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  • Jeff Berry on John 15
    Jesus gave reasons why seed might not germinate (Chp 13; including not dying Chp 12). While groweth is essential fruit is the reproduction of a kind. I don't think we will always know when fruit has been produced (Chp 4)
  • Jeff Berry on Romans 8
    B) While there are verses within this chapter that we all have memorized and like to quote often, it is important for those who have been deeply scarred by a sinful past to remember that each and every verse in this chapter is specifically addressing the redeemed spirit that is residing in a body that is yet to be redeemed! And there are no exceptions. This is true from verse 1 to verse 39!
  • Lou on John 11
    To go with my comment above, if a 1st century Middle Eastern king approached a foreign city on a donkey, he was coming in humility, and peace, as Jesus did riding into Jerusalem..but, if he came riding a horse, it meant he had every intention of taking over, and owning the city....He's coming back....He won't be riding a donkey this time. (Rev19:11)
  • Lou on John 11
    The reason Jesus folded the napkin..........In the Middle East in the 1st. century it was custom to leave your napkin not folded, and thrown on the table, when finished eating, but...if the master left his napkin folded on the table, it meant he was not done, and would be returning soon ......and that was the message Jesus left, by folding the napkin....He was making a statement, ready.
  • Victoria Tatem on James 5
    I love reading the WORD each and everyday. Yes I'm a KJV 1611 reader The Epistle of James. Faith without works dead.
  • Suzee on Jude 1
    Praising my Lord for his magnificent work, if I just stay out of the way. Gods love is so beautiful and heartfelt when I see 😊 of his plan,much greater than mine.😊 💞 😊
  • Khetha on Psalms 100
    He is the King of Kings, the Lord my provider, all the praises belongs to him alone, the healer and my strength
  • Steve on 1 Samuel 30
    Wow can you imagine the grief?, v.4 " no power to weep"...that's a deep heartache.....V.12 when we learn to rely fully on God's Word, he told him to pursue that he will overtake and RECOVER ALL! AMEN...v.19 The fulfillment of the promise. " David Recovered all".....Let us abide in the Word and trust with full certainty that God is able to walk us in all victory in Jesus Amen
  • A disciple on Luke 8
    "Therefore see ye how ye hear; for it shall be given to him that hath, and whoever hath not, also that that he weeneth (thinks, imagines, assumes wrongly) that he have, shall be taken away from him." Luke 8:18 (Wycliffe Bible) Whether it be the work of the devil, or one's neglect of working on himself, or misguided mingling with things of life; WE OURSELVES will account for how we act on the Word.
  • Dexter Matuguinas on Luke 7
    The woman gives her best to the Lord Jesus Christ,...
  • Fred Scanlan on Job 34
    Our natural man and woman because of original sin is naturally against God. Since this is true ,than how can man commune with the creator or be found in and with him? How will God manifest himself to us?
    Christ only, is the way the truth and life,. When we are clothed, covered in his righteousness, the Holy Spirit will manifest himself to us. To Know Christ is to love Him. Keep his commandments.
  • Olu on Matthew 4
    Ben. The same bible says all authority-government are ordain of God. That we ought to honor them because they are set up for His purpose
  • Lilian on Philippians 4
    Not that I speak in respect of want for I have learned and know the state i am herewith to be content . Jesus words gives us life and peace that passes through understanding help me Jesus to understand your words I will praise you and worship you forever amen
  • Duro on Romans 1
    Book of romans shows us that if a christian refuses to grow, there could be reverse of faith.
  • Betty Robinson on Psalms 91
    I love Psalms 91 it gets me through the day and to know that God has his Angels watching over me is awsome. I tell my son to read psalms 91. Amen.
  • Jan miller on Matthew 24
    I agree with post trib rapture according to this chapter
  • A disciple on Job 39
    "Unicorn" is more accurately translated, Wild Ox.
  • HERBERT Brown on John 1
    John believe and committed to every word of God.

  • A disciple on Romans 8
    Nicely written, Rhona: Thank you!
  • A disciple on Jonah 4
    Jonah was MADE to do what God commanded him, so God could show a sign to all times and generations that "There is NOTHING too hard for the LORD!" as well as show by even this most hopelessly lost and deceived heathen could repent; and therefore setting the standard by which every one no matter how lost CAN REPENT! God let Jonah suffer for his self-will, and afterward used him to preach with POWER!
  • A disciple on Judges 2
    "Was there a failure on the part of the last generation that KNEW God and His deeds in handing over the baton properly to the next generation?" I think the answer to that could be Yes and No. There is certainly a wicked generation that rebels in a rage and fury away from the good and the holy way of Jesus, so they can fornicate and live lawlessly and NO ONE tell them what to do. But we are signs!
  • A disciple on Luke 7
    If one has a stronger nature and resolves not to let himself fall into the popular sins of the day; he is blessed, true! But still he is debtor to God! Both the small and the great all must give account of the things done in their body. Now while the Pharisee wasn't a sinner like the woman was, he was nonetheless in God's view; and he should have known by his very religious occupation HOW to love!
  • A disciple on Luke 7
    What kind of status or position of "importance" in the Church or Community would exempt a man from "Love Thy Neighbor As Thyself?" or negates his own unfitness for the Presence of God? Jesus Christ came in the flesh to purchase us again to God by His blood: THAT'S OUR FITNESS FOR THE PRESENCE OF GOD! Money in the Bank and a bigger house in a nice area does not make you better than your neighbor!
  • A disciple on Proverbs 24
    Rita Lee; "Accommodating an agenda" is a good way to put it! There IS an answer to your question, but its complicated and lengthy: you might enjoy doing a research and study of the subject; but be forewarned, there are many misleading voices and much wrong information! In short, there were basically two streams; the Anointed and True Text, and evil men's manipulation and corruption of the Word.
  • Rachel Predeepa on Philippians 4
    Do what you have to do from your stand and rest in the Lord in content and not aspiring through wrong for what is not of yours and wait for that to reach you in His time through your honest efforts.
  • Robert DeHaan on Psalms 46
    We celebrated Thanksgiving yesterday with our family at my father-in-laws home, who is 92 years old. Just like many families the presence of those loved ones that are no longer with us brings back memories and emotions. I am sadden in my heart for those family members who don't know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. Jesus Christ is the One for who I am thankful each day. Praise Him today!
  • QWilliams
    Isnt it Awesome ro know, that God loves us and He Knows our hearts! So many "Christians" say they love Jesus and talk about their Brothers and Sisters in Christ, terribly! No conviction, no fear of Yahweh! There's no content there!!...Just Sin!
  • Q.Williams on 1 John 3
    It is what it is! Our Hearts are wicked, but through HIS Blood, Yeshua washes us whiter than SNOW! We must Repent first! He's waiting!! We have a choice to be content in HIM!! Satisfied, Comfortable in HIM!
  • Rita Lee on Proverbs 24
    I prefer try to live in accordance to the KJV version of the Holy Bible, and refer to the Basic Bible. I can't grasp the necessity of all the other versions. It angers me that man attempts to manipulate everything, even something as simple as a play on words to accomodate an agenda. Why so many !!??
  • Ihler Brenda on Psalms 69
    Oguna Harry got it. The forces of darkness pursue all who are in Christ. Be watchful when you are not being persecuted, it could just be that the lack of knowledge has given you false freedom for the son of man had nowhere to lay his head, the bible says. The devil is so organised and has no shame. He will destroy you just when you think that knowing Christ is the ultimate thing. Get delivered!

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