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  • Mary B on Matthew 7
    At S: while Luke 18:13 is well and good, it is not the sinners prayer that so many process as salvation.
  • BJ - in Reply on Genesis 6
    I am reading the KJV of the Bible. The scripture you quote about Godly men marrying worldly heathen women is not in Genesis 6: vs 1-2. Can you help me with this?
  • Translation Error - in Reply on Psalms 41
    Adam I would appreciate your view on the Sciptures below, God has shown me Translation errors in the KJV but they were not to deceive like Cult Versions and some other well known Bibles not yet reconized by many as having Cult deception in them too. In The Lord's Prayer we ask God not to lead us into Temptation but God tells us not to say He does in James 1:13 should it say Keep us from it Mt26:41.
  • Mary B on Matthew 7
    At S: while Luke 18:13 is well and good, it is not the sinners prayer that so many process as salvation.
  • Mary B on Matthew 7
    At S: while Luke 18:13 is well and good, it is not the sinners prayer that so many process as salvation.
  • BJ - in Reply on Genesis 6
    Exactly!! We can only know what the Great I Am allows us to know.
  • BJ - in Reply on Genesis 6
    Exactly!! We do not know how God measures time. It is likely based upon your true statement our world earth could be only 2 days old in sight of God.
  • BJ - in Reply on Genesis 6
    But, Jerry we have no way of knowing how God measures time. As I previously posted, with God a day is a 1000 years and a 1000 years is a day. Therefore, we do not know what 80 years means to God.
  • BJ - in Reply on Genesis 6
    The concept of time is a great wonderment. The Bible tells us with God a thousand days is a year, and a year is a thousand days. This tells me we cannot measure time as it relates to God.
  • Gods Blessings Come from His Heart of Love - in Reply on Psalms 41
    I agree with you Adam and Eric it's more Blessed to Give than receive Acts 20:35 Organizations are using Money to Control People and even some Christian ones are focusing on money more than on God who Loves a Cheerful Giver not one made to feel they have to give. He tells us not to beg His Work done in His Way never Lacks His Supply He knows our Needs we Pray and Receive His good Blessings for us.
  • BJ - in Reply on Genesis 6
    We do know that Jesus was angered in the temple when he turned over the money changers tables.
  • BJ - in Reply on Genesis 6
    God provided what Noah, family and animals needed while on the Ark. I believe God led all animals and creatures to the Ark, at which time God closed the door that no man could open.
  • Washed In The Blood of The Lamb - in Reply on Revelation 13
    lam so you think all the Old Testerment Saints Covered by the Blood of Christ Ps32:1 and believers who died before Jesus was fully Resurrected Romans 4:7 have disapeared.They are the Ones referred to when Jesus returns who will Rise First1Thes4:16 all those after who died in Christ before His return and those Martyred for not taking the Mark of the Beast and Worshiping him are in Heaven Now Revelation 7:9-17.
  • Roger Newlon - in Reply
    The dove represented the Holly Spirit at the baptizing of Jesus by John the baptist.
  • Louis LOGWOOD on Psalms 9
    I love when i can go thu problems and i read the scripture it doesn't just help me but i can overcome my problems .
  • Bob on Romans 1
    I think this passage is straightforward. Homosexuality is a sin acceptance means man's ruling over what the Bible says old time religion needs to make a come back. There can be no compromising of God's word !
  • Joe - in Reply on Acts 8
    And Simon still did not get it - he asked Peter to pray for him instead of repenting himself.
  • I am - in Reply on Genesis 6
    GOD, my Holy Father, made me to see that ye know Christ is come in the flesh, and ye tremble. Yet, ye speak thine own fleshly wisdom, being dead in hell, for there is no truth in you. For ye blaspheme the Holy Ghost in every generation of this world that is hell: to be cast with death into the lake of fire. Being many, ye say ye speak the truth: so tell ye, Why doth GOD send his ONLY BEGOTTEN Son?
  • Seventh day is sabbath - in Reply
    If you back up a couple of verses and start at Isiah 3:16 it talks about the daughters of Zion that walk around with stretched out necks..This was is done in Ethiopia African nations by certain tribes by putting rings around a girls neck and continue adding to them to stretch the neck as the girl grows. The idea is that by "stretching" the neck it adds beauty to the person.
  • Seventh day is sabbath - in Reply
    Luke 3:22 And the Holy Ghost descended in a bodily shape like a dove upon him, and a voice came from heaven, which said, Thou art my beloved Son in thee I am well pleased.
  • William Tallon on Amos 8
    Is Daniel 8:11 classical or apocalyptic
  • S - in Reply on Matthew 7
    How about this? Luke 18:13
  • Adam - in Reply on Genesis 7
    Not everything is a metaphor. Most of the Bible gives history of real places, names, dates, tribes. The flood is literal and there's scientific evidence of it. It was completely dark in the ark and he animals likely hibernated so they didn't eat or poop the whole time.
  • Adam - in Reply on Genesis 6
    The Bible says he built an ark and that's what happened. There's even remains today of one of same dimensions, same age, on side of mountain in Turkey, even has a visitor center and website.
  • D W L - in Reply on 1 John 3
    2 Peter 2:4 For if God spared not the angels that sinned, but cast them down to hell , and delivered them into chains of darkness, to be reserved unto judgment
  • Obbie Beal on Isaiah 12
    From the above we learn there is a Blessed Assurance Jesus is mine. Ohooo what for taste of Glory Divine. Sing unto the LORD for he hath done excellent things, this is known in all the earth. Cry out and shout, thou inhabitant of Zion for great is the Holy One of Israel in the midst of thee.
  • Gods Truth in His Words are Powerful - in Reply on Genesis 6
    Linda, your Coments Andrews and Iam show limited understanding of Gods Truth. To Deny Jesus Devinity in The Godhead means you all believe in a god of Mans fleshy understanding Please ask for God's Wisdom and The Holy Ghost read One John and 2 and 3 these books confirm God's Truth too in the EndTimes when we have many deceived by FalseTeachers Prophets and some claiming to be Jesus as Prophesied.
  • Obbie Beal on Isaiah 11
    Above we learn Jehovah GOD continue HIS work among mankind, building when HE desire, and casting down when HE desire. Showing mercy where HE desire and executing HIS wrath where HE desire. Nevertheless in the above we learn there is a REMNANT chosen by GOD for GOD. 2020 and being this late in the game of life I shall TRUST in John 3:16 - 21.
  • Emily - in Reply on Luke 8
    Demons can and do lie, just as the creature who appeared to Mohammed calling himself the angel Gabriel Jibreel . Best not to try find out about demons or credit them with any more attention than necessary. I suggest reading Michael Pearl's book Sin No More for freedom from addiction.
  • To Know God's Truth Ask for His Wisdom - in Reply on Revelation 13
    Your not understanding Iam what God is telling us. We are not to judge anyone's Eternal Salvation, only God knows our Hearts. For me to say your going to Heaven or Hell I'm claiming I'm God on earth and that Jesus wasen't We know if someone is walking in their Carnal flesh but not what their Destiny will be only our own.The Man on the Cross next to Jesus Repented and went to Paradise and so do we.

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