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  • Shola Agboola on Revelation 8
    The journey of life to eternity is beyond human comprehension the mystery is wrapped up in that Seal
  • Donald Grant Cheesman on Revelation 18
    When it comes to pass the witnesses will finally know for sure what the great city, or false church or wealthy but sinful nation is spoken of here; in the Holy Book of Revelation 18:1- Because of current global tensions--the "Great City" refers to what--clearly the nations are deceived and her sins flagrant--angering God.......
  • Alwin Manohar david on Isaiah 9
    Verse9: The scripture talks of a ruler from the roots of David who will rule for ever. In his kingdom there will be peace, righteousness and justice for ever and ever.The present day Jews teach that messiah the king will be ruling physically upon the throne of David. If physical then how can it be eternal. Only Jesus is qualified for fulfilment of this prophecy,He lives for evermore to govern.
  • A disciple on Revelation 6
    All; Consider how the Lord Jesus prepared the disciples for what their lives would from then on be like in the world as the same purpose for John to write to the Churches warning and instructing to readiness, with a view toward our bearing up with grace and virtue and much patience through all that was spoken by God as necessary to bring about the completion of the age; to keep faith and overcome.
  • Sunshine 🌞 on Genesis 9
    I believe Noah was 600 when the flood happened.
  • A disciple on Psalms 32
    Hello Al; Very nice to hear from you! I am delighted that you wish to have such a profitable and important discussion; and hope we can mutually benefit from this study of the Scriptures. As the Bible does not go into great detail about the exploits and times around Nimrod; yet the idols and nature of the Gentile Nations ever since, and its influence to harden men against Christ, pervades till now.
  • Alex on Galatians 3
    Galatians 3/16 Tells us that the great PROMISE WAS REALLY PROPHETIC OF CHRIST AND HIS SEED. Now unto Abraham and his seed was tHE Promise made but he says not seeds plural Natural Israel But unto 1 seed which is CHRIST. Which is the multiplication of Christ,I will MULTIPLY THY SEED AS STARS OF HEAVEN. Thats y he refers to tHE H.G. AS THE PROMISE,HE IS THE MULTIPLICATION OF CHRIST N HUMANITY VIA TH SEED.
  • BSP on Isaiah 63
    Verse 9~Jehovah God personally felt for his people. When they were going through distress, it was distressing to him.
  • BSP on Luke 2
    Verse 51~Even though Mary may not have fully understood all that was being said or taking place, she kept those things in her heart. Mary cherished Jesus' words and actions.
  • BSP on Matthew 1
    Verse 25~Joseph did not know Mary intimately until after Jesus was born. They were more concerned with Jehovah God's will being done than their own personal desires.
  • BSP on Luke 1
    Verses 46-55~When we examine Mary's words, we see that her prayer shared the same expressions as Hannah had at 1 Samuel chapter 2. Mary was a keen student of God's Word.
  • Ira L Murphy Sr on Song of Solomon 1
    I;VE read others interpartation concearning this book. My beleaf is that i belive it's all about
    CHRIST and his church an the love he had for it.that he gave his life for it. (JOHN;3;16)
  • AlZepp on Psalms 32
    Hello Disciple, I presented a few comments on Rev. chapter 6 (White Horse verses) on 6/24/ 17. What is your biblically supported scriptures relating to the meaning of the White Horse, The Rider, the Bow, and going forth conquering and to conquer. Also, you understanding of
    the time frame of this event I have just mentioned. Sorry for my delayed response. I thank you in advance. al

  • BSP on Psalms 127
    Verse 10~In recognition of the fact that Jehovah is God, we should ask him to teach us to do his will.
  • A disciple on Acts 2
    Redeemed (cont.); Of all that is written here about how the multitudes were amazed and wondered; why is it that Peter (in the power and guidance of the Holy Spirit) singles out the ones mocking, to begin to testify? It wasn't to "clear up the confusion," about "spiritual" drunkenness! That is an irreverent and (forgive me) idiotic suggestion! The point is "THE WONDERFUL WORKS OF GOD" in Christ!
  • BSP on Psalms 119
    Verse 33~We should ask for God to teach us his ways and then make sure that we apply his commands in our lives continuously.
  • DANNY JOE Hood on Matthew 7
    Matthew 7:23 I never knew you!! The 4 saddest words ever spoken!! Many people say they know Jesus. They go to Church and sing about about him, never read their bibles, say a little prayer once and. Awhile, never change their lifestyle, and think they're going to Heaven. It's not that I know Jesus, but does HE KNOW ME? It's not a RELIGION,it's a RELATIONSHIP!!! JESUS SAVES!!!!
  • BSP on Jude 1
    Verse 19~A person can deteriorate to the point of not having spirituality if they don't work hard to avoid having a fleshly way of thinking.
  • Verse 14~To the physical man, spiritual things do not make sense to him because he can only see things from a physical point of view. The spiritual man can see things from both sides.
  • BSP on Mark 4
    Verse 9~Jesus did not just want people to hear his words, but he wanted people to act on them.
  • BSP on John 14
    Verse 16~Jesus referred to the holy spirit as not only a Helper, but also a Comforter. When we are in need of comfort, we should pray for more holy spirit.
  • BSP on Mark 5
    Verses 26-28~Even though the woman with the flow of blood had been disappointed time and time again, she did not give up hope. She kept her faith and as a result she received healing from Jesus.
  • Anne on Jonah 4
    Jonah, although he obeyed God in carrying the message to Niveneh, did not seem to have love and compassion for the people of Niveneh. When we have love and compassion for others we want them to be saved. Thank God for his compassion on us.
    'It is of the Lord's mercies that we are not consumed because his compassions fail not. They are new every morning: Great is thy faithfulness'.(Lamentations 3:22).
  • BSP on Amos 9
    Verses 2,3~If the enemies of Jehovah God try to run when he brings judgment, there will be no escape for them no matter where they try to hide.
  • BSP on Revelation 19
    Verses 11-16~Jehovah God will use Jesus Christ and his heavenly army to destroy the wicked.
  • Verses 22,23~The Israelites did not even have to fight because God caused their enemies to turn on one another. We can put confidence in Jehovah God that he will give salvation to his people as long as they stay faithful.
  • BSP on Ezekiel 38
    Verse 21~In the past, Jehovah God has used the wicked to destroy the wicked. He can cause the same to happen again. His enemies will turn against one another.
  • C on Psalms 126
    Mat_6:5  And when thou prayest, thou shalt not be as the hypocrites are: for they love to pray standing in the synagogues and in the corners of the streets, that they may be seen of men. Verily I say unto you, They have their reward.
    Mat_6:7  But when ye pray, use not vain repetitions, as the heathen do: for they think that they shall be heard for their much speaking.
  • Leigh on Psalms 88
    I find that it helps to click the Discussion link above and read the Commentary by Matthew Henry. For Psalms 88 he points us to the savior's abandonment and suffering for us.
  • BSP on Romans 7
    Jesus Christ fulfilled the Mosaic Law perfectly when he was on earth. We are now under the Law of the Christ.

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