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  • Alicia on Luke 12
    I need prayer for me and my family I need someone to help me so many people act like they hate me for no reason I give people and they still hurt me
  • BSP on 1 Kings 10
    Verse 7~The Queen of Sheba had to come see the things that she had heard with her own eyes.
  • BSP on Psalms 67
    Verse 4~This verse is comforting because it assures us that Jehovah God will judge all righteously. He does not judge by what one appears to be on the outside.
  • BSP on Luke 12
    If we closely observe the ravens or birds we see that they are fed and are clothed with beautiful feathers. If Jehovah God takes care of these creatures, how much more so will he take care of us?
  • Lane on Revelation 6
    Awesome. There is nothing more to say from the comments above, but I simply can not wait!

  • Geraldine Bulos on Luke 12
    Why worry? Remember there is GOD our GOD the Omnipotent, Omnipresence, Omniscient. Mighty of all. The LORD of all. Hallelujah!
  • Barbara Breeden on Psalms 18
    No other name but jesus. No other name !!!!!!!!
  • Barbara Breeden on Psalms 10
    Always! Start my reading in psalms!!!!
  • Retta Goodwin on Genesis 1
    We were told to replenish the earth. Does that mean it existed before?
  • BSP on Exodus 15
    Verses 20,21~Miriam took the lead of the women singing praises to Jehovah God for the victory over the Egyptians. We all want to praise God for the many good things that he has done and given to us.
  • BSP on 1 Samuel 14
    Verse 7~Jonathan had courage and faith in Jehovah God and in turn this helped his armour bearer to have confidence. Our strong faith can have a positive effect on others.
  • Verse 10~Solomon wanted the people to benefit so he took time to find careful words that were accurate and true. We should also weigh our words and consider what we will say before we say it.
  • BSP on Romans 5
    Verse 12~Sin was passed on to all mankind because Adam as the first human sinned and passed this on. Death is a result of sin and so all die. We can be so grateful to Jehovah God for the ransom of his son Jesus Christ that will undo all the damage that has taken place over the centuries.
  • BSP on 1 Samuel 30
    Verse 6~David was greatly distressed and his life was in danger, but he immediately turned to Jehovah God for strength and encouragement.
  • BSP on Haggai 1
    Verse 13~Jehovah God reassured the people that he was there for them. He wanted to instill confidence in them so that they could carry out the work.
  • BSP on 1 Samuel 25
    Verse 13~David's angry response is understandable, but he expressed those feelings in the wrong way.
  • BSP on Luke 12
    Jehovah God cares for the birds by giving them what is needed to feed them and make sure they are clothed. If God cares for the birds, we can have confidence that he will care for our needs.
  • John
    Gods grace is sufficient for me for my strength is made perfect in my weakness. what a loving father.perfecting me always in my weakness
  • what we take in cannot kill but what comes out of a mans mouth that can kill according to verse 4 of this text.i pray for a positve words to always full in our mouth in jesus name amen
  • Dina on Proverbs 31
    Wonderful advice given by a mother to her son. What mother doesn't want her son to have such a wife? I fear that Solomon's mother raised her son's expectations too high. Could this explain his reason for having so many wives? He looked for the perfect woman all his life; he kept marrying and marrying. If his writings in Ecclesiastes are any indication, he never found her.
  • Arley3 on Acts 3
    Rebeka if people want to sin they can believe a lie with miracles happening right in front of their eyes. "2 Thes. 11 And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie 12 That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness." If God didn't make it this way we wouldn't see evil as a choice. God wants voluntary praise.

  • Jason Wells on 1 Corinthians 11
    Michael, about your comment on hair length, did you state that Jesus would have had short hair? Many of the Independent Fundamental Baptists like to portray Jesus with a crew cut, which is quite absurd. We have to rightly divide; Paul was writing to people in the body of Christ, not to Jews nor to Christ Himself. Per Leviticus 19:27, Jesus had long hair. He didn't break the law.
  • Hubert Guillotte on Luke 24
    Luke 24:47, Jesus said? Repentance and remission of sins should be preached in his name among all Nations, beginning at Jerusalem
    This scripture was fulfilled and Acts 2:38 when Peter said repent and be baptized everyone of you in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Ghost for the promises and to you and to your children and to all them a fa
  • Carlos Angel Rey on 1 Kings 3
    Famous story. How many know how to match them with their books?
  • Dewey J on Matthew 6
    A discipline, amen brother heaven help us all to walk by the in dwelling Holy Ghosts! To Ana d you are correct loving all people is impossible in our own human strength that's why God gave us his Holy Ghost to perform this and all our Christian duties Acts 1:8 Ye shall receive power from on hight or heaven to be Jesus Christ's witness and also all our Christian duties. Glory be to God! Amen!
  • Abda Adoniyah on Genesis 42


  • Evangelist Dahlia Daniels on Psalms 27
    This chapter is actually teaching you to Humble yourself no matter what you are going through and no matter what the situation maybe . Don't get discouraged because GOD will Bring you out but you got to be patients and keep FAITH no matter what and don't give in to none of your enemies because GOD GOT YOU
  • Cody George on Hebrews 13
    I have been sober for going on a year and working at my new job, when I seen a man sitting on a bench as I walked by he stood up and looked at me saying I'm proud of you as if he knew me it was so strange but what was even more bizarre as I walked off I turned back thinking maybe I knew him and was being rude just saying thanks and walking away but when I turned back he was gone nowhere in sight.
  • Peggy on John 5
    John 5 v 40: And ye will not come to me that ye may have life---just read this and must have read it many times in my life but it touched me this morning: it is me not going to the Lord, so when I wonder why so much hurting things happen to me, I need to go to the Lord always
  • Mohan Ram on Psalms 23
    Most people, Christians and non Christians alike draw; strength, comfort and support from this Psalms. In the time of hurt, pain and rejection and the very darkest moment of life, this is the Psalms we run to for it is like the Healing Balm of Gilead.Here we find rest in the Everlasting Arms of our Lord Jesus Christ, the One who is touched with the feelings of our infirmities. Praise ye the Lord!

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