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  • Ruben Hartness on 1 Timothy 3
    Anne, You got me on that one. I have searched all my research and I have no idea where I came up with that. Joe 3:28 . It has to be a typo but I can't correct it in any way so please forgive me-God also forgive me-. I am going to check every book for a 3:28 vs and if I find it I will give you the correct book So very sorry--I'm living proof that only God is perfect.
  • Chibesa Sebastian on Luke 4
    Truly the hands of Jesus have power over demons and sickness
  • Church on Luke 4
    Jesus has power over everything
  • Johanna Brewer
    What are the commandments of God?
  • Church tabor
    1. You shall have no other gods before me. 2. You shall not make for yourselves an idol. 3. You shall not misuse the name of the Lord your God. 4. Remember the Sabbath day by keeping it holy. 5. Honor your father and your mother. 6. You shall not murder. 7. You shall not commit adultery. 8. You shall not steal. 9. You shall not give false testimony against your neighbor. 10. You shall not covet.
  • Shane
    the Bible is very clear on the subject of a womens roll in the church and her learning you can find these answers 1 Corinthians Chpt. 14 34--35
  • Ruben Hartness
    Johanna--there are ten--check Exo 20:1-17.
  • Andie Jo on Isaiah 40
    Isiah 40:31 is my life vers, I found this vers in the back of my Bible in a recommended reading section, then I memorized it. I have an inspire bible and as you know there are pictures that you can color and it had an eagle I love eagles!
  • Celestine
    Where can I find the book of Maccabees?
  • Church tabor
    Catholic Bibles contain 46 books in the Old Testament, including seven Tobit, Judith, 1 2 Maccabees, Wisdom, Ecclesiasticus, and Baruch which were part of an ancient Greek translation of the Hebrew Bible. These books were better known among Greek speaking Jews in the Mediterranean world around the time of Jesus.
  • Catrice
    You may find the book of Maccabees in the Apocrypha, there are 14 chapters that were moved from the old testament in the 1800s
  • TJ
    On the top of the site got to "KJV 1611" and it will be in the bottom right under the Apocrypha... then click the "Viewing the original 1611 KJV with archaic English spelling.Click to switch to the Standard KJV."
  • Freedomborn in Truth+++
    Maccabees is in the Apocrypha Celestine one of reasons these books are not in the Bible is it said that Angels had Children with earthly Woman but God tells us that our DNA is differant from theirs and Animals too in 1Cor15:38-40 this is why Evolution is also impossible Jude confirms the Angles will be in chains untill Judgement Day Verse7 says their Sin was Homosexuality Blessings- Grannie Annie
  • TJ
    Genesis 6 starting at verse 1 and on down is when the sons of God saw women, and they came to them and had giants on the earth. that really did happen with angels and women. But they were all wiped out and the DNA of them as well in the floods of Noah.
  • Freedomborn in Truth........
    TJ Jude tells us about those Angels they are Spirit's so could not father earthly Children we are Flesh and Blood this signifies our DNA I'm sure you will agree that in Christ we are Sons and Daughtes of our Abba Father 2Cor 6:18 Jesus being born in the flesh of a Woman is God's Son but not Angles Hebrews1 Jesus being Conceived by The Holy Ghost is also One in Spirit with our Abba Father 1John5:7
  • Apostle grace on 1 Samuel 19
    here I see a man who had a pure heart in David. though he knew Saul was after his life he still served him.He wouldn't hurt him,he wouldn't dishonor him. when we choose not to have offense in our hearts God bails us out.He escaped the flying spear. Michal who was married to him so she can be a snare to him became his shield and defense. when we choose to love and honor Gods becomes our resque.
  • Deb on Luke 19
    If you don t give ten five ones it shall be taken away. If you give and put from thou bank you shall get ten pounds. Loose the colt and bring him to Jesus. Anyone wants to know let him know it s for Jesus. He is calm and gentle. He shall protect and prosper. Be well in Jesus name. God will always be here for you. God loves you and wants to be here for you. Pray in Jesus mighty name
  • Melessa Davis
    Is speaking in tongues another language?
  • Catrice
    It is one of the gifts given by YAH GOD to an individual that has excepted Yahusha the world calls jesus the son of YAH who has died for our sins and risen three days after his crucifixion. One of many gifts given When you are emersed in the name of Yahuasha.
  • Alex on 1 Corinthians 1
    Once ya understand the ramifications of the cross you will neva mention water baptism again for the remission of sins.the cross was the greatest event to ever happen to this planet period.when ya command water baptism for the remission of sins you are in essence saying that his blood was not sufficient for the sins of the world,thats y the lord was so upset with peter commanding water baptism gbu.
  • Alex on 1 Corinthians 1
    Paul is saying that he was not sent to baptise but to preach the Gospel the Word remember jesus said you are made clean by the word blood.Paul is saying LEST I MADE THE BLOOD TH CROSS OF NO EFFECT. Thats y the lord rebuked Peter 3 times with that sheet for commanding water baptism making the cross th blood of NO EFFECT.Nothin can be added to the cross not even water baptism or circumcision etc.
  • Silvia Hulse on Psalms 91
    I love Psalm 91 very much. It fills my heart with love and wonder! To know that the Lord, my God, is all loving and merciful and that He is my refuge and shelter in the hour of my needs. I also read this Psalm over and over and is very, very comforting and powerful.
  • Joseph on Deuteronomy 14
    Please read the book of the dead which predates the bible.This was taken from the 7 Loaves of bread teaching from Horus.Remember there was a HUGE influence by the Egyptians and Sumerians which predate the Egyptians "That which is an abomination unto me is filth let me not eat it in the place of the sepulchral cakes which are offered unto Kas".Torah was rewritten 5x which bible was patterned.
  • Catherine Mendel on Psalms 83
    I think it is Psalm 83, not Psalms 83...
  • Alex on Acts 10
    Paul knew that water baptism wd made the cross the BLOOD of NO EFFECT thats y he said there was only 1 valid BAPTISM. AS THERE IS ONLY 1 BAPTISM OF Promise which is th h.g. baptism.THATS Y THE LORD WAS SO UPSET WITH PETER rebuking him 3 times with that sheet.All th unclean animals in that sheet was the church that was made clean by the blood of the lamb not water baptism that peter was commanding.
  • Alex on Acts 10
    What i have made CLEAN donot call common or unclean,God was baptising folks with the h.g. th ultimate and only cleanser for sin But here comes Peter commanding water baptism as if his blood was INsufficient.What i have made Clean by the blood resulting in the h.g. th only cleanser for sin is his blood not h20 Peter was impling that the th CROSS did not make them completly clean FROM THEIR SIN.
  • Smitty on Genesis 32
    The Angel that wrestled with Jacob was the Second in the Trinity. The one who would become God in the flesh. Jesus.
  • Frank Woodrow Tinnin Jr
    Amen Patty
  • Frank Woodrow Tinnin Jr
    Douglas Rusell read John 3.16 kjv its between you and God bleive in your heart confess with your mouth read your bible talk to God he will lead you
  • Bonita Kenney on Acts 1
    How they brought the good news from Jerusalem to Rome. How amazing that Luke was able to write about the accounts of that time, and how no one really new him, but he was a physician, a gentile and he was devoted to Paul which several books such as Acts, Colossi ans 4:14 Philemon 24, and II Timothy 4:11 also allowing the officials to learn that Christianity was innocent about the Kingdom of God.

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