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  • Rodney Townsend on Psalms 55
    I think about my children that they will trust GOD in times of.worry.
  • Gary Olsen on Ezekiel 23
    This chapter is about the Israelites practicing idolatry with people of other lands. In verse 20, God calls the Egyptians their paramours whose flesh is as the flesh of asses and whose issue is like the issue of horses which means that their natures and attitudes were that of dumb animals because they had no understanding (Psalms 32:9) or knowledge of the true God.
  • Lilian on Habakkuk 3
    Thank you Jesus yes indeed you are my strength amen
  • Zina Peters on Habakkuk 3
  • I am that Michael Isaac Dale on Malachi 1
    The wicked man blasphemes my Holy Father whose name IS JEALOUS. Who of this world, the last or the next, shall provoke the only true GOD; and profit? It is written, The great day of the LORD is near, it is near, and hastens greatly, even the voice of the day of the LORD: the mighty man shall cry there bitterly. For jealousy is the rage of a man: therefore he will not spare in the day of vengeance.
  • Tammy Sweat on Ephesians 4
    Looking for study points
  • J on Matthew 3
    IF Jesus is God and God is Jesus why did he need to be baptized at all ? The purpose of baptism is for the remission of sin (correct me if I'm wrong) then why would Jesus need to be baptized? And if your response is he had to lead by example where in the bible does it say that his baptism is different from others?
  • Steven Lacey-James on 2 Kings 2
    Take the bible LITERALLY!

    The LORD GOD ALMIGHTY (Jesus Christ) knows ALL things, like knowing the future of those children and what they would amount to and ultimately that they would end up in Hell.

    btw...Confessing that Jesus Christ IS GOD COME IN THE FLESH is THE salvation issue.
  • Nina flora on Nahum 1
  • Ivy Johnson on 1 Kings 9
    V-11-13: Hiram, King of Tyre, furnished King Solomon, with: Cedar:
  • Olanrewaju Babarinde on Proverbs 1
    We just have to fashion our lives in line with the Word of God. As long as we do that, we will live in the "Blessing". I see a similarity with Psalms 1. For God to help us to flourish and enjoy peace, we must reject the views and opinions of the wicked and check all our actions to ensure they are in tune with what the Word of God says.
  • Shane on Genesis 1
    1st day earth light day darkness night 2nd day heaven made so where was God b 4 day 2 not heaven day 4 sun moon stars placed in heaven but yet earth had day an night from day 1 where was that light source of all the animals, bug's was made of HIS KIND man God is saying are image are, who's God talking to and where did they come from Genius 5 says God created man and woman and called them ADAM
  • RevJJGop on Psalms 1
    It's the perfect aid when you need a spiritual lift.
  • Shane on Genesis 5

    1 This is the book of the generations of Adam. In the day that God created man, in the likeness of God made he him;

    Chapter 5 2 Male and female created he them; and blessed them, and called their name Adam, in the day when they were created. Created man and a woman an called their name ADAM. Every book of the KJV Bible is flawed how's that possible when they say it's the word of God
  • Vanessa on Revelation 2
    Christ is still here walking in the churches, it is not wise for them to make excuses for sin, their duty is to the love of God, his truth, you do not cover the candle. They must repent.
  • Lilian on Revelation 1
    Amen praise the Lord
  • Sharon Smith on Psalms 34
    It's very encouraging for strength knowing that GOD is a prayer and cry away
  • Gloria Lowther on Matthew 3
    I really believe that Jesus forgives and thru him only you can get to ALMIGHTY GOD.

  • Bruce on Isaiah 40
    Tom: We may Talk to Angels Every Day, But You Will Never Know. Some have Entertained Angels Unaware(Hebrews 13:2)
  • Boy g on Genesis 1
    I like this chapter. God created everything!
  • Sharon on Galatians 1
    The Law of the OT, show us that we are in bondage because of our sins. Jesus Spirit free us from the law. Jesus said he came to fulfill the law so that we would be recognized by His Spirit, even if we did not know all the laws. We are free from sin and under no condemnation. If we abide in His spirit we can be fruitful and multiply, and bring joy, honor, and praise to God Kingdom through others
  • Tom Ford on Isaiah 40
    Do Angels communicate with humans at times ?
  • Ivy Johnson on Psalms 23
    Memorized: studied: Loved: comforted: Psalms 23 from a child: A small giant: Psalms 23: Shepherd: no lack: pleasant: quiet: soul is in His Care: right in Him: in death: no fear of evil: comforted: Holy Scriptures: table spread: before enemies: head is anointed: cup overflows: goodness and mercy: follows me: all the days of my life: dwell in the the House of The Lord:
    FOREVER: Covers the Basics:
  • Lourdes M Jenkins on Psalms 127
    I found this vez very interesting it open up my eyes to lots of question that i have had in my mind its very interresting and it helps u understand the bible vez even more is very helpfull thank you jesus in the name of jesus amen
  • Obbie Beal
    verse 22-23 as it relate to Covetousness, Jesus knew of the war we engage with daily
  • Obbie Beal
    22-23 as it relate to Covetousness, Jesus knew of this war we engage with daily
  • Vanessa on John 1
    Worthy is the Lamb of God , John lead the way, but he wasn't worthy he baptized in water, Christ was the one that could baptize us with the Holy Ghost
  • Antonia Sandy Antoine on Psalms 93
    Psalms 93 is quite comforting:God is mighty and powerful and will reign forever.
    He is our shield from any storm and will protect us from all harm and danger.He comforts those who seeks him
  • Vanessa on John 1
    John was the first to lead the way to repentance by water, but Christ is the the light of the world to repentance, for he came to cleanse us from our sins and baptize us with the Holy Ghost, John could not do that. And stan phillip was the other God Bless all! Glory be to God in the highest Amen
  • Vanessa on Psalms 91
    Have Faith in him alone there is know one above him.Glory be to God Amen!

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