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    How many categories are they divided into
  • Felicia Royal-Fleming - in Reply on Job 1
    Okay, I have one question, who did J.C pray too as he was about to die on that cross? That my friend, is the True and Living Creator, the Almighty and the Only One Worthy to receive Glory and Praises, He NEVER DIED, and His pedigree can be found in the Old Testament, starting in Genesis 1:1- HALLELUYAH- OH His Name is Yahweh!
  • Francis odom
    did god love david humility
  • Patti
    does a person have to speak in tongues to have the Holly Spirit....
  • Rusu Elisei - in Reply on Acts 16
    The book of James is directed for Jews.How about 2 Timothy 2:13 If we believe not, yet he abideth faithful: he cannot deny himself." And the incest case from 1 Corinthians 5:1-5 who is a obvious case of not walking in grace and still saved? All pauline epistles show only faith for salvation.
  • I, even I, am that Michael Isaac Dale: on Proverbs 13
    You should serve in newness of spirit, and not in the oldness of the letter. It is not written Every man, but Every spirit that confessed that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is of God: And every spirit that confessed not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh is not of God: and this is that spirit of antichrist, whereof ye have heard that it should come: and even now already is it in the world.
  • Adam - in Reply on Acts 16
    Part of walking in grace is loving others, avoiding sin Romans 12:2 not falsely assuming you have a license to sin. Satan wants people to think they don't have to live as a Christian, don't have to try. Unfortunately Christians can buy into the lie, even denounce Jesus, based on a false assumption that they're already saved and can do whatever they want. Satan wants people to ignore James 2:14-26.
  • Preach on Proverbs 13
    To gain wealth by vanity such as having to much pride in their own appearance, abilities,achievements is like the vanity in the bathroom before God. Real wealth's gotten through exerting one's power of body, mind, soul and spirit with diligent and painstaking effort is the spiritual way. Work or operate according to God's plan or design. Acquire the whole house which is the Kingdom of God. AMEN
  • Brenda on Psalms 91
    I believe it is a prayer of protection. A promise of God love for his children It covers you as well as others. The Holy Spirit lede to it years ago and it is my Our Father, daily. For all situations.
  • Ronald e Cornell
    During AM Bible Study I did a word search for "Nicolaitanes" through your website which said the word wasn't found. This word can be found in Revelation 2:6 2:15
  • Anne on Daniel 6
    Daniel's faith in the greatness of his God so convinced the King that the King expected Daniel to be unharmed. He went out early in the morning and called out to Daniel before he saw him. Our actions should convince others to believe and trust in the one true God.
  • Marion on Matthew 6
    I love the Lord Jesus and I have to let every one know that trying to love two is not easy to follow the bible and it will help you to understand you have to have God first in everything you do
  • Omobolanle abimbola
    What are the stages bus stop at the valley of shadow of death
  • Rusu Elisei - in Reply on Acts 16
    Isn't it for the Jews?Who must have faith works for salvation?We christians must have only faith for salvation of our soul. All Paul epistles to the church except the one for Hebrews which is for the jews reflect that. For example, in 1 Corinthians 5:1-5 it is talked about a brother who committed a very great sin which is incest but the flesh was destructed by Satan and his soul was still saved.
  • Stanjett - in Reply on Leviticus 1
    You are right in saying sacrifices did end with Christs death on the cross for Christians. But why did the Jews quit sacrificing?
  • Stanjett - in Reply on Genesis 43
    I believe Egypt traded with the surrounding people. That's how Joseph ended up in Egypt. He was sold by his brothers to traders going down into Egypt. And why Abrahams sons went down to Egypt.
  • Stanjett on Genesis 41
    I dreamed a dream. I dreamed I won a lot of money. And the next day I got a letter in the mail. Which said I won 100k. All I had to do was call and verify my name, my address, age and my SS number. Only dreams from God comes true.
  • Johan - in Reply
    I think because he betrayed Jesus before the crucifixion, and taking his own life also before Jesus died, must have received forgiveness through the blood of Jesus, just as all sinners did, myself included.
  • Melchezilek - in Reply on Esther 1
    Esther was an Israelite.
  • Gary Olsen on Revelation 11
    The earthquake in verse 13 and 16:18 are the same. The result of this quake is the destruction of the nations. In 11:15, it's written that the kingdoms of this world become the kingdoms of our Lord. In 16:19, the cities of the nations fall. In verse 20, the mountains were not found. Mountains mean nations. So this quake causes worldwide destruction. This is GOD'S judgment on a sin-filled world.
  • MICHAEL PEREZ on Micah 3
    Points out pastors are unfaithful to god
  • MICHAEL PEREZ - in Reply
    Bible talks of them as wicked men in high places ..there just men who live with lies and secrets who will come before god like us all ...the real focus of god is on his sons those who he has called ....
  • Craig - in Reply
    No, it's referring to a person that comes to the door of salvation and then turns back to their ways. We read in 2 Pet. 2:21-22, "For it had been better for them not to have known the way of righteousness, than, after they have known it, to turn from the holy commandment delivered unto them. 22 But it is happened unto them according to the true proverb, The dog is turned to his own vomit again "
  • No. - in Reply
    Why would ask that? What KJB verse may your question come from?
  • Russell Kendall Carter - in Reply on Wisdom of Solomon 3
    There are so many stories and so many areas of serious contemplation in the Bible, and the Apocrypha is part of the Bible, that I use all of the books of the Bible to increase the awareness of God in my life. Jesus was a Jew who was educated by scriptures. His scriptures were not the New Testament, which was written well after His death. He learned from what wass available at his time.
  • Randy Dockins - in Reply
    It certainly can refer to backsliding, but a dog is often used in scripture to refer to the unsaved. See 2 Peter 2:22. I believe both the dog returning to its vomit and the sow to wallowing in the mud is a picture of an unsaved man who made a profession of faith but wasn't truly born again and given a new nature. They then return to living just the way they did before they made a profession.
  • Randy Dockins - in Reply
    We know from scripture that Christ's bones were not broken, but the two on each side of Him did have their bones broken. His hands, feet, and side were all pierced through. I think the spiritual meaning is the Christ is to be shared with others, not kept to yourself just as Christ broke the bread to feed the multitude. It is also a clear reminder of what Christ did for us on the cross.
  • Ron lightfoot on Luke 16
    So true...for jesus christ is lord to the glory of god the father...the one who is risen...rcl.
  • Preach on John 1
    To become a true Believer we must receive God as the Light of all Life in Jesus Christ by Faith. To understand and convey His real nature, office, and character of that Divine Teacher, who came to instruct and to redeem mankind. This is our most important argument in following and in invitations of souls to Christ. Jesus was in this world and they knew Him not!!! Amen
  • Adam - in Reply on Acts 16
    Grace vs works is a very common debate. James 2:14-26 and others show that works are important, likely beyond just a reward in heaven. It calls your faith 'dead' without works. There are no scriptures saying that people with no faith or dead faith enter heaven. Most people will go to hell wide is the gate . Christians who denounce Christ or commit blasphemy surely should be concerned.

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