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  • Promise Nwulu on Psalms 54
    Thank you lord for I know that you have answer me
  • Ben on Revelation 13
    The Vav is the 6th letter of the Hebrew alphabet. It represents Man and the number 6 . In is pronounces Waw and it is where our letter W originates. The beast is the Worldwide web from which it shall breath life into its own image, which will be able to speak, and command people to worship it. No one will be able to buy or sell without taking its mark or the number of its name. WWW 666
  • Banky on Psalms 91
    Psalm 91 is so powerful, protective, assuring and spiritual. God's word is alive and real. Reminds you of whom you are in christ hence you take charge of your life and destiny.
  • Giovanni Ortiz on Leviticus 11
    Psalms 89, 34: My covenant will I not break, nor alter the thing that is gone out of my lips.
  • Alex on Revelation 16
    Disciple there are too many scriptures that say this earth is gonna abide forever,seed tine and harvest forever, Davids saw this earth at REST and full of his Glory, Isaiah says Knowledge shall cover the earth as the waters cover the seas,but Jesus is very bold and says thy kingdom come thy will be done (right here on this earth)The ferverent heats is his baptism of fire, his lake of fire etc gb
  • John on Psalms 119
    This is quite straightforward! When the word of God speaks to and through us, we experience the ultimate satisfaction, even more than what any natural substance this earth produces can give. The word of God is simply satisfying to the body, mind and soul. It positively stimulates the mind, energizes and rejuvenates the body, it cleanses the soul and it frees the spirit.
  • Mild Bill on Psalms 26
    Despite his integrity,he wants/needs redemption.Understanding the mercy of God in not immediately judging his sin unto death,but God in his graciousness,showing his loving kindness.Therefore, David issues forth praise of God as a believer who knows of him.Sliding is less likely when you have even footing,among God's people.God's interest is in the quality of people,rather than the numbers.All bow.
  • LadyA on Psalms 119
    As the word of God abides in me, I abide in his word. He is a righteous God and word has Returned void in my life...... Love God
  • Crowned on Psalms 3
    We are in the vast minority of the world.
    We will have many come at us for our
    faith in the Lord Jesus. Jesus said we
    are not above Him. If He was persecuted,
    so will his followers. When we go through
    sore trails, people led by the spirit of this world,
    scoff, these say to us, 'Aha, where is
    their God now? We stay steadfast in faith
    and the belief in the Love Jesus gave to us.
  • A disciple on Matthew 17
    Tom; The Lord put a Tribute Coin in the fishes mouth for Peter to PAY; and He said to him, that although we are children and free, that we not offend them, we should pay whatever they demand. Public Servants are God's servants, ministering government to keep law and order on His behalf; and they are worthy of their hire! We need Government in all its services, and everyone needs to be paid!
  • Yalonda Fields on Psalms 119
    Believe in Me and Trust my word .Because it is as sweet as honey.
  • Wayne on Matthew 17
    If it weren't for the Holy, Wonderful, Saving Son of God, where would all of us be? Who else is qualified to be beaten and spit on and rejected. Who else would give up everything, in Heaven, to die for us lowlife sinners? To make us children of God and qualify us to live in Paradise, in the Kingdom of God, FOREVER? Eyes off the world and directed fully, only, on the Lamb of God. Praise His Name!
  • NATHANIEL BECKETT on Revelation 22
    I really love the LORD I AM STUDYING NOW
  • QLOVEGOD. on Matthew 8
    Amen I love love God i trust and ALWAYS believe in him thank u god for saving me and my family
  • Lee on Genesis 1
    Waters above refer to space having mass.That knowledge was "hidden" until recently...God reveals his truth when its time..God is Perfection personified...And miracle of miracles...We are made in his image!
  • Tom on Matthew 17
    Inverses 24-26 is Jesus saying we don't have to pay taxes? What about the verse of giving Ceasar what is Ceasars? I'm confused
  • A disciple
    servant (cont.); I really believe that if we could all rather meet and communicate in person, it would be so much better and conducive to fellowship; whereas this form we are forced to use over the internet takes so much of the human and the life out of it! We have some thoughts and try to fit them into 400 characters, and then respond to others who are also struggling with the same handicap!
  • A disciple on James 2
    servant; I think what you're trying to say, Faith calls those things that be not, as though they are; and our manner of life, character and behavior, makes manifest what kind we are. Did I get that right? And yes, I agree, some things are known in part and manifest just now; but only when we are brought before God at the last day shall we know perfectly all things about ourselves and everyone.
  • A disciple on Exodus 22
    Until the Lord comes, the world and ALL its evils will continue as if they had an indefinite extension forever. While the transgressors are coming to the full, and wicked and impostors are waxing worse and worse, the great apostasy answers! When people who know the Glad Tidings of Christ, and have had the Bible, leave their first love because "they also are flesh!" the doom is at the door!
  • A disciple on Matthew 20
    servant; the religion of God is not an organization of division and disagreements! The true Saints of old time were good and loving and righteous, with the Law of God in their hearts and His fear directing their course in life. So true for the Disciple in the early days of the Christianity, they had all things common, were holy, and were persecuted for being good. The same is true today!
  • A disciple on 2 Peter 3
    Alex, dear brother; whether we like to think that "God could never want to destroy the earth, etc." is simply a lack of knowledge of the Word, and of the true character of God, and the condition of this present evil world. All that we see is one day going to be burned up with fervent heat, and all the elements dissolved. He made the world in the beginning out of nothing, and will make a new one!
  • A disciple
    Alex (cont.); What the Apostle wrote to the Jew concerning his trusting in Judaism, is the thing most who stumble at the Law are not understanding. The Law is GOOD if a man use it lawfully! But Judaism strains to filter out gnats of their own contriving and relentless pursuit of a self attained righteousness they hope in through the Law; but NOT by obedience of the Spirit which is faith in Christ!
  • A disciple on Revelation 12
    Alex; you are trying to mix two different aspects into one, that does not hold with the truth: the power of the Law, and man's commandment of God to do what is right in His sight! The commandments were given with the expectation of a good reward and favour for obedience; and damnation for disobedience. The power of the Law to give life comes through love in Spirit of Christ, which the Law teaches.
  • A disciple
    Jim (cont.); Whether we are called being slaves or free, we are not to care for it but to serve the Lord as being called FROM OUT OF THE WORLD and severed from other people that we should be His. We are not told to enjoy life and the gifts, but contrary; denying self and hating even our closest and fondest natural relations is part of "counting the cost" of discipleship, and NOT loving this world.
  • A disciple on Ecclesiastes 5
    Hi Jim; Merry Christmas to you and yours as well! I appreciate your friendly reply; but let me add still about what you first wrote, and why I say what I do; "God encourages us to enjoy His gifts.." This actually IS a very popular but ANTI Christ doctrine taught in many churches and especially the reason for the imagined success of the mega-churches: ANOTHER Jesus and ANOTHER gospel of prosperity!
  • A disciple on Revelation 16
    In the Law of the LORD it is written, that the wicked shall be punished by the same evil that they thought to do to others; and so the first vial of wrath is for all their cruelties and poisoning the world. "..upon the men who had the character or stamp of the beast..ULCERS; injurious to health, having a bad odor, extremely serious or worrying in its effects, hard to bear, very severe, painful.."
  • Jim on Proverbs 21
    Theresa: Yes, verse 20 is what I meant. Thanks and Merry Christmas!
  • A Disciple: I appreciate your comments and viewpoint. Some of the people God blessed with wealth in human history were faithful believers (Abraham, David, Solomon and many others). Its the 'love' of money that is a sin; not having it. Its unfortunate that many teach wealth is evil. Every person must be at peace with God's blessings! Merry Christmas to you and your family!
  • Alex on Revelation 12
    The problem with the law was it cd not address or arrest mans evil Adamic nature,David comes to mind,the law cd not help David when he saw bathsheba bathin,the law became weak when he saw bathsheba bathin, y Paul is saying what the law cd not do in that it was WEAK THRU THE FLESH,God had to send his SON in the form of sinful flesh to condemn sin in the flesh,THUS TH NEED FOR A INCORRUPTIBLE SEED
  • Alex on 2 Peter 3
    Imo God is not gonna destroy this beautiful earth with all her oceans and etc. THE new earth and new heaven is TH new CREATURE.The old earth is our evil Adamic nature, thats what he wants to destroy by his JUDGEMENT WHICH IS THE H.G N FIRE BAPTISM, THERE IN NOTHIN WRONG WITH THIS BEAUTIFUL EARTH,Jesus said out of the HEARTS of man proceeds all manner of EVIL.Thus the need for his baptism of FIRE.

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