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  • Linda Daniel on Genesis 5
    In ref. to chapter 6 verse 2, who are the sons of God that took the daughters of men?
  • Roland Johnson Jr on Isaiah 65
    this scriptures really talks to me about these in life. so people needs to wake up just like the Jews did.
  • John of the Ghetto on John 16
    Have you overcome the world, so completely devoid of truth. In America, truth is treated as garbage to be incinerated. No, we want lies from our leaders, who only lie to expedite their message, and continue in corruption, and have exploited Christians for this purpose. They chose based on the abortion issue. God,himself killed the 1st born in Egypt to convince Pharoh to let his chosen worship
  • Benny on Proverbs 21
    Clay it's just saying who can mess with the creator? You can't touch his absolute superiority on all counts.
  • Obbie Beal on John 3
    (simply put: a WAY is provided for I
  • Obbie Beal on John 2
    John 2:1-25 (then
  • Star on John 9
    I love the book of John and read one chapter a week for 21 weeds at least once every 8 months so that God can open up my understanding. Like the blind man in chapter 9, I also believe and will worship him
  • Obbie Beal on John 2
    John 2:1-25, through a ‘miracle’ Jesus demonstrate HE is ‘empowered’ by GOD; Jesus also knows the standard set by GOD for GOD’s earthly-temple /dwelling place (then
  • Andrea on Psalms 83
    Hallowed means to Sanctify in other words to make sacred, esteem, etc. It’s an action for Humans how to treat God’s name Jehovah. Yahweh is the Hebrew translation, keep in mind that Lord, God, etc are all titles. But Jehovah is the name of God.
  • Cynthia on Proverbs 21
    In life there are so many enemies of destiny and talking about our plans most times gives them the edge to manipulate. It is better to talk your plans over to God than man. He will give you better direction. So, thank God for this word that came to me today as a reminder that I should talk less about my plans and depend on God to help achieve my plans. Also, I don t need to have an opinion in every matter that is brought around me. Sometimes, people capitalize on the word you say and use it against you. I have been in so many situations to know that most times having no opinion is better than be a smart aleck . So yes, He who keeps his mouth and tongue, keeps his soul from trouble.
  • Bruce on Leviticus 12
    Context Gives The Meaning of a Word Most of The Time. They Knew Turtle =Turtle-dove / Like Lead, Made, Maid, Weight, Wait, leaves Etc. Content Gives Meaning.
  • Bob Forrest on Psalms 23
    Remember that the Lord is our shepherd. The shepherd uses his rod and his staff to protect us and guide us. When he is guiding us along and we stray, as sheep often do, he gently taps us with his staff to correct us and get us back on the right path. For sheep, it is comforting to know his shepherd is nearby.
  • DL Version on Proverbs 2
    If you dont know or are not sure. Ask HIM. But be prepared for the answer when it comes. Too many people dont like answers that dont fit in the box they keep God in.
  • DL Version on 1 Samuel 2
    George Woitzik .. Ive heard bout the controversy around flat vs round since the 60's. It has occured to me that even if it were proved to be flat, what would change other than our minds? It doesnt matter to me. Only one thing matters. Have I repented of all sin and do i obey Father's mitzvot ordinances, or commands , in Yeshua's name...
  • Phyllis on Galatians 2
    Gal, 2:20 This scripture speaks to my soul. It clearly states that even while in this fleshly body God will provide me with what I need to walk in the spirit if I allow Christ to live in me.Will it be easy? no but it will make life so much more better knowing that he lives in me and he guides me and he died for me so that I may live.
  • Patty Tozi on Matthew 6
    Today l feel rushed helping others. Have to stop everything and focus on my Heavenly Father. He is the reason l woke up to start a new day. Am seeing more and more turmoil in this world. God's vengeance is very close. So here l go. Knowing the wasted years l could of stepped out with God's help. I trusted man instead. Now l see the truth. I now know what strength l have with my Heavenly Father!!!!
  • I am that Michael Isaac Dale on 1 Samuel 2
    Who do ye hope to destroy by mocking my Holy Father, saying, Sounds like a flat earth? Repent of thy wickedness and thy lucre. For it is written, Look upon the rainbow, and praise him that made it; very beautiful it is in the brightness thereof. It compasses the heaven about with a glorious circle, and the hands of the most High have bended it. and, IT IS he that sits upon the circle of the earth:
  • BSP on Proverbs 21
    It is important that we keep our words in check and we can avoid a lot of problems if we think before we speak.
  • David on Jude 1
    Jesus said there is neither male or female in heaven. Angels are neither male or female, therefore cannot procreate.
    There is a lot in the Holy Bible to learn about. If we get confused during deep study, because it goes against what we think we known and understand, then move on. There is much more to learn about. After more much more deep study we may come back to the previous scripture
  • Beauty on Psalms 121
    Indeed It's been an awesome God
  • Joy on Matthew 5
    Mrs. T, I knew I liked your tough a_s4 something, Blessings2 you for. Possibly if you got time out yur busy schedulecan you investigate
  • Obbie Beal on John 2
    1-25 above, through a ‘miracle’ Jesus demonstrate HE is ‘empowered’ by GOD; Jesus also knows the standard set by GOD for GOD’s earthly-temple /dwelling place (then
  • Lou on Genesis 22
    Many lessons from God here. First, God wants Mercy, not sacrifice. No sacrifice of self or another. GOD WANTS MERCY. He shows it to Abraham freely. Secondly, only God can provide The Lamb He will accept
  • Nomfundo on Psalms 25
    I want God to give what want i just want baby that is all
  • Desmond on 1 Corinthians 1
    Glory be to GOD
  • Kikelomo adeosun on 2 Samuel 13
    life is a lesson for cares to learn , Amnon should have care to listen and learn rather than giving in to selfish nature.
  • Marlo on Zechariah 6
    Christ reigning in the temple has a double fulfillment. The 1st is reigning amongst the believers the spiritual temple, and the 2nd meaning is reigning upon the throne of David in JERUSALEM as the Anointed One. Then will Christ have fulfilled the all-in-all methodology.
  • Marlo on Zechariah 8
    Mark Diffin I agree. This will only occur when they recognize the Lord Jesus as their Savior prophesied in later chapters of Zechariah.

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