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  • Wonderlyn Horsley on Psalms 27
    May our hearts and minds continue to seek after the Lord increasingly as the days go by!
  • Jews27 on Psalms 22
    We are the kingdom of God. We host the Israelites as the inhabitants, of our inheritance. They call us their fathers and we are the LORDS houses. In us the temple is built, Jerusalem, crossing the Jordan, etc. It pertains to us, within us. This generation waits for a sign. But Jesus said, there will be no sign because the kingdom of God is within us. When we get saved the kingdom is planted in us.
  • Simeon Freemen on Revelation 13
    In the UK and much of western Europe increasing use of contactless oayments mean that we are just few years away from a cashless economy and total knowledge of ll our 'buying and selling' by banks, big business and government. If the beast is anything it is the combined might of these global and technocratic institutions.
  • Cliftine Shields on Amos 6
    We are to turn from our wicked ways and obey him.
  • Alex on John 2
    Jesus wd not commit himself to any man b/c he knew what was in man and needed not that anyman should testify of man v 24
  • Athea on Genesis 1
    Genesis 1 lets me know the Awesome and unique mind and plans of our lord and savior Jesus Christ God Being the creator of us all and how mind blowing how we were made in his uniqueness and likeness of the High Supreme Amen
  • Bruce on 2 Timothy 2
    W.I.Bill: It's Just Reading The Word of God. Ask The Lord for Understanding. Without The Spirit Living with in: You will never Learn. You Need Salvation First. Given a New Heart:All Things Will Become New 2Corinthians5:17. You will Know Impossible not to. Don't read other books, or commentaries.Turnoff TV. Stay in The Bible( I use KJV Concordance) I Talked with Lots of Pastors. Most Don't Study
  • Joe Joe on James 1
    I think James must have written this book after 70 AD, after the temple was destroyed. When he said to 12 tribes scattered abroad.
  • Sherry on Job 3
    In all that our Father blesses us with doing, having, experiencing, we are not shadowed from the evils, unfortunates, shortcomings of the world. We shall remain steadfast in recognizing and praising our God.
  • Victor P on James 1
    The more I read this, the more I realize that while being in the world, we need to be separate from the world and all the hate that it foments. All can see that freedom comes only through Christ and the basic principles that he teaches in His Word. When men lose their relationship with their God morals are undermined, man ends up in a state of anarchy from our creator and with our fellow men.
  • Joseph on Romans 6
    Grace give us the ability to shun sin away in the name of Jesus Christ and Christ baptism is evidence for our salvation
  • Ren on Joshua 15
    @Don here is what I found-The Gihon Spring or Fountain of the Virgin in the Kidron Valley was the main source of water for the Pool of Siloam in the City of David, the original site of Jerusalem. Nephtoah opened, a fountain and a stream issuing from it on the border between Judah and Benjamin.
  • Carl on Revelation 15
    The redeemed of Christ in Heaven stand upon the Firmament.
  • William Ivey. Bill on 2 Timothy 2
    I don't understand or missed it somehow "rightly dividing the word of truth" Can vou help!
  • Bruce on Psalms 22
    Vanessa: Which Temple are You Referring to?
  • David on Ephesians 3
    Ref v 19: apparently, the Apostle is encouraging us to seek a depth of love which has escaped us thus far, for he used the thought that this love "passes knowledge". What thought, action, or intellectual pursuit can "pass knowledge"??? Knowledge is required in the pursuit of understanding. My prayer is that we can pursue and acquire that deep, "perfected" love, as mentione in 1 John 3-4 chapters.
  • Alex on Luke 9
    When they saw him on the Mount when he was Transfigurated and his raiment was white as snow. The church is his raiment. The scripture says he was clothed with a Vesture ( his raiment ) dipped in blood. We are his raiment dipped in blood the church washed in his blood etc. ON THE MOUNT HE WAS PRESENTING TO GOD A GLORIOUS CHURCH WITHOUT SPOT OR WRINKLE AS His raiment was WHITE as SNOW/GLORIOUS. US
  • Noel on Daniel 2
    It is interesting to note that the value of the metals decreases as Daniel tells of the dream (Nebuchaddnezzar, Darius/Cyrus, Alexander the Great, Rome), however, the reverse order appears when he describes the destruction of the image by the stone not made with hands (Jesus).
  • Bruce on Revelation 22
    The Tribulation is Time of Persecution against God's People. It Started about 2 Thousand years ago. We Must go Through Much Tribulation. Acts14:22 / Wrath of God is Poured out in Revelation 16:1. / The Seals 1-4 of Revelation are Opened, 5-7? Power is given to Them over 25% of The World to Kill. Revelation 6:8. That's why They have All Those Troubles. Harder Times are Coming.
  • Vanessa
    Bill I like to read from the Ryrie Bible study, close to the words from the greek wording of the Bible although I am trying to learn greek but old and slow
  • Vanessa on Psalms 22
    Bill when the Lord comes again he will build the new temple, in Israel, you have to understand the wording of the Bible, the fire is the Holy spirit, not to consume one but to change ones heart, David here has "faith" in the Father. to deliver him from his enemies as i say God never sleeps, and trust in him , after all he sent his only son to be crucified for us sinners, is there any greater love
  • Lilian on Romans 10
    Faith is a gift from God but faith only comes by hearing the word of God blessed are those who meditate God's words for his word bring us life amen
  • LINDA CANNON on John 1
    Jesus you are my light and salvation the lamb that were slain from the foundation of this world.Thank you for your holy shed blood for the remission of my sins.
    All praise and honor belongs to you. Jesus I will bless your names at all times and your praises shall continually be in my mouth. John said behold the Lamb of God who cometh to take away the sins of the world. John said look at him.
  • Bam west on Romans 10
    Great news
  • Bruce on Ephesians 6
    Adell: We must be Sure We're on The Right Road. Many are not. Matthew 7:13-14. True Believers are Changed, All Things Will Become New. 2Corinthians 5:17. You will Know Impossible not to. The Lord Tugs on The Heart, answer when He's Near. John 6:44/ We will mess up 1John 2:1. We are Sealed until The Day of Redemption. Ephesians 4:30. Endure Temptation You will Receive The Crown of Life James 1:12
  • Charles Northup on Revelation 6
    The last verse reminds that every knee shall bow and every tongue will confess Jesus Christ is Lord. I'd say that is when it will happen.
  • Charles Northup on Revelation 5
    I see beast and creatures in heaven and in Genesis when creation took place I see what beast are and creatures are and they are not man. So in revelation these beasts and creatures in heaven are not man either. But thousands x thousands and thousands and thousands are angles and elders. wow! Can you imagine Apostle John and what he must of thought when this vision was over? wow
  • LadyA on Romans 10
    Walk by Faith and not by Sight, Get to GOD for yourself....

  • Sherleen on Ephesians 5
    God is LOVE! His love IS unconditional. And, yes, His Love chastises us when we disobey His Laws and Conmandments. Christ, in Spirit and Soul form, shed His Blood for us before the foundations of the world. Then He came into time, took on a body and died on Calvary s Cross we have been twice bought by the Precious Blood of Jesus. God s Ways and Thoughts are much higher than man s.
  • Brenda on Psalms 121
    " Even for evermore" Very comforting. Our heavenly Father is always with us

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