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  • Lucy on 1 Kings 3
    To continue: That is why we have so many partners, and to think that we have the strength to keep God's commandments is another story entirely, we need to pray to God for wisdom and understanding, in all things, even if we think we know. Whether home or abroad.
  • Lucy on 1 Kings 3
    After reading this chapter, and the previous chapter, the thought has come to me, that we are born of this world, and placed whether male or female thinking that after a certain age we know what to do, and how to do it, especially if we have gone to school, but in actuality we know nothing, and we are too blind to ask God, on whether it is how to be a good wife, or husband.
  • Shane - in Reply
    mary was possessed by 7Demons which Jesus cleansed her from,also she was sister to lazareth in whom our Lord raised from the dead... other than He Loved them very much, there is not much more...... that i know of....
  • Shane - in Reply
    you have a reference from the king james bible that paul address in 1corinthians chpt,14 34-35... now wether or not he was speaking only those whom he was addressing at the time for it was for ALL Chruchs? i do not know, the bible does say that all scripture is good for edification...there are many woman in the bible that done extortionary things which should be an inspiration. Be well...
  • Fred scanlan on Matthew 5
    Marriage and divorce , concubines, harlots, prostitution, marrying a brothers wife, sin and the effects of not obeying Gods word. Paul talks about being single, and virginity. All these things are in scripture for our learning! Freedom we receive through faith to judge all these matters. James4 17. King David,who is the lineage of Christ, we learn much , God forgave HIM. unlimited forgiveness!
  • I AM THAT I AM: on Psalms 91
    Now, as every day IS a day of the seventh day, which IS GOD'S Sabbath day: let all men every where repent and be thankful to GOD, if the grace of GOD kept thee from profaning his Sabbath for filthy lucre's sake. For GOD commanded that men do no evil during the days of his Sabbath: and each day IS on the seventh day to GOD. But thy looking beyond GOD'S salvation to obtain money WAS, and IS of evil:
  • Arma franklin - in Reply on 2 Chronicles 13
    god so love the world he gave his son so that we might have a everlasting life, when adam and eve ate the forbidden fruit it gave them knowledge of themselves, so god punish adam and eve and pass it down to all generation.
  • Arma franklin - in Reply
    before rapture
  • Church tabor - in Reply
    the tribulation happens first
  • Ruben Hartness - in Reply on 1 Timothy 3
    Anne, You got me on that one. I have searched all my research and I have no idea where I came up with that. Joel 3:28 . It has to be a typo but I can't correct it in any way so please forgive me-God also forgive me-. I am going to check every book for a 3:28 vs and if I find it I will give you the correct book So very sorry--I'm living proof that only God is perfect.
  • Isabella on Acts 7
    It is interesting to note that Paul then Saul was present when Stephen was stoned. At the time he was a persecutor of the early Christians, however, he was paying close attention to the sermon as seen in Acts 13. Here Paul picks up exactly where Stephen left off preaching. So if anyone is interested in hearing the rest of the sermon, be sure to take a look at Acts 13!
  • Anne on Acts 3
    The disciples continue the work of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, healing the sick and teaching the good news of salvation and the Kingdom of God.
  • Obbie Beal on 1 Kings 12
    At that moment in time, Jehovah GOD has blessed the nation people of Israel, and whether individually or collectively, they quickly forgot to keep the COMMANDMENTS of GOD. Never-the-less Jehovah GOD is in full control of the circumstance. 2019-2020, individually or collectively the world also has quickly forgot to keep the COMMANDMENTS of GOD. Never-the-less Jehovah GOD is in full control.
  • Patty ToziPa on 1 Timothy 3
    Life is Special. God put you on this Earth for a reason. Do not go to the negitive side of thought-- Go to the positive side of what God wants for you. The Best!! The Light of others will shine through to Strengthen You. The people that know God's True Love-will give back to others. The Evilness people carry will take your Light away. Beware who you are around. Help the darkness of others see!!
  • Mark - in Reply on Genesis 9
    My comment was a misprint, it should have read "there should be no prejudice", we are all children of God. Because of the sin in the garden, each generation is getting further and further away from him.
  • Dennis
    My 16 year old grandson was just diagnosed with a very rare form of cancer. There is no known treatment. What short bible verse could I pass on to his parents. My grandson is a good, talented, happy person, his only sibling is attending college on a grades scholarship, his mother and father have provided a great home life and guidance to the whole family. I have no answer. Help?
  • Frank Woodrow Tinnin Jr
    let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus philipians 2 ver 5
  • Frank Woodrow Tinnin Jr
    this is the day the Lord has made rejoice and be glad in it
  • Mark Verrell - in Reply on Revelation 18
    I would say there might be more many languages going through hollywood
  • Mark Verrell
    is the event of Time travel of The boy jerimiah going to the mountain for figs in the bible or Apocryphal?where he returns 60 years later but everything is changed? is this story in the book of jerimiah or in the apocrypha?
  • Debbie Maines Wampler
    Does the tribulation happen before or after the rapture of the church in the book of Revelation?
  • Mark Verrell - in Reply on Genesis 9
    To be prejudice is not to walk in the light of jesus one must hate the sin but love the sinner.didnt jesus come to save the most vile among us?
  • Brian Dougherty - in Reply
    Hi Ruben, I wanted to ask you one question. Do you belong to the Catholic Faith because Protestants and Catholic differ widely on theology beliefs about Regeneration and the New Birth?
  • Stanjett - in Reply on Matthew 17
    The red text was added by the writers that translated the bible so that we know when Jesus is speaking. not God or the angels that also speak to us . I don't think it was wrong that the writers did it. They didn't change any words.
  • Chosen on Ruth 2
    Ruth 2:12 The LORD recompense thy work, and a full reward be given thee of the LORD God of Israel, under whose wings thou art come to trust
  • Stanjett - in Reply on Matthew 12
    read the verse above 32. 31
  • Stanjett on Matthew 11
    Read verse 31
  • Stanjett - in Reply on Matthew 8
    The Children of The Kingdom are all that are saved. Most of the Jews not all are still waiting on Christ, they don't believe Jesus is the Christ that was to come. Most are still waiting.
  • Church - in Reply on Acts 13
    God, Jesus and the holy spirt are all the same sole
  • Church - in Reply on Luke 4
    Jesus has power over everything

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