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  • Nita on Ecclesiastes 8
    They know not God, no relationship with Him. They have a carnal mind.
  • Kay Forbes on Genesis 1
    I love you Father with all of my heart, please bless everyone who hears your words, please keep me strong in these last Jesus Christ name,Amen
  • Mrs T. S. Fultz on Psalms 117
    Jesus Love Us So Much!! He IS So loving and So kind and So Sweet! I Love Jesus and I will forever Give Him the Praises and the Glory and Blessed His Name Forever!!!
  • Stephen Botts on 2 Kings 19
    The angel of the Lord is the pre-incarnate Christ, Jesus Himself!
  • Truth From the Book on Daniel 1
    You have probably heard of Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, but these were the heathen names, honoring false gods, that were given to them. Daniel 1:11
  • TruthFromtheBook on Genesis 3
    Animals were originally grass eating, even lions and bears. But after the flood, God allowed man to eat animals (see Genesis 9:3). 1 Timothy 4:3 says, "Forbidding to marry, and commanding to abstain from meats, which God hath created to be received with thanksgiving of them which believe and know the truth." During the Millenium, animals will eat grass again (see Isaiah 65:25).
  • Agatha Benjamin on Psalms 86
    Psalms 86 tells us how much God cares and loves us.I enjoy reading it.From verse one to the end. God is assuring us that He will always be there for us, We just have to worship Him.He is our protector and our guidiance.
  • Lilian on 2 Corinthians 5
    Therefore if any man be in Christ He is a new creature. Old things are pass away behold all things become new amen
  • Susan Hanson on Genesis 22
    When there are questions concerning evil, disasters, disease, misfortune perhaps we should remember Abraham and trust.
  • Lady A on 2 Corinthians 5
    I am a believer in Jesus Christ without the Lord life is not worth Living....
  • Ren on 1 Samuel 17
    @Irene123 The average man’s height at that time was about five and a half feet so Goliath who was approximately nine feet six inches must have seemed really big to those guys lol Can you imagine what they would think of the basketball players we have today?
  • Nolwandle on Psalms 46
    The Lord confirms that above all I see with my eyes I am being watched and will always be cared for by Him. In His strength and wisdom which surpasses my knowledge. Like a child I am because of Jesus. Stay encouraged and fully trusting.
  • Edilson feliciano do Ó on Romans 5
    O sacrif cio expiat rio revelado no Antigo Testamento n o foi compreendido pela humanidade que se acomodou em sacrificar animais pelo perd o dos pecados. O Cristo de Deus vem ao mundo e mostra o que fazer para lograr xito contra o pecado por m, novamente, a humanidade prefere deixar sobre os seus ombros a responsabilidade que sua. Outras revela es ser o necess rias para que o despertar da consci ncia ocorra e o homem se liberte da pris o em que se encontre. A f sem obras f morta. Por obras entendemos a constru o do reino de Deus.
  • Joshua Layfield on Exodus 16
    I think this is Exodus 16 is a good reminder that God will take care of us and to put Faith and trust in him also not to do things are own way ,which I know I'm always working on
  • Scared on Hebrews 12
    If saved
  • Reg on Romans 5
    What the chapter says is what it is . First u have to be born again of uncorruptable seed by the word of god and christs doctrine. Search the scriptures for in them u think u have eternal life.
  • Nita on Ephesians 4
    This is how I feel when the Holy Spirit come upon me: it is a rejoicing feeling. You can feel Gods present with you. The mind is filled with a closeness to God. The body is overwhelmed with excitement, not wanting to let go. The Holy Spirit within is not a comparable feeling and is like nothing one has experienced, at least for me. Sometimes, I feel and act a little crazy, or that’s how it seems.
  • Lilian on Romans 5
  • Scott forsmen on Isaiah 14
    This has already come to pass.
  • Michael on 1 Samuel 28
    Samuel tells u there is life after death. And he is not in heaven. Talking the death is real! So says the book.
  • Exodus on 2 Peter 1
    Glory to God .. King above all ❤️
  • Mary Atkinson on 1 Chronicles 26
    In this chapter you have Leviets that are porters,treasures,storekeepers,officers,and judges Every person has a place to keep things running. The same as life today.Things all over the place is simply out of order and cannot be ran properly.God is a God of order and if it's not he certainly is not in it! He certainly wants his churches and your soul all in order as well to be ran properly.
  • Lady A on Romans 5
    For we're all sinners, but thanks be to our father in heaven for his son JESUS CHRIST our LORD
  • Lou on Job 29
    I am given an understanding in this reading of Job that I have not received before. Job is the picture of Jesus Christ as The God-Man and the agony within himself of becoming 'a curse' in taking on our sins, having never known sin. Power, riches, wisdom, strength and honor, glory and blessing to Christ!
  • Paul V on Luke 4
    I believe he was tempting Jesus and trying to get him to bow down to him.
  • Tomi on Acts 10
    this chapter I understood that God does not deal only with the Israelites, but as long anyone is willing and open hearted receive what the Jews received freely including the spirit of God, The apostle in the dream segregated holiness from ungodliness but God told him that He will be the one to tell who is Holy or not Holy
  • Charley on Ecclesiastes 5
    the prosperity gospel is a lie from hell foxes have holes the birds
    of the air have nests but the son of man had no place to rest
    his head.Matthew 8-20. repent and believe the gospel
    not the man centered feel good gospel. jesus saves
  • CES on Psalms 27
    God Has Our Backs. Therefore Whatever We Face , We Are Not Alone, He Covers Us Always. Amen
  • Lawanda on Psalms 37
    I read Paslm (37) because Evildoers will be no more, it keep my in control so read Paslm (37) all the time, Paslm 25, Paslm 32, Paslm 78, these chapter 2 guide you so I read them almost every day, in the morning and let God guide me and keep me safe, when you don’t know what 2 do Read these chapter it work for me, Stay Bless.
  • Rey on Psalms 36

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