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  • A disciple on Galatians 3
    There is no Our Righteousness, and the Lord's Righteousness, if we are truly saved and walking in truth in the Spirit; but our righteousness is His righteousness! The child is under teachers and guardians UNTIL he is an adult, and fully ready to manage the inheritance. Christ has released us from the bonds of sin, and therefore the demand of the Law against sin. It is not a competition for glory!
  • Joe on 1 Samuel 6
    @April you are correct. God does help whenever you are in need of something without you even asking! you are correct.
  • A disciple on Obadiah 1
    Helene; In the Original Text, the word you are writing about is Hebrew 'shemuwah' meaning something heard, i.e. an announcement - bruit, doctrine, fame, mentioned, news, report, rumor, tidings. Additionally, the King James English also has to be understood the way it was in the 17th Century, not by today's. The archaic or first meaning of rumour is din or clamour. Modern English has lost a lot!
  • A disciple on Colossians 2
    "That their hearts might be comforted, being knit together in love, and unto all riches of the full assurance of understanding, to the acknowledgement of the mystery of God, and of the Father, and of Christ; in whom are hid all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge." What draws the heart of man to Christ is how Jesus knows EVERYTHING
  • Jimmy a disciple of Jesus on Hebrews 7
    sorry "a disciple" you are wrong..plainly vs 3 says he didnt have a mother or father without beginning or end...just cause our peanut of a brain cant fathom it doesnt mean to make up things just to ease our thinking or to fit our religion!!!
  • Pkstefanini on Romans 14
    Here it is! link and text... It is good neither to eat flesh, nor to drink wine, nor any thing whereby thy brother stumbleth, or is offended, or is made weak.
  • Helene on Obadiah 1 a statement that has not been validated yet, but something that may take place in the because Edom was not brought down yet, it was considered a rumor
  • Vanessa on Leviticus 21
    Jesus came to teach us God's laws, to shed his blood for all sinners, who call on him and believe in him with all our heart, but he has never said to continue is sin, for if we do we shall not inherit the kingdom nor shall we receive God's grace it's our job to speak truth so others will seek redemption , many will knock few will enter
  • A disciple on Genesis 2
    Sharon; The Sabbath is the seventh day. The seventh day was named Saturday by the heathen after their god of agriculture, Saturn. There is no corroboration in Scripture for Sunday being made the Sabbath. The Sabbath remained the seventh day in the early days, although they came together for Assembly and to break bread on the first of the week. Israel is 10 hours difference from us, not 3 days.
  • Annie on Psalms 91
    God is good a deliver, protecter, shelter from the storms of life
  • Jimmy a disciple of Jesus on Galatians 3
    a schoolmaster is a teacher the law was our teacher to bring us to christ but after that faith has come we are no longer under a schoolmaster..pretty simple to me!! I do not keep any Law under the Levi priesthood...i am under the order of Melchisedec with Jesus being my High Priest..thats where i put my Faith..dont mix your righteousness with the Lords..a little leaven leavens the whole lump!!!
  • Jimmy a disciple of Jesus on John 8
    how come no one is mentioning Romans 10:9-10...or even Acts16:29-31...we do have to be careful about false doctrines..what is repentance?? to turn away from the way we used to be...this is not to be seen in the carnal realm but in the spiritual!! Jesus said " the words i speak unto are spirit and are life!!Repentance starts in the Spiritual realm then is seen in the Carnal.
  • Marion on 1 John 1
    John the love disciple saw it all,wow! .what a legacy and beheld the face of Jesus too!

  • A disciple on Colossians 2
    Jimmy (cont.); But the way we come to Jesus in the first place is holy and good in God's view! We seek forgiveness and reconciliation through the precious blood of Jesus, and God's great love and mercy for us. Is the blood of Christ not powerful enough to make reconciliation for us? Is the blood of Christ not powerful enough to purify the believing soul from every sin and repair all sin's damage?
  • A disciple on Colossians 2
    Jimmy; New wine must be put into new wine-skins, that both may be preserved. We are saved and sanctified for the purpose of being perfect like our heavenly Father is perfect; and for letting the light of our Christ-like New Nature and good works be seen by men, to our Father's glory. Everyone knows talk is cheap and we should better be sure our character and behavior match our preaching to others.
  • A disciple on 1 John 4
    "Beloved, if God so loved us, we ought also to love one another." What makes people not love their neighbor or even their brother or sister in the Lord? If we are to love one another as Christ has loved us, then we must have the same character, nature and Spirit as Christ. Jesus said, that not understanding His speech is because of not being able to hear His word. That implies the need for a new creation, and having completely abandoned the old! That means a penitent and converted heart that henceforth longs for God and seeks His mercy, acceptance and blessing, and a mind no longer completely enthralled with self or the letcheries of its former life but being born anew, born from above, born of the Word and of the Spirit, TO BE THE CHILDREN, THE REPLICATIONS OF GOD! By this we know that we know God and keep His commandments, BECAUSE WE LOVE THE BRETHREN!
  • Sharon on Genesis 2
    The Sabbath was meant for the whole world...not necessarily just Sabbath is not Saturday...God said work 6 days and rest on the 7th day... He didn't say work 6 days of the week and then rest on the 7th day of the week...because if its Saturday in America then its Tuesday in Jerusalem
  • Samuel Israel on Genesis 25
    Esau sold his birthright for a morsel of red meat. In Rebecca womb The Most High said that younger would be stronger than the older. God said there was two nation of people in her womb. But the Bible made a distinction about Esau being hairy and red. Esau is not the Arab man the Arab man is from Ishmael. Esau is the so called white race the bible call red man.
  • A disciple on Colossians 2
    Dear Jimmy; Jesus Himself said, "Do not suppose that I came to abolish the Law or the Prophets; I came not to abolish, but to completely make full." (literal translation). Also, isn't it the entire purpose of one's repentance and conversion to henceforth live a good and holy life of meekness and piety and bring forth good fruit to God? God has commanded that we should be holy as He is holy!
  • Pastor Howard Lee III, Trustee Brooks, Elect Deacon William Lee on 2 Corinthians 5
    God decided to revive us through reconciliation thru the baptism in Jesus Name and the receiving of the Holy Ghost.
  • Casey on Isaiah 2
    Peace peace peace no more violence no more evil Thank God
  • Mild Bill,saved by grace on Psalms 11
    A threat to believers is the distance of an arrow cast,but the destruction of unbelievers is from heaven above.Though out of our physical sight,we understand he can see the soul of every person."to him that worketh not,but believeth on him that justifieth the ungodly,his faith is counted for righteousness"Romans 4:5unto whom God imputeth righteousness without works Romans 4:6 Christ,not law,saves sinners.
  • Christ Magnified Glorifying Jesus on Numbers 18
    End of Bible in a Year Reading for day 32. Playing catchup again, but what a thrill to read this. How forgiving my God is to me. I have often been like the people that trust not, live selfishly, and jealous of others. Dear Lord thank you for your mercy and for the prayers of others for your mercy, care and provision for me. Holy Spirit bring forth the Christ Life in me. I yield to my God.
  • A disciple on Genesis 3
    Jimmy; you may be mixing up some other part of Scripture here. The exact words which God spoke are: "Who told you that you are naked? Have you eaten from the tree which I TOLD YOU NOT TO EAT?" That is DISOBEDIENCE! Not unbelief! And to make it even more to the point; Adam's reaction to shame for his sin means that he knew he had done wrong and wanted to hide it from God, and blamed the woman.
  • A disciple on Mark 1
    Dear Joy; Jesus is sooooo WONDERFUL! We will be filled with unspeakable JOY in His PERSONAL PRESENCE and we will sing His praises for all eternity with such beautiful voices and music as we can't even yet imagine! Our sorrow shall be turned into JOY, and our JOY no man takes away from us! Don't listen to grumpy people who only have sour criticism and unloving attitudes. We look unto JESUS!
  • A disciple on Mark 1
    Olu william; Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judea of His mother Mary...Jesus Christ came in the flesh to save us all from our sins and the power of darkness, reconciling us to God BY HIS BLOOD! The Apostles were chosen from among MANY witnesses to testify the Glad Tidings of the grace of God THROUGH JESUS DYING ON THE CROSS FOR US! JESUS IS A PERSON!
  • D.PSchroer on Leviticus 16
    The rope is said to tradition not biblical
  • David andrew on Malachi 1
    This book of Malachi is something makes me jealous for Christ and the Father. This seems to be about the latter days and the heathen nations that , even now, seem to be praising Him and His Name more so than his own people do...Me? Guilty as charged.
    If the current bunch in power do start to rebuild (which is Edomites then and now)...thus saith the Word(s) of God
  • Jimmy a disciple of Jesus
    so thats how we are to live from this point on..trusting in him for everything and not in our goodness at all..thats why he blotted out the handwriting of ordinances that was against us..(the Law!!)Thank you Jesus!!! i couldnt keep it!!!! i tried and new wine in an old bottle is no good!!
  • Jimmy a disciple of jesus on Colossians 2
    this chapter is explaining Christ removed the Law and how we are to just trust in him and not in any rituals or doctrines of man..the goal of a christian life isnt trying to live holy but to total trust in Jesus..look at you have received Christ Jesus the Lord so walk ye in think.. how you received him..did you come with holiness or goodness? of course not..u believed on Jesus.

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