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  • Lilian on James 5
    Confess all your faults and pray to one another and always pray to others that they might be heald.Amen Praying for others is the best gift that you can give thank you Jesus for the love your kind and mercy i will praise yoi forever Jehova my provider Shalom
  • Tomaz Zupancic on Luke 13
    Pharisees "advised" him to get out or else be killed, but JC basically said to them: I don't care, look, I'm fulfilling the requirements for the Son of Man and when you kill me, I'll rise.
  • Jason hoose on 2 Corinthians 5
    Jesus is God and if anybody wants to go to heaven and be saved must be baptized in his name and receive the gift of the holy ghost and speak in other tounges as the spirit gives the utterance
  • BSP on Mark 7
    Verse 7~There is a form of worship that is futile. We must make sure that we are worshipping God in the way that he wants as he has showed us in the Bible.
  • BSP on Romans 8
    Verse 18~Paul wasn't minimizing the suffering that the Christians went through at that time in 56 C.E. when Nero was emperor. It was in comparison to the glory that they would receive in heaven.
  • A disciple on Psalms 15
    "...This is the work of God, that ye believe on him whom he hath sent.' John 6:28 Notice the Lord uses the word WORK. Faith without works is dead. Real knowing and understanding the LORD, is taking a course in life directed in His Spirit to keep the commandments out of an obedient heart. ALL GRACE is then manifested by our actions, words and innermost thoughts; the reflection of His divine nature.
  • BSP on Romans 12
    Verse 19~God has not given us the right to avenge ourselves. We must leave vengeance in the hands of Jehovah God.
  • A disciple on Deuteronomy 8
    Bruce Wayne; First WARNING! (and maybe you've heard this before) numerology and mysticism, human methodologies from a misguided view, that the Holy Scriptures is some kind of curious art of man's device, or that it was cryptically written and may then be "unlocked" by unregenerate darkened minds of men; is satanic error and utterly false. The Scriptures of Truth are revealed to the obedient heart!
  • BSP on Deuteronomy 7
    Verses 3,4~This was the law given to the Israelites. God's command could not be avoided without impunity and King Solomon is a prime example of this.
  • A disciple on Genesis 31
    Leigh; The relatives of Jacob were nothing like the Canaanites, even if they were infected with idols: they were not the same kind that Moses later wrote about, who did every abomination that the LORD hates and therefore had God judged to have them completely and utterly exterminated from the earth. There are nations and people today that simply don't know any better, and the Lord will have mercy.
  • BSP
    Verse 8~Stephen took care of the tables but he also carried out his ministry.
  • BSP on Acts 6
    Verse 15~Stephen's face was like an angels face in that he reflected faith, serenity, calm, and complete confidence in Jehovah God.
  • Verse 7~We can only reflect the things that we have been given so no one has the right to boast in anything. All good things come from Jehovah God.
  • BSP on Psalms 16
    Verse 7~Sometimes we don't get the meaning of the words spoken to us and we need to meditate on what was said to us. Often during the night is when our mind can reflect on what was said or done to us during the day.
  • BSP on Romans 2
    Verse 29~Paul was saying they are all of the anointed so they are all Jews. They were all spiritual Israelites. Paul was completely breaking down the barriers. Unity is the theme of Romans.
  • BSP on Hebrews 4
    Verse 14~Jesus Christ is a superior High Priest because he will always be alive to plead in our behalf and he gave a sacrifice once for all time.
  • Larry McMiller on Joshua 1
    The Lord is ever a present help. The is an indwelling Spirit who is a the calling through prayer, grace and mercy.
  • BSP on 1 Samuel 26
    Verses 9-11~David had deep respect for Jehovah God and this helped him to have respect for Saul even though he treated him bad.
  • BSP on Psalms 73
    Verse 22~The psalmist here admits that he was like an unreasoning animal. He needed to really take time to think and reason things out so that he would have the right viewpoint.
  • BSP on Psalms 73
    Verse 22~The psalmist here admits that he was like an unreasoning animal. He needed to really take time to think and reason things out so that he would have the right viewpoint.
  • BSP on Nehemiah 9
    Verse 8~Jehovah honored his promise to Abraham and this is why he is described as righteous in his choosing the nation of Israel and giving them the Promised Land. Jehovah expects us to honor our promises.
  • BSP on Proverbs 3
    Verse 27~Jehovah God wants us to be generous and here we are encouraged to do so because he knows the human tendency to hold back and lean towards selfishness.
  • BSP on Job 33
    Verse 25~The aging process will reverse in the paradise. We will go back to the prime of adulthood.
  • Ray Jay on Genesis 3
    “Behold man has become like one of us...” other possibilities: we know that Satan was also in the garden and he also knows good from evil, so it could have been that. It could have been GOD speaking about his Angels. It could be GOD speaking about his TRINITY. We really don’t know. I always assumed it was the Trinity personally. What GOD’s conscious was saying/thinking to himself, but who knows
  • Verse 2~ Solomon likens the days of youth to the Palestinian summer where everything shines bright. Youth is truly a precious time where one can accomplish many things. We want to use youth wisely.
  • BSP on Joshua 1
    If Jehovah God has commanded us to do something we need not be afraid. He promises to be with us to help and strengthen us.
  • Douglas Gilbert Wells on Acts 19
    There will another uproar before Jesus Christ take. His people come off this earth before the, the seven years of trouble
  • ApostlePJ on Romans 1
    apostle clearly introduces the Romans to the son of GOD as the one who was before spoken of by the prophets. this clearly shows Christ was already known to the Jews thru the law and the prophets but because they did not understand the righteousness of GOD in the law they failed to recognise Jesus their messiah when he manifested in flesh. JESUS is our righteousness and so he fulfills the law.
  • Iriso Thomas on Acts 2
    Thank you for the link, keep post to my address, I like that is for the soul building.
  • Leigh on Genesis 34
    It doesn't say her age or whether or not she consented. It seems more like he "swept her off her feet" and didn't use force. That's not meant to be a free pass but verse 19 does say "he was more honorable than all the house of his father".
    Agreed, the final outcome was not what Jacob wanted but still it seems a Divine retribution.

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