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  • BSP on Job 6
    Verses 2,3~Job was in great anguish and as a consequence he began to speak wild talk. Jehovah God understood his pain and why he spoke the way that he did.
  • BSP on Job 2
    Verse 11~These three companions of Job had in mind to comfort Job, but instead when they arrived they discouraged him. If we have the objective of comforting others, we must choose our words carefully.
  • BSP on Job 1
    Verse 8~Even though Job had great wealth, he did not let his prosperity go to his head. He had a fear of Jehovah God and he was a righteous man.
  • BSP on Mark 13
    Verse 13~Jesus forewarned his disciples that they would be hated as he was hated. He points out that if they endure they will gain salvation.
  • A disciple on 1 Thessalonians 4
    Ivan; The Prophet Daniel also speaks about "they of understanding" instructing many, and yet at one point some will fall, to try them and make them white, even up to the end. Jesus said that the deception He has appointed to consume the whole earth, shall be so strong that they that kill us will think to be doing God service; but we must endure to the END to be saved. We MUST have tribulation!
  • A disciple on 1 Thessalonians 4
    Ivan; in Daniel 9:22-25, the Angel speaks of 70 weeks, 7 weeks, and 62 weeks. According to your theorizing and trying to force an easy interpretation of one size fits all meanings; as if the Scriptures were written in code; what do you do with the 70 and the 62? Likewise the false teaching about a pre-tribulation rapture is not founded in Scripture and cannot answer to the realities of this world.
  • BSP on Daniel 2
    Verse 30~Daniel had received special privileges, but he did not let these go to his head. Daniel always gave due credit and praise to Jehovah God.
  • Jenny on Ephesians 5
    I love Ephesians 5 because it tells us how to live as children of God. He tells us to walk in love, the same kind of love Jesus walked in. Jesus loved others as he loved himself. He tells us things we are not to do such as sex outside of the confines of marriage, which is fornication. Uncleanness is an evil dirty person who is morally impure; a filthy person is one who has an evil nature of sin,

  • BSP on Psalms 127
    Verse 3~The Babylonians mocked God's people and gloated over their downfall. Jehovah God was displeased with this attitude.
  • BSP on Luke 12
    Verse 4~ The worst thing another human can do to us is to put us to death. Our everlasting life lies in the hands of Jehovah God and it is to him that we should be faithful and loyal to in everything.
  • BSP on 2 Peter 2
    Verse 5~Noah not only took on the task of building the ark, but he also shared his faith with others and tried to warn others. Noah cared about the lives of his family and others.
  • BSP on Genesis 7
    Verse 11~I really admired the fact that Noah stayed faithful to Jehovah God for hundreds of years and not just a few years. He is an excellent example in endurance that we can imitate.
  • Kenneth Hagan on Revelation 20
    The same God that told of Heaven also told of HELl and listen to Jesus preached on HELL more than heaven ! The problem today is people need to understand all scripture unites under the one God ! He made it all ! The place Hell is resl Jesus Christ told of rich young ruler who lifted his eyes in HELL !!!!
  • BSP on Jude 1
    Verse 15~Early in man's history we see not only were they doing ungodly things, but they were speaking shocking things against Jehovah God himself. No wonder by Noah's time, God had purposed to rid the earth of wicked ones.
  • BSP on Ezekiel 14
    Verse 14~Daniel was a young man when he was mentioned here with faithful men like Noah and Job. This shows that he developed a pattern of faithful service to Jehovah God and one is never to young to develop a personal relationship with God.
  • BSP on Matthew 27
    Verse 17~Pilate tried to release Jesus by contrasting him with a known criminal. The people showed how hard hearted they were in asking for Barabbas to be released instead of Jesus Christ.
  • Verses 9,10~The ones we teach are our glory and joy. Seeing ones make changes in harmony with the Bible brings us true joy.
  • Christ Magnified Glorifying Jesus on 2 Chronicles 9
    Day 107 of Bible in a Year Reading. Solomon had everything; money, power, wisdom and early on he had faith that seemed lasting. It is sad to note that everything that is depicted here in this chapter and two previous chapters was forfeited by Solomon and his family for what Solomon later called vanity. From the smoke of God's glory filling everything to everything going up in smoke. Tears.
  • BSP on John 7
    Verse 46~Jesus taught with divine authority and he taught in a way that drew attention to God's Word and did not rely on any man made traditions.
  • BSP on Psalms 119
    Verse 37~This world is full of things that we can see that are worthless and of no benefit to us. We must turn our eyes away from these things .
  • BSP on Matthew 13
    Verse 23~We don't only want to read and hear God's Word, but we must understand it to truly bear good fruit in our lives.
  • BSP on Isaiah 53
    This is a Messianic prophecy that points forward to the things that Jesus would endure for us. We should greatly appreciate the willing sacrifice that Jesus Christ made in our behalf.
  • Aurelious on Jeremiah 17
    The heart is not always wicked. They heart becomes wicked from wicked thoughts. The purest form of love is that of a child. Our hearts start out pure and become wicked and deceitful as we get older falling victim to wicked thoughts. We need to seek God to flush out that wickedness and return our hearts to its pure form by filling it with the Love of God.
  • Alex
    Galatians 4 v 19 My lil children of whom i travail in birth Again till Christ be FORMED in you,thus there has to be Conception and Gestation in the Spritual Realm VIA THAT GOOD SEED THE WORD DEPOSITED IN OUR HEARTS,HE EVEN TELLS US THAT THE GOODSEED ARE THE CHILDREN OF THE KINGDOM Which ARE Spirits,Hebrews calls him the Father of Spirits,TH SAME SEED THAT IMPREGNATED MARY IS FORM CHRIST IN US,Galatians 4 V 19
  • Alex
    27 times in the O.T. KJV The prophets saw the WORLD in travail and birth pains which is the result of sower/bridegroom and his PRECIOUS SEED ,Thus the kingdom will come as a birth of CHRIST (THE H.G.) IN US.Thats y he is saying unless you receive th kingdom as a lil CHILD IMPLING A BIRTH VIA HIS SEED /WORD,THUS WE SEE CONCEPTIO IN THE SPRITUAL REALM VIA HIS SEED THE WORD.She birth a MANCHILD gb
  • Alex on Matthew 13
    Disciple GM GBU There cd be no new birth without Spritual Conception,even in the natual a BIRTH requires a seed and an intimacy,Thats y he has to know us,Thats when the good seed is sown in our hearts,They don't call him the bridegroom for nothin,Thus HEARING HIS WORD/SEED IS CONCEPTION.That which is born of the spirit is SPIRIT WHICH IS THE H.G. IMMANUEL GOD WITH US,HE WILL ABIDE WITH YOU FOREVER
  • Geraldine Cole on Isaiah 53
    These are the days of Sorrow be careful of whomever u deal with because u may be dealing with the devil unaware u see the devil is a Spirit he goes to and fro in the airway seeing who spirit he can live in he will get in a unsaved person a animals. He cannot get in a person that is truely Saved because the Holy Spirit is in u he will try u from the outer u Jesus said resist the he will flea.
  • Michael on John 1
    I have received Him and thank fro all that He has done fro me.
  • Leigh on Psalms 67
    Over the past century or so European and American Missionary Societies have sent missionaries to the ends of the earth the fruit of which can be seen in the current revival in Asia.
    Meanwhile in the West we have accommodated all by attempting to remove anything to do with God in public bringing us to the brink of judgment. Want God's blessing? Let ALL the people praise thee O God.
  • Adriana Richmond on John 14
    God is very good. I thank God for breath n my body. I am super grateful to be living .This chapter here is telling us he hasn't left. That he is still here. prayfornation

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