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  • Alex on John 14
    David you do greatly err. god is refering to within his kingdom there is no god but him but in the kingdom there 3 that answer to the godhead father son and granson.exactly like the davidic kingdom that was composed of jesse david and solomon father son and granson 3 distinct beings but 1 kingdom. but unto the son he said thy throne o god is forever.isaiah uses davidic kingdom as symbolic for god.
  • Ivy Johnson on John 14
    There is definitely no Grandson in the God Head! The God Head consists of: 1. God the Father: 2. God the Son: 3. God the Holy Spirit: God has an Only Begotten Son! Our Lord God, and Saviour, Jesus Christ. God the Holy Spirit Holy Ghost is the Third Member of The God Head!
  • Obbie Beal on Revelation 17
    V 18, let us take note to the 2 players here in verse 18. Player no.1, a GREAT CITY that is better known as a GREAT WHORE, see verse 1. What makes her GREAT is her global-powers. Her powers are a combination of HER CURRENCY which is backed-up by her great global military. Player no.2, are all kings of the earth. All kings are enticed and seduced by her using her currency or and her military.
  • Josiah Lai
    Thank you for all your work in producing this website. After living in the world of bad and biased modern translations I've discovered the poetic beauty of the original 1611 KJV version. This is now my number 1 scripture source. Thank you! The Lord is with you!
  • Stanjett on Judges 19
    concubine was a wife of secondary rank
  • Stanjett on Judges 19
    The woman was a harlot but then she was a mans wife. She didn't rape the men but they raped her. Do you not have pity on the woman just because she used to be a harlot.
  • Stanjett on Judges 13
    The angel of God is NOT Jesus. Jesus is not an angel. Jesus was human in likeness just like us. He was the Son of God. There are many angels in Heaven. They are all angels of God.
  • Rupthurn on Judges 13
    I would never be able to explain more effulgent than you did right there.
  • Stanjett on Judges 4
    11 Now Heber the Kenite, which was of the children of Hobab the father in law of Moses, had severed himself from the Kenites, and pitched his tent unto the plain of Zaanaim, which is by Kedesh. Hmmm, Hobab was the son of Jethro who sometimes was called Reuel. Jethro was the father in law of Moses.
  • Anne - Freedomborn
    Dear Creators of this Website I am now under your Authority as Men who Love The Lord and His Children and I also Welcome the Support and advice from the Woman that help you and from those who share God's Truth in Comments. You are now All my Church Family and in Christ Jesus we are One. I have been rejected by those I Loved and Trusted but I now feel in Unity.Thank You All for your Hearts of Love.
  • Ferdinand A. Oreas on Genesis 6
    Beasts and creeping beings included. To think of it, what God was really saying here is that He intends to wipe out LIFE in the surface of the earth. ALL LIVING THINGS THAT IS except for plants maybe. Things brings us to realization there is also an end of limit on how far we can push GOD's temper. Its like realizing BEWARE... GOD temper s not anything we can be kidding about. LIFE beware!
  • Ferdinand A. Oreas on Genesis 6
    Nowhere in the entire Book will we see God's temper other than this reference. Known as the GOD OF LOVE, we are introduced here with the idea of God after all capable of HATE. God that He is, we should realize our feeling of HATE is nothing compared to ours. Let us note here what God intends here. He don't just intent to wipe out men in the face of the earth. That extends to all creatures
  • Freedomborn. on Genesis 6
    GOD IS LOVE and can be no other way and LOVE hates evil. The Flood was an act of Love or we would not have been Born, God knew those who would be His from Eternity He knows our Name. Mankind would have destroyed itself they were burning their Children alive to their gods and other Abonanations, the flood was Merciful. We Hold onto God'sTruth HE IS LOVE we reject Satan's Deception. Blessings -Anne.
  • Bob Clark on Revelation 21
    Rev. 21:24 is bothersome to me as it refers to the "kings of the earth bringing glory and honor into it". Why would the kings of the earth be exalted above anyone else? It's not a little disturbing.
  • Albert on Revelation 21
    It shouldn't be bothersome to anyone, because the kings' of the earth is referring to the twelve apostles who are ruling in God's Kingdom, on earth. This verse is in reference to, AFTER Christ has returned and set up the Kingdom of God, on earth. The apostles will be the kings of the earth, and Christ will be, King of kings. It makes perfect sense.
  • Bob Clark on Revelation 21
    I got to thinking after my initial reply. Judas Iscariot was one of the apostles and he will be exalted? The more I learn the more confusing it becomes.
  • Bob Clark on Revelation 21
    Albert, you don't know how much I appreciate you. That's a load off. It took me at least a decade to get my mind around a "chosen people". And now I have to discern between "the children of Israel" and "those of the synagogue of Satan". The Bible says we will know them by their fruits so that is the discernment tool I am using. Thanks, brother.
  • Ann on Revelation 21
    Bob Clark, Judas Iscariot was never exalted, he betrayed the Lord Jesus Christ our savior. He went to his own place, meaning hell. If the KJV bible scriptures are confusing to you, ask God to give you understanding and knowledge of the scriptures, he will.
  • ROBERT CLARK on Revelation 21
    I'll have to. I'm getting conflicting answers on here.
  • Ann on Revelation 21
    Robert Clark, Acts chapter 1: Verse 15, Peter is speaking to the disciples, and they all begin to pray and ask the Lord to choose between Joseph called Barsabas, and Matthias. The Lord chose Matthias to take the place Judas Iscariot. Also, learn Psalms 119:verse 18, I say this each day before reading my KJV Bible. You will be amazed at how the Lord will open your eyes to understand scripture.
  • Freedomborn Blessed in Christ Jesus.
    They say Laugh and the World Laughs with you, Cry and you Cry alone but Jesus tells us the Opposite. He Cares and Understands. He was known as a Man of Sorrows and acquainted with Grief and He cried too. Like His Father He Loved everyone but knew those who would be lost. What does God tell us to do when others are hurting- Romans12:15 - Galatians 6:2 - 1Peter 3:8 -5 - Ephesians 4:32 - Ecc 3:1-8.
  • Freedomborn with Victory
    Please be assured this is a Wonderful God focused Website even though I shared about comments being deleted but they tell us they have hacking issues too and it is because God's Truth is being shared, Satan doesen't hack those who share his lies to deceive and confuse God's Children but don't rail against him personally as some do let God rebuke him, He is always Victorious Jude 9 - Blessings Anne
  • David on John 14
    In Isiah chp 43 God says I am God there is no other God beside Me there was no God before Me there will be no God after me I encourage people to search for verses that speak of a trinity of gods or look in 1st John chp 5 for the Godhead the Father the Word and the Holy Ghost and the witnesses on earth the Spirit the Water and the Blood if you search earnestly you will find truth
  • Obbie Beal on Revelation 17
    Verse 18. Numerous times, using the same tricks, she rose to power and fell, reigning over a territory here and a territory there for a moment in world history. But, as of 2019 She is back and reigneth over EVERY kings of the earth, meaning the 150-160 nations of the world today 2019, and according to V 16,17, she is about to receive her reward for her fornication, and other ungodly works.
  • Kim b
    My husbands pawpa was a preacher until ge passed. He was a very Godly man. He always said to give what you can. That 10 is for those that can afford it. Give with your heart.
  • Kim
    That is ok. I feel like it is taking about the ones that are truly dressing up to look like a man but they are a women or vesa visa a man dressing up to look like a woman but is really a man.
  • Fred scanlan on 1 Chronicles 17
    1 John 5:14-15 14 And this is the confidence that we have in him, that, if we ask any thing according to his will, he heareth us:15 And if we know that he hear us, whatsoever we ask, we know that we have the petitions that we desired of him. How to be confident that he will fulfill our desires according to his good pleasure! Be ye patient,stablish your heart unto Christ. Public Domain
  • Obbie Beal on Revelation 12
    Faith: I placed my faith in, job, car, chair, kinfolks, 401k, IRA, credit card, friends, twenty dollar bill, social services programs, and non of these can keep me out of hell. So, I placed my FAITH in GOD according to HIS word in John 3:16-21, because HE promised to SAVE me. Now saved, daily by and through the POWER of GOD I serve by being obedient to the words of GOD.
  • Arthur ashbuogwu
    from the scripture of truth-holy bible what do we know about china shinar ?
  • Alesia Walton on Psalms 91
    Psalms 91 has gotten me through many trials and tribulations. I thank God for his word. I read this over and over. This is powerful and I share this and let others know about this. My nephew was given one percent chance of recovery from a severe brain injury. I read Psalms 91 to him in the hospital everytime I had a visit with him. Today he is alive and well. Many family members had breakthrough

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