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  • Jerry - in Reply on Exodus 33
    We look upon that which is not seen. Jesus says that he will manifest himself to us, and to see him is to see his Father.
  • Ruben Hartness - in Reply
    Brian, I can't find any scripture about a "second birth". Anyone can fall away if they go the way of the world. World is sin without Got with you. Once you have believed in the Godhead, why would you want to turn your back on God? There is one birth, one baptism, and one God. You are in control of whether you fall away or not- Repent and your sins will be forgiven--God's promise to all believers.
  • Catrice - in Reply
    It is one of the gifts given by YAH GOD to an individual that has excepted Yahusha the world calls jesus the son of YAH who has died for our sins and risen three days after his crucifixion. One of many gifts given When you are emersed in the name of Yahuasha.
  • TJ - in Reply
    Genesis 6 starting at verse 1 and on down is when the sons of God saw women, and they came to them and had giants on the earth. that really did happen with angels and women. But they were all wiped out and the DNA of them as well in the floods of Noah.
  • Catrice - in Reply
    You may find the book of Maccabees in the Apocrypha, there are 14 chapters that were moved from the old testament in the 1800s
  • TJ - in Reply
    On the top of the site got to "KJV 1611" and it will be in the bottom right under the Apocrypha... then click the "Viewing the original 1611 KJV with archaic English spelling.Click to switch to the Standard KJV."
  • Freedomborn In Truth....... on 2 Corinthians 5
    We Can't earn our Salvation but we will Show we have it. 1John 3:6-7 Whosoever abideth in Him Sinneth Not he that Sinneth hath not seen Him, neither known Him. Little Children let no Man deceive you he that doeth Righteousness is Righteous even as He is Righteous. Blessings Grannie Annie.
  • Sally on Psalms 118
    Being thankful to God for his goodness and mercy. All good things come from God. Ungratefulness is of this world. Sin and sickness is of this world. Being rich in good works that's the richness that's worth having cause it's from God. A good heart is from God so we should give him thanks. When we're ungrateful we lose the things we didn't appreciate. Our heart can become deceived.
  • Frank Woodrow Tinnin Jr
    Amen Alex only one sacrfice one time
  • This is NOT in line with what the KJV Bible says about Daniel. First, a King cannot be forced by his people to do anything. A Kingdom is not a democracy research what a Kingdom is . Next the Bible says that Daniel was in the lion's den for only 1 night Daniel 6:16-24 KJV. Just read the whole of Daniel 6. If you could read this then you can read 1 chapter in the bible.
  • The 2 lovers in song are christ and th church but they refer to each other as having doves eyes,husbands love your wives as christ loved the church n gave his life for it.moses commanded them to offer up 2 turtle doves for a leprosy wash them by running water his baptism then 1 had to be killed and his blood sprinkled on the living bird th church then the livin bird was set free thats us sinners
  • Alex on Acts 10
    I salute water baptism b f the CROSS it was a sign of a greater baptism coming,Thats y the Dove descended on Christ marking him as our sacrficial dove tht had to be washed by running water. the 2 turtle doves of the law was for a leprosy sin. Humanity has a sin nature Christ answers to the dove that had to be killed and his blood sprinkled on the living bird the church ,whom the son set free etc.
  • Bible Reader on Acts 2
    Irene 123. "I do believe in repentance of sins, baptism in Jesus name, infilling of the Holyghost with evidence of speaking in tongues as the spirit which is Jesus gives the utterance."
  • Freedomborn in Truth+++ - in Reply
    Maccabees is in the Apocrypha Celestine one of reasons these books are not in the Bible is it said that Angels had Children with earthly Woman but God tells us that our DNA is differant from theirs and Animals too in 1Cor15:38-40 this is why Evolution is also impossible Jude confirms the Angles will be in chains untill Judgement Day Verse7 says their Sin was Homosexuality Blessings- Grannie Annie
  • BEN - in Reply on 1 Corinthians 1
    Thank god for the supreme sacrifices,for sacrificing our lord jesus to have everlasting life.
  • Thomas Shoemate
    We have recently received physical, divine healing, by the anointing of oil, laying on of hands, and prayers by the elders of the church, using James 5 as authority. We are now doing a study about this. We are looking for other Scripture to enforce the James passage. For now, I am thankful that grace covered us, and will continue through eternity!
  • Cameron S Leppan on 1 Timothy 3
    Todays new translations talk of Elders not Bishops. Is there a difference? Lots of discussion around that woman should not hold positions of Bishops, Elder and or Deacons. Cansomeone help me here with biblical insight into this matter.
  • Adam - in Reply
    Thanks for sharing. Why do you think the text is changed since 1971? What do you feel the original is? If we look at the original published version in 1611 A.D. which is on this website you can see the meaning and sentence structures haven't changed, just some archaic words have been updated to keep up with 400 years of English word changes- are you aware of this?
  • Chibesa Sebastian on Luke 4
    Truly the hands of Jesus have power over demons and sickness
  • Brian Dougherty - in Reply
    Giving ten percent to God was an Old Testament requirement by the Children of Israel. Read Mark 12:41-44. The Widow gave everything that she had to live off of - two small copper coins. Jesus informed his Disciples that she gave to the treasury more than the Wealthy did.
  • Rosanna - in Reply
    My Bible was purchashed many years ago. It is an old King James Version Bible, publisher, Thomas Nelson, 1971.
  • Stanjett - in Reply on Revelation 22
    Where does it say no ocean in Heaven? The river in heaven has to go somewhere.
  • Johanna Brewer
    What are the commandments of God?
  • Andie Jo - in Reply on Isaiah 40
    as hi said, my life vers! :-
  • Andie Jo on Isaiah 40
    Isiah 40:31 is my life vers, I found this vers in the back of my Bible in a recommended reading section, then I memorized it. I have an inspire bible and as you know there are pictures that you can color and it had an eagle I love eagles!
  • Celestine
    Where can I find the book of Maccabees?
  • Donald - in Reply
    in the bible one ofthe commandment is no adultery we are alsotold to avoid fornication. I notice most of the kings of the old testament has multiple wives and multiple girlfriends concubines question were they not guilty of both fornication adultery give me your idea.
  • Freedomborn in Truth... - in Reply
    Ruben please refer to my Comment on Jude You are right Luke was a good Physician and some are Today but not all I don't judge any Needed Organisation by those who Polute it even this Website God has used it to Reassure and Encourage me during the Storm in my Life We seek God First He Knows what Remedy We Need Yes we Thank our Doctors but we Thank God first All Good comes from Him Blessings- Annie.
  • Brian Dougherty - in Reply
    I have a question on this topic. Can a person fall away once he she has experienced the Second Birth?
  • Stanjett - in Reply on Jude 1
    I was just wondering who took an angels DNA?

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