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  • Trust and Obey There Is No Other Way - in Reply on Hebrews 10
    When we read with Gods Wisdom all the Scriptures in 1John 3 it Confirms Gods Truth in 1John 3:9 but dont use the Link given it wrongly shares John 3 which it also does with the Link for 1John 5:7 about The Trinity. Many other Sciptures in KJV also Confirm Gods Truth below... 1 John 3:9 Whosoever is Born of God doth Not Commit Sin for His Seed remaineth in him and he Cannot Sin because he is Born of God.
  • Michael - in Reply on John 3
    That is a good theroy. It doesnt matter how we interpret these end prophesy because He will not forsake His children. So we are good either way this plays out.
  • Michael - in Reply on John 3
    It says no man ascended. I can goto walmart however i can not ascend to walmart. I do not have divine power. Man went to the moon. On a space ship. They didnt ascend to the moon.
  • Adam - in Reply on Hebrews 10
    Actually, I asked a simple question about your claim and you didn't answer. It appears you cherrypicked a verse then ignored the other verses in the same chapter you quoted which says Christians can sin. If Christians can't sin then why does Jesus keep warning Christians to stop sinning and be obedient? People should read and follow the Bible carefully, because satan spreads false teachings.
  • God Does Not Lie
    Yes God does indeed keep His Promises Irritable are you Born Again is your Carnal flesh put to death by The Spirit if so being Perfecfed in His Love do you now have the Mind of Christ and His Wisdom or are you still a babe and not like Paul and the others who left their Childish thinking behind and worked out their Salvation and were than Perfected in Gods Love. I share like Jesus did Gods Truth.
  • Steve B - in Reply
    Hi Kenneth - the exact date is unknown. It is very similar to His exact description - it is nowhere to be found in Scripture, or in history. His ways are above our ways, and His thoughts above our thoughts. Isn't that wonderful..we simply do not need to know.
  • Steve B - in Reply
    Hi Larry - if you mean "to purchase"? The best, in my opinion, is Alexander Scourby KJV Audio CD at about 60. You will find it on Amazon. May God Bless your journey with Him.
  • Being Humble is Believing God - in Reply on Hebrews 10
    What are you accepting as Truth Adam, its not me who tells us we cannot Sin when we are Born Again, God does and He said how we think is what we will do. This is why He also said to Reckon ourselves dead to Sin instead of saying we will Sin which many do. I have more Scriptuers Adam to confirm all I shared with you but you dont seem to understand the ones I have or even all of 1John 3 not John 3.
  • Tkny
    My wife thinks there r spirits inst trying to make us move any quotes in the Bible I might can read her to ease her mind
  • CCarter - in Reply
    Thank you for clarification. I will read and study with more discernment. I also have been reading Mike Scotts, "What do the scriptures say?" webpage. It's been very informative. It's a shame that so much information that is taught that is incorrect. Also, how people can read the same scripture and come out with different interpretations.
  • Fabien Grenier - in Reply on Isaiah 50
    1 John 2:27 NKJ Mark 11:22,23,24,25,26 Rom 10:17 Romans 2:13 Pls read the Scriptures if you want to be a fundamental person apply the word in your life and believe what you say in prayer you will have watch you say Mark 11:2,23,24,25,26 there is your answer.
  • Adam - in Reply on Hebrews 10
    Do you believe that as a Christian you are incapable of sin or that God continually cleanses you from sin? Those are 2 different claims. If the first, I would ask are you really perfect and haven't made any mistakes in your life on Earth like Jesus? Romans 3:10. If the second, then have you read the rest of 1 John 3 because it clearly says Christians can sin in verses 4, 8, and 24 obeying is key.
  • Patty Tozi
    In this new day starting-- how many give thanks to the Lord. In these ending times of our days running fast into each other. The Bible warns us now. Who is listening? Self..Pride...Evilness comes first to most. Please take my warning. I have had an after death experience. I know!!! Get wise!!! Look into your heart-- see what compassion you have for others. You will need your heart in the end!!
  • Melody williams - in Reply on Isaiah 50
    Amen, the word of God has to be applied to our every day life...
  • Larry Tyner
    Does anyone have kjv bibles on audio
  • Watchman In Spirit - in Reply on 1 John 5
    Ronnie its all Cults that don't believe in The Godhead 1Colossians 2:9 or Trinity as They are called today. This means they are not believing in Jesus Christ The Living Word in Rev19:13 and they cant call Him Lord 1Cor 12:3 - Ps23 so they dont have the Holy Ghost. They also dont believe Jesus indwells us they say we are in Unity with Him. Cults delete the original 1John 5:7 in their Translations which says For there are Three that bear Record in Heaven The Father, The Word and The Holy Ghost and these Three are One. Jesus also tells us in Jn10:30 He and The Father are One. They are One in Spirit but have differant Roles in The Godhead. Our Abba Father who Loves us will be in Authority Eternally.
  • Tormem jerome on Psalms 115
    This book of psalm will do something to my life very inportant, it will change my life from unuseful things and sins am into. Thank you Jesus
  • Obbie Beal on Jeremiah 11
    Above JEHOVAH, GOD reviewed the contract between HIM and the people, because the people have been found to haves shamefully broken the contract between them and GOD. Therefore GOD is going to pass judgement on the people because the contract contain the penalty be paid if the people broke the contract and the rest is history..... 2020 is a repeat of all of the above therefore all mankind is found guilty again. Nevertheless there is still another personal contract I and you can enter into with GOD if we choose to, it is John 3:16-21. Thank GOD for HIS MERCY.
  • Kenneth
    When is Jesus's real birth date?
  • Jonah - in Reply on Jude 1
    I after seeing the way Peter and Paul bound Matthew the strong man God spoke of entrusted by God with the largest section of the NewTestament, who said let no man be called master. Peter and Paul as Jude says snuck in, Paul a Pharasee killer of Christians Peter a denyer of Christ. They teamed up on Matthew not putting brothers into slavery to what they so sinfully called human masters, when you slave the least of the brothers you slave Jesus. He speaks of the pressure, but tried to warn of the traitors in his midst. Jesus Matthew and those who loved Jesus doctrine easily confirms their identity as Peter and Paul helping mortals profit by taking slaves unlike Moses who freed slaves
  • Vanessa on John 3
    no man has seen the Father except the Lord, His beloved Son, still till this day, we learn in the beginning God created Heavens and earth, one is where the moon, sun and stars are, one in the high heaven as David spoke of, and the Jesus on the cross to the robber, today you'll be in paradise the third heaven, I do not believe from all my reading and studying Elijah or Enoch being called up where not in paradise they've haven't died yet, maybe they'll be the two prophets that will lead the way for the coming of the Lord
  • Vanessa - in Reply on John 3
    John 3:13 if you read that no man has gone up into heaven, they both are went up but not into heaven, they are in the arch of the clouds, still till this day, it's a get study search hebrew as well
  • Believe in Gods not Mans Interpretation - in Reply on Hebrews 10
    Adam does God Tell us that we Continue to Sin when we are Born Again with His seed 1John 3:9 Perfected in His Love with No Carnal Flesh and we have the Mind of Christ 1Cor2 All 1John 3 and the other Scriptures I shared Confirm we dont Sin and we dont Trust in what we think or what we have been taught in error Jesus is our Only Spiritual Teacher we ask for His Wisdom and He leads us into all Truth.
  • Irritated on Hebrews 10
    God keeps His promises, do we. As mentioned in verse 29 you have a covenant with Jesus after you claim His Blood. Can we use Gods Word to do away with Gods Word in verse 26. As before this was tried by satan himself in the temptation of Christ. If we do any of the things given in the reprobate mind Romans chapter 1 we better believe in prayer, repentance and more Grace from God. Jesus will judge his people. I also believe chapter 12. Taken from experience
  • Allen on Matthew 17
    "21 Howbeit this kind goeth not out but by prayer and fasting." This kind of unbelief ... Does not go out but by prayer and fasting.
  • God Protects His Truth - in Reply on Isaiah 53
    Hi Ron, there were No Names of Books Chapters, Verses or small Particles they were all added later it was one Holy Book of Prophesy. All Scripture that hasn't been hacked or wrongly Translated is Inspired by God 2Tim3:16 but He does keep His Word Pure, He will show error so it does not return Void.
  • Marilyn
    What is the communion prayer to bless bread and wine
  • We Ask and we will Receive - in Reply
    It Blesses me too Rhonda to know we are Protected by our Loving God but those who choose evil will reap it untill they repent Lk15. God tells us to Chastise or Warn them but its still their choice He doesnt want Puppets so He doesnt change their Hearts or make them Love Him but He will open their eyes and if we also ask He will fill us too with all the Spiritual Blessings that come from His Love.
  • Warning dont be deceived
    Cult Bibles delete Scriptures and add words or change them to deceive us. Having asked for Gods Wisdom to know His Truth when reading Translations we First Check the Scriptures below in the KJV to see if they match if the Scriptures have been Deleted, Changed or added to we reject them. There are more on the Internet but these Ones will Confirm error Matthew23:14 -John 1:1- Romans 8:1-1John 5:7.
  • God Understands and Cares - in Reply
    Melanie why do you feel guilty why did the others tell you to ask to be forgiven Your grieved for the evil that happened to your daughter by your husband but what did you do wrong Men who do this evil make sure they won't be seen like my Mothers Father but I never blamed Mum for the evil he did you could not be with her every minute of the day Forgive her and your husband and you will have Peace.

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