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  • GODSBEST on Jeremiah 5
    But this people hath a revolting and a rebellious heart; they are revolted and gone.
    for us not attract Gods wrath, we have to obey God and do HIs blessed will.
    lets take away our heart from things that defileth. lets take away our heart from strange gods,
    serve the Lord and do HIs commandments.
  • Philip on Psalms 126
    Psalms 126 vs. 1"When the Lord turned again the captivity of Zion..." It doesn't matter if you consider yourself in captivity one way or the other because it certainly is a door way to a higher level and therefore a place of praise and worship. Hallelujah!!! Amen and amen.
  • Zina on John 6
    Thabk God. I can eat his body and drink his blood
  • Charley on Jeremiah 25
    sorry the scribes new the apocrypha were never allowed in the
    66 books of the bible jesus christ never quoted the apocrypha
    nor the the prophets nor apostles, it contradicts itself
    rome loves it because they have purgatory and praying
    for the dead which is an abomination, wakeup the apocrypha
    books are not inspired by GOD nor is the book of enoch
    lie,it only has history and fables.2nd tim 3-16
  • Jake on Psalms 83
    See in Psalms 83:18, it says gods name is Jehovah, so, you're all welcome, yall thought wrong.
  • Bruce on Galatians 3
    Are You Saying The Author ( God ) Made a Oops ?/ The Man was not Hung for a Sin Worthy of Death. He was Hung because he was Dead. Hung for All to See. Christ became a Curse for YOU. The Only One that Could Redeem Us from The Curse. Sounds Like Your Way Off. / All Scripture is Giving by Inspiration of God---2 Timothy 3:16.) Cursed is everyone that Hangs on a Tree(Galatians 3:13)
  • Raven on Psalms 27
    i think what he is saying that you should trust God an know that he is who he says he is
  • Bruce on Ezekiel 36
    The Heart is Deceitful above all Things and Desperately Wicked---(Jeremiah 17:9) Man does not Start with a Good Heart.---The Imagination of Man's Heart is Evil from His Youth---(Genesis 8:21) No Man can come to me Except The Father which Sent Me Draw him.(John 6:44) He will Wash Us in His Blood(Revelation 1:5)Baptize us with The Holy Ghost(Mark 1:8)---He will be a New Creature--- 2 Corinthians 5:17
  • Marcel gendron on John 1
    trying to find the passage where john says that Christ would send a Comforter
  • Olubukola Ayinde on Psalms 93
    The Lord is mightier than the waves of the sea!No one can match the power of the Lord my God.Praise Him for ever more.I feel secured.Amen.
  • LaVonne on Genesis 6
    End of previous comment was supposed to be: The LORD also destroyed (judgement)
    against Sodom and Gomorrah for their sins against him. Just as he did with the flood
    of Noah's day. As the judgment will come against our time and peoples if WE fail to
    truly REPENT.
  • LaVonne on Genesis 6
    Responding to Eva's comment 11-05. SIN is the main reason for building the Ark." God saw that wickedness of man WAS great in the earth, and that every imagination of the thoughts of his heart WAS only evil continually". Genesis 6:5. Where there is SIN, there is always judgement, unless there is TRUE REPENTANCE. Just as it was when the LORD destroyed Sodom
  • Ms. Vonnie on Matthew 21
    I believe that one must have faith in God's promises in order for our prayers to work for us and in us. Because " without faith it is impossible to please God,"
  • Donald posey on 2 Chronicles 9
    Breakdown the measurements of gold, talents, shekel, etc.
  • Vickie White on Matthew 21
    Please allow me to have an original King James Bible ...I need it thank you God bless
  • Eva on Genesis 6
    So fallen angels (sons of God) had sexual encounters with women and by product was GIANTS. The only preserved - genetically pure was line of Noah that is why only Noah was instructed before the FLOOD to build the Arc so that he and his family (8 souls in total) so that God's creation could be preserved. The flood was due to GIANTS mixing with Men seed which was against God's rules.
  • William Sturrup on Psalms 27
    I have read Psalms 27 so many times, until it is almost stuck in my memory. Clearly, the Psalm states the goodness of God and why He is worthy of praise. I am presently going through a spiritual struggle. however, verse 14 gives me the assurance that God will give me and all those who wait on Him the victory. Please remember me in prayer.
  • Name on Galatians 4
  • Love on Galatians 4
    I don't no
  • I love the book of Matthew. Its the Resurrection of our Lord Jesus Christ. Amen. on Matthew 28
    Please let me Join in your Bible study. Amen.
  • Takeeton Green on Ezekiel 36
    This here is speaking of the new birth. We all need needed a heart transplant and the Lord is the one who can do it.
  • Bro mike on Revelation 18
    Revelation 18:23 says the candle will light no more and the voice of the bride and groom will be heard no more.the walks in a miraculous way I bless your name Amen
  • Obbie Beal on 2 Chronicles 31
    When we rightly obey GOD, HE bless us above and beyond. WOW! WOW! WOW!
  • Jones on Ezekiel 36
    A man is born with a Good heart. As he grows. He becomes hardened by evil deeds and this deeds is likened unto a stone and is discribed as a stony heart .self centeredness. Not longer able to do God's will . God's then giving every man an opportunity to repent from all evil deeds . at your acceptance stage then God will remove a stony heart and then He then gives you a new heart with His spirit in it that will assist you to obey and do God's will again .therefore repent from all evil deeds and then follow Acts 3 Mark 16:16.then get baptism on Acts 2 :38 be filled with power of the Holy Ghost at Acts 1 versr 8 .become a witness to God's word . Remain obedient to His Word . Stay blessed. Amen
  • ER on Psalms 51
    Daughter of Sion (1month ago) re: This is my mantra as I battle with depressive episode....

    I pray God restore you. He is omnipotent power, omnipresent in your heart. Omniscient knows all your cares. He said resist depressive thoughts they WILL flee. Look closer, He is not "out there" but on your lips. Tell the devil to flee, he must greater is He that is in you not "out there" God is in you.
  • Chris Love on Nahum 1
    Linda L. Duffany - I don't believe so. If you read that verse in context with the entire chapter, I believe it says affliction won't come again, it will be worse, there will be an end for the vile. (I'm paraphrasing)
  • Ernest on Hebrews 6
    Ivan; Would you like to try and walk away from the enfolded hand of God Almighty! God's hand is a spiritual picture, which the Lord Jesus used to illustrate the security of the believer. Who does the work of saving a soul? Is it not God through the work of Christ? I never saved myself I couldn't! even though I believed the Gospel, God saved me. Chosen in Christ! he doesn't choose to then loose.
  • Andrew truesdale on Genesis 1
    God did not create sin but god is just and righteous, so he gives us free will, it was an act of disobediants by man, it could of went differently, but with humans with free will, its hard to predict the outcome, We can really understand because we exsist in 4D (time) God is beond time he sees all possible futures and pasts, it is influx it is not written in stone, it to hard for us to understand.
  • Ivy Johnson on Judges 6
    Gideon was hiding in fear of being seen by the enemies. God had an assignment for him to do. The first thing, Gideon was concerned that he was not good enough. Doesn’that sound like us today. We think we have to clean-up ourselves for God to use us. No, if we could, our Lord and Saviour, Jesus Christ, would not have to come. He is the only one who can clean-us-up.
  • Nonkululeko on 1 Timothy 4
    Basically for me I love verse 12 who talks about the qualities that are going to sustain you as a young person in Christ that no matter how anointed you can be but your character and self conduct is what sustain you as a young Christian, and that we are to lead by example by being purely in front of God and people not misleading them.

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