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  • Kurt Chapoell on John 9
    Men of God know not mystery’s God holds. We have non believers, even atheists in our families and friends. Some we think barred from Heaven will not be and visa versa. Our pain may be great with these lost, so close to us.
    We, living like Christ helps bring some to belief, even after we go to Heaven. God’s power works in us/ thru us. Atheists being open are closer to God than they realize! Amen.
  • Bruce on Genesis 6
    Cheryl: All through Scripture Angels are referred to in The Masculine Gender. The Angels that talk to Lot are Called Men.They are always Called by Masculine Names. -when they rise from the dead they neither Marry nor are given in Marriage but are as the Angels which are in Heaven: Mark 12:25 / Zechariah 5:9 Two Women have Wings like a Stork. Two Female Angels? Found nowhere else in Scripture.
  • LaCarlsha on Matthew 1
    Just knowing that God had so much Faith, Trust and Obedience to his not only Mary ,but to the Angels we should have that outlook on his words and walk in favor of him. This is the beginning for me and I'm ready to walk in favor of God and be a servant to him because I know he has GREAT things for ME!! PLEASE KEEP ME UPLIFTED IN YOUR PRAYERS
  • Marie on Psalms 91
    Please pray for my son that he could heal from having diarrhea all the times because he is lactose intolerant. May God love and blessings and prosperity May be on my home!
  • Johanna on Psalms 115
    I see David repeated 3 times that we should trust in the Lord, which is the area we lack and Christians sometimes, when thing go well we seems to forget to trust God, when thing are hard that's when we pray all the times. i pray that God help us to trust in Him instead of leaning in our understanding. He is God the Creator of Heaven and Earth and He loves us so much
  • BSP on John 9
    Jesus actions spoke for themselves. When he was falsely accused he let his actions speak for themselves so people could reach the right conclusion about him. We can imitate him.
  • Alex on Genesis 1
  • Ratbisquit on Genesis 8
  • Leanne J Hoffman on Genesis 1
    Funmilayo, He was there! Read about it in John 1. Jesus was the Word who became flesh and was indeed present as God at Creation. Never understood John 1 as a child so I was excited to finally grasp this concept as an adult.
  • Gonzalo on John 10
    Verse 39,...Therefore they sought again to take him:" but he escaped out of their hand", this vanishing of Jesus happened many times in Luke 4:30," But he passing through the mist of them went his way"...This is a great Miracle by GOD, just when Jesus was going to be stoned or apprehended suddenly time was frozen and stood still and he just walk away ,there is no other explanation. a Miracle.
  • Charley on Luke 20
    replacement theology is a lie GOD is not finished with israel the church
    is not israel there will be a rapture or catching away of the born again belivers
    and there will be a 7 year tribulation.jesus can come at any moment are we ready
    marantha come quickly lord jesus repent churchluke 13-3
  • Lydia perron on John 9
    this is a day that the lord has made and we will rejoice and be glad in it,our God is faithful and truth.he cares and loves us more than we can think about:
  • Solomon on Matthew 1
    This book is a living history that deep into the geneology of Jesus Christ
  • Brianna vs. 4 on John 5
    Research works shows that vs. 4 is not in the original texts, but is folklore.

    Scholars who make a career of comparing manuscripts (“textual critics” and “paleographers”) have discovered that in roughly two dozen manuscripts scribes put asterisk marks at the verse to warn the next scribe who would copy the manuscript that the verse was likely not original.
  • Len on Ezra 9
    Thanks Nharna, I think sins pollution deafens our spirit, making giving and getting direction harder and harder. God wants us to hear him and believe, not struggle with every thing written in the word.
  • Lorease on Revelation 21
    Brother Roger, we will know each other as we have know one another on earth, however, the "relationship" will be different as Bro. Anthony stated, the relationship in glory will be based as brethren in Christ. Be blessed ... your granny will know that you were her grandson, and will be glad that you made it over as a brethren in Christ. Be Blessed!
  • Lorease on Genesis 7
    Adrian, there are many years between Cain, the son of Adam
  • Lorease on Philippians 3
    Joyce, As you mentioned, soul of man is the most important of a human b/c that's why Christ died. The bible doesn't speak against cremation as a form of putting away our love ones. Besides, it's cheaper for many that can't afford burial. The Bible does condemn human sacrifice/burning - this act involves offerings humans to gods. At any rate, we'll receive glorified bodies Philippians 3:21. Be Blessed
  • BSP on Isaiah 6
    Verse 8~Isaiah didn't know the full scope of the assignment before he accepted it, but he eagerly volunteered and put full faith and trust in Jehovah God.
  • BSP on Revelation 2
    Verse 10~Some of the trials that would be faced by true Christians are mentioned here and these call for courage and trust in Jehovah God.
  • BSP on Psalms 91
    Verse 13~Jehovah God can equip us to trample Satan under our feet as a big snake. How fitting since Satan is the original serpent.
  • Jackie Tettleton on Romans 1
    The people knew God was the Creator but they would not acknowledge Him as such. They relegated Him to a list of pagan gods. When they did this they chose to walk away from Him. He had to let them go because He will not force anyone to worship Him. He also knew what was in their hearts and so He had to turn them over to the lusts of their hearts. God is God. Malachi 3:6 I am the Lord, I change not.
  • BSP on Revelation 5
    Verse 5~Jesus is here referred to as a lion because of his lion-like courage and strength that he has.
  • BSP on Hebrews 10
    Verse 39~Paul had faith in his Hebrew brothers and sisters. He said that they were not the sort who shrink back.
  • Billie CALAME NORMAN on Deuteronomy 8
    All.I...know, the Holy..Spirit..gave, me, this
    Scptiure yrs..ago....and, I believe..its,, power.
    That..the, Lord, will.give.but..dont, comes, from....I know,, blessings are, on..the, wayyy
  • BSP on Philippians 3
    Verse 7~Paul considered the former material things he had as a loss or as rubbish when compared to the privilege of having a relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • BSP on Jeremiah 20
    Verse 11~Jeremiah had complete trust in Jehovah God and this helped him to be courageous and carry out his commission to preach.
  • BSP on 1 Kings 22
    Verse 14~Micaiah was going to speak the truth no matter what. He had God's approval for this.
  • Pastor Vitus Raphael on Psalms 121
    This Psalm lets me know that God is too faithful to fail, this confidence makes me also know that I cannot be disadvantaged because my God is always awake.
  • Pastor Vitus Raphael on Psalms 121
    This Psalm lets me know that God is too faithful to fail, this confidence makes me also know that I cannot be disadvantaged because my God is always awake.

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