, stay under the protection of God's wings and this is a good psalm to read daily when going through a storm, he will calm the water, trust in him always God Bless all
  • Si13ntk40s on Malachi 1
    The dark prince who wants to ascend the throne. Be cautious about what scriptures you read. The one's of the "jealous" Lord is the dark prince. He's angry because Mother doesn't favor him. His ways are always to destroy the work of others. He is like a little boy eager for affection. In Heaven, all ignored him. So he went to the mortal world as an angel and demanded the mortals to obey him.
  • Si13ntk40s on Malachi 1
    The jealous one. Ruler of the South. He'll tell his people anything just to try to win.
  • Lilian on Psalms 9
    The Lord also is my refuge and my refuge in times of trouble amen
  • Si13ntk40s on Amos 1
    He was angry with the old world and destroyed it. Since then all your works are judged and you cannot create freely. Hence the arrival of the cross.
  • Si13ntk40s on Ezra 1
    When he asks for an offering, don't present something that wastes and rots like silver and gold. Life was granted to you, the only thing you can offer is yourself.
  • Si13ntk40s on Nehemiah 1
    His lesson for the Jews was that whatever he told them, they would argue about it and debate. They never listen, still to this day they question the concept of God in their churches. And so if they don't agree on one thing, he's going to scatter them around the world like seeds without a hand to guide.
  • Si13ntk40s on Ezekiel 1
    He put the wheel of time on their heads to mark their deaths. He must have been angry with the people.
  • Denee Taylor on Matthew 4
    I love this chapter of the gospel because it explains the birth of the ministry of Jesus Christ. The beginning of grace and salvation. In addition to this, when Matthew authored this gospel he wanted it to be understood as a legitimate new interpretation of the law of Moses because it was written for the "Jewish Christian" audience and an appropriate transition from OT to NT.
  • Obbie Beal
    verse 16-21 expound more detail as it relate to ‘covetousness’; JESUS knew GOD’s warning from the 10-commandment about covetousness, thereby HE wanted us to clearly know the sin of /from covetousness, so HE expound further on this sin making 100% sure we under stood this sin is very dangerous to our lives
  • Jim on Isaiah 55
    Jesus came and rescued me in person,driving an RV bus.I was traveling on foot from one city to the next for two or three days with out food or water. I intered the bus and saw him siting in the drivers seat with a smile on his face. He provided me with a hot meal of meat and gravy. He provided me with water that he said was water from heaven.I would not atempted that journey if it were not for god
  • David on John 16

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