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  • Rosetta graham on Psalms 91
    I get comfort from reading Psalms 91 ifeel that it is the answer to what ever u need it to be .we can trust and depend on GOD.
  • Molia on Jude 1
    He is able to keep YOU from falling, and with exceeding joy he want to present you faultless before the presence of His glory. So pick your self up, dust yourself off and run to him. Strive to make it so you can be presented faultless in Jesus name.
  • Patie on 1 John 2
    How ashamed will you be, dear believer in Messiah, if on that day, He says, “I don’t know you”. It is not enough to know in your mind,
  • Mild Bill
    Creation is witness of it's Creator.Man was once charged with managing SOME of creation,but subjected it to Satan in the garden.The restoration of ALL will be under Christ at the start of the kingdom on Earth.Thy kingdom come,is our prayer for now.Israel will be the head of nations on Earth,as promised.The church,the bride of Christ,will be with him to see his rule,from his side,dear to his heart.
  • Mild Bill on Psalms 8
    Alex,again you err.And this is the promise that he hath promised us, even eternal life.1John2:25,not multiplication.ONE God, and ONE mediator between God and men,the MAN Christ Jesus,1Tim2:5,only ONE.Believers can become Christ LIKE,but are IN Christ,not a Christ.For there shall arise false Christs,Matt24:24.Called to be saints,Rom1:7,not a Christ.A way which seemeth right unto a man,unto death.
  • John on Matthew 17
    Jesus didn't work a miracle for paying taxes!he simply told Peter go fishing and when the fish dies when you open its mouth go sell it for money what ever you can get then come back and pay them to not offend them cause if they got mad as lost adults do! But its written and you still can't see what it means so easy to understand try fasting and praying you really wanna learn his words so simple..
  • Servant of God on Luke 3
    Don't you think that these two grew up together,went to the same school, shared their knowledge and maybe had dreams of politically freeing Israel from Roman tyranny. John did no miracle but taught a generic doctrine, but Jesus went further and studied the Torah at the feet of the Doctors and God gave him wisdom greater than John's. They probably were both ascetic in their journey as aspirants.
  • Cynthia F Gilstrap on Proverbs 17
    God is good. Praise him for he is worthy of praise. Now about proverbs 17-Its best to keep mouth shut. Thank the Lord and give thanks for all things. It seems the less you say the better.
  • Pauline on Jude 1
    I'm earnestly seeking prayer to help me in my Christian walk daily. I keep falling into sin and my life is not where it is to be with the Lord. Please pray for me I use to be a committed Christian but now everything is going down hill. I'm no longer close to the Lord
  • Tinu on Psalms 94
    Its a chapter that gives you assurance that God's banner of love covers all. If you believe, it will work for you.
  • Nana Asare Bediako on Psalms 117
    Yes indeed if not his loving mercy we would have perish long time ago. This is the reason why am always praising him. We should not let this gesture by pass us so as to avoid hell.
  • Deborah on Matthew 2
    Jesus was destined to save life, even when Herod sought to kill him, he was divinely protected by God. That's how God protects us, nothing can caught short our lives until our destines are fulfilled on earth. Let's all have these faith and never be afraid of pre-mature death no matter the challenges we are facing.
  • Drbra on Daniel 1
    He was a very strong man of God
  • Cyril on Psalms 91
    As a infantry soldier Normandy 1944 in a rest from battle, fearful and bewildered, approached by a complete stranger, sensing my fear gave me a copy of Psalm 91. I can testify to numerous incidents which could have maimed or killed, both during those dark wartime days, but also all through my life since. I am 92 yrs old. "For he shall give His Angels charge over thee..., With long life..... Amen
  • A disciple on Jude 1
    " was needful for me to write unto you and exhort that ye should earnestly contend for the faith which was once delivered unto the saints." Why? BECAUSE OF sneaking unclean impostors and hypocrites whose hearts and souls are bound in love for what is hated and hostile to the Lord, and toward the truth itself! We are in a Holy War for Man's Soul. Let the fearful and the vacillating be advised!
  • A disciple on Genesis 6
    "..GOD saw the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and every imagination of the thoughts of his heart only evil continually.." We have been PRAYING our hearts out for all the evil cruelty and filthy perversion of the wicked to come out in the open, and that they be JUDGED with all the righteous fierceness they deserve! Now we understand better what means the intense heat of God's wrath!
  • Bruce on 1 Corinthians 6
    Woody:Enter ye in at The Strait Gate: for wide is The Gate and Broad is The Way, that Leadeth to Destruction and Many there be which go in thereat:Because Strait is The Gate and narrow is The Way which leadeth unto Life and Few ---that Find it:Matthew 7:13-14 / Whosoever was not Found Written in The Book of Life was cast into The Lake of Fire: Revelation20:15. / Only by His Blood We can Enter
  • A disciple on Psalms 3
    Hello Bill, Happy and healthy New Year to you! It is very moving to read the story of Absalom's rebellion and so terrible destruction! I think its important that the Spirit had David put this Psalm; about probably the most tragic and dangerous events in his life; in the beginning of the Books. And following the message of the 2nd Psalm, really brings the truth home to our real lives even stronger.
  • A disciple on Genesis 7
    "For yet seven days...and every living substance that I have made will I destroy from off the face of the earth." Vain man thinks that he is immortal, right up until the day his soul departs. The sign that God has given the world is Jesus dying on the cross for our sins. As they make light of it and squander their precious time, so God removes His restraint, and the transgressors come to the full.
  • A disciple on Genesis 7
    "For yet seven days, and I WILL cause it to rain upon the earth forty days and forty nights; and every living substance that I have made will I destroy from off the face of the earth." While multitudes are feverishly scanning the internet for every latest evil secret revealed, they think that by their little News sites they will be able to fight back what God pronounced MUST BE for Him to come!
  • A disciple on Genesis 6
    "And GOD saw that the wickedness of man was great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart was only evil continually. And it repented the LORD that he had made man on the earth, and it grieved him at his heart." They wink at each other, and have a nice little chuckle and congratulate themselves for distancing themselves from the Saints of Jesus. But God scorns them!
  • BG on Genesis 21
    End of Day 7 of Reading the Bible in a Year. God shows mercy to Hagar as she is run off by by Sarah. God is fulfilling part of His promise to Abraham concerning the number and importance of Abraham's "seed" but the culmination and exaltation of the promise will be fulfilled through Isaac.
  • A disciple on Genesis 7
    "And the LORD said unto Noah, Come thou and all thy house into the ark; for thee have I seen righteous before me in this generation." Up until the mid 1960's the remains of the ark could be seen on Mt. Ararat in Southern Turkey/Armenia: a stunning testimony of the fact, that ONE DAY WILL BE THE LAST DAY FOR THIS PRESENT EVIL WORLD! And the Word which God has spoken is what will judge us all!
  • BG on Genesis 20
    Once again Abraham sinned by trusting the flesh and lying about Sarah his wife to another man. It is a demonstration to us all that we tend to return to the sinful ways of the flesh that are familiar and not trust the God that has proved Himself in these areas in the past.
  • BG on Genesis 19
    It is very clear that the cities were wicked and a demonstration of that wickedness was the sexual perversions of the men of the city of Sodom. Lot vexed his soul and lost the majority of his family.
  • BG on Genesis 18
    vs 19 - God's foreknowledge of Abraham's dependence upon God for good works is shown here. Abraham, will by faith, act upon the promises and truth God has given him.
  • LadyA on Jude 1
    My God is awesome and amazing for he is my rock and my salvation..... I Trust God no matter what!
    Love 🔮🔮🔮
  • Woody on 1 Corinthians 6
    KJV remains the only Bible I have ever read in my 62 years . It is the only Bible needed as God's word is most clear but if ever clarity is needed simply be silent and listen to God with your heart. Not one person is deserving of God's grace but he gave it to us anyway and through Jesus Christ we all have eternal salvation and shall inherit the kingdom of God and dwell in His house
  • Woody on 1 Corinthians 6
    A very clear declaration that not even one has lived a life that would exclude them from those who shall not inherit the kingdom of God. We are instructed yet again to refrain from judging others. Jesus Christ gave his life for our salvation and through the grace of God we shall inherit the kingdom of God. It’s a promise to us by God. Our loving Father has infinite love for us and all are saved
  • Ren on Genesis 32
    @Lu2677 then how do you explain Exodus 33:20 And he said, Thou canst not see my face: for there shall no man see me, and live. God does not lie this is what he spoke to Moses.

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