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  • Brittany Green on 2 Peter 2
    2 Peter 2:14 makes a lot of sense, in regards to false religion. It also convicts me, and shows to beware. It seems like the "an heart they have exercised with covetous practices" is multiteired. In context, he is speaking of a routine pattern of sin, specifically, with adultery, idolatry, and gainsaying. Yet, there are also theological practices that lead to seared consciences.
  • Pinky on Jeremiah 51
    Just a theory, Babylon referred to as a 'she' meaning one who gives birth to another. The actual land of the Chaldeans present day Iraq is included in the judgment. Could the image in Daniel be the entire structure of what constitutes Babylon. As we see, the head of gold representing the 1st king actually identified with Nebuchadnnezzar. From the head of gold, to the toes of iron clay Babylon
  • Stanjett on Jeremiah 51
    Most cites are referred to as she.
  • Trudy carlson on Matthew 11
    I give all my worries concerns and burdens to him - he's right! Blessed is our savior protector Jesus. thank you Jesus
  • Alex on Galatians 3
    Abraham was indeed multiplied resulting in natural Israel but natural Israel was not the children of PROMISE READ Romans 9 ITS only CHRIST and his seed that are the children of PROMISE MEANING THE H.G. OUR NEW MAN.Thats y the New BIRTH IS SO IMPORTANT WE ARE GONNA BIRTH THAT NEW MAN WHICH IS THE PROMISE TH H.G. TH MULTIPLICATION OF CHRIST THAT WAS THE ORIGINAL PROMISE THUS HE IS TRULY THE SON OF MAN
  • Sarah on 1 Peter 5
    Wow, what a powerful word. God is speaking to me. Praise God.
  • Geraldine Cole on 1 Peter 1
    That right William that is the only way is to be Holy in all manner of conduct be ye Holy Amen
  • Were we also begotten from a virginal state or conceived by the word? Rather, we have been born again by the word. Let us therefore strengthen ourselves as virgins in the [...]. (144,000 virgins?)
    Testimony of Truth (Dead Sea Scrolls)
  • Bruce on Revelation 6
    I heard a great Voice out of The Temple saying to The Seven Angels, Go your ways and pour out the Vials of The Wrath of God upon The Earth. Revelation 16:1. The Tribulation, Trouble and Persecution ( The Time of Jacobs Trouble, The Tribulation) has ended for God's People. Then The Seven Trumpets. Then The Wrath of God is Poured out on The unbelievers
  • Woodrow e. nichols on Revelation 1
    What's the name of the revealing angel? why did jesus need an angel to reveal his revelation when he could have done it directly through the Holy Spirit? You are naive if you think this book comes from God.
  • Bruce on Matthew 19
    It easier for a Camel to go through The Eye of a Needle, than for a Rich man to Enter The Kingdom of God. When His Disciples Heard it they were exceedingly Amazed, saying, Who then can be Saved? Matthew 19:24-25. They Knew The Lord is Telling Them it's Impossible for a Rich man to Enter The Kingdom. / There's no Door Call Eye of a Needle, never has been. Only by The Blood of The Lamb do we Enter
  • Stanjett on Matthew 19
    I have read or heard the same thing as Gonzalo. If it is true or not I don't know. But that's not the point. That eye or a sewing needles eye, it is hard for a rich man to entry into Heaven. But not impossible.
  • Bruce on Malachi 4
    Paul: Elias truly shall First come and Restore All Things. But I say unto you, That Elias is come already and they Knew Him not but have done unto Him whatsoever they Listed. Likewise Shall also The Son of man Suffer of them. Then The Disciples understood that He Spake unto them of John The Baptist. Matthew 17: 11-13 / True Believers know Elijah was here about 2000yrs ago as John The Baptist.
  • David Chapman on 1 Peter 5
    It is wise to humble yourself before Great and powerful Awesome God, but willingly I choose to do that out of Respect for the King of Kings. I am a lowly. Sinner Saved by grace, I owe every thing to God I myself am most exceedly to serve my God forever as I can never pay Him back For his gift of eternal life. Praise God forevermore.
  • Paul Plumb on Malachi 4
    On April 3, 1836 the prophet Elijah appeared in the Kirkland Temple and restored the sealing power of the priesthood as part of the restoration of the Gospel prior to the second coming. Put these words in google search and you'll learn a lot more.
  • Julie on Malachi 4
    Paul I am x communicated from the Mormon church yet still love the lord Jesus with all my heart soul n mind trying to learn the book of Mormon I do bekeive its a true book and could use a little help would u help
  • James on Isaiah 61
    In v.8 we see the divine passions of love and hate. The LORD (Jehovah) loves Judgement (Justice). He hates robbery for burnt offering. That speaks of his people not showing their gratitude and appreciation of Him or his divine blessings, by offering him sub-standard offerings of their flocks, instead of the best. God always gives ‘first rate’ blessings to his people. He expects the same in kind🌈
  • Tim Coenen on 2 Samuel 3
    Why is it all ways the 5th rib? this is like the 4th time someone has died from a knife to the 5rd rib.
  • Chad on 2 Samuel 3
    5th rib, meaning was stabbed in the heart.
  • Carter on Acts 10
    John 5:43 Jesus said that I come in my FATHER's name. The JEWS hated him because he claimed to be the MESSIAH - JESHUA - SAVIOR - GOD manifested in the flesh. Jesus Jehovah savior.
  • Adrian Booth on Matthew 19
    No, Judas Iscariot will not sit on one of the thrones. He took his own life and betrayed the Son of God. He will be in Hell for eternity. He was replaced by Matthias in Acts 1
  • John Masters on Psalms 102
    I am hunted, spied on, misinterpreted, and like an owl of the desert, and a sparrow alone on a rooftop in the smoggy city Nonetheless, my hope is in God. He will hear when I cry, and he will answer me.
  • Bessie smith on Psalms 23
    God doing wonders. Thank you lord.
  • Bruce on Genesis 1
    The City had no need of The Sun, neither of The Moon to shine in it: for The Glory of God did Lighten it and The Lamb is The Light thereof. Christ is not The Sun. His Light can not be Seen with Our Eyes.
  • Ready for JESUS on Romans 1
    without excuse
  • James Stewart Jr on Revelation 6
    The rider of the white horse is commonly misinterpreted as the Antichrist, and marking the beginning of the 7 year tribulation. Daniel's dream shows the beginning of the 7 year tribulation beginning with the revealing of Antichrist, which takes place at the beginning of the 7 bowl judgements. The rider of the white horse is not the Antichrist, but the unholy spirit, Satan's 3rd part of his trinity
  • Gonzalo on Matthew 19
    verse :24. It is easier for a camel to go through the eye of a needle, than for a rich man to enter into the kingdom of God. I heard many times in my Bible study from fellow Christians they say that Jesus was referring to a huge door in Jerusalem ( named the "eye of the needle") that a rich person camel loaded to the max could not enter easily. but verse 25 and 26 refute that Justification.
  • L.D on Genesis 20
    I've read chapter 20 couple of times and there's a of verses that open my, there were a group at my place and we were talking about brother who would married their sisters. verse 12, Abraham said indeed she is the daughter of my father but not the daughter of my mother. Am a little confuse on verse 12, Question, Can a man marry a girl that is his sister from his mother's side but not sister by?
  • I asked too on Philippians 1
    Nichole - Jesus Loves You! Just ASK-

    Ask and it shall be given unto you
    Seek and ye shall find
    Knock and it shall be opened unto you.

    Read Read Read His Word! Talk to Him! Prayer is more direct than any chatroom. The Gospel of John answers your question!
  • Antoine Lewis on Romans 8
    Walking in the spirit means walking in the in the word of GOD. The word of GOD is spirit and it is life

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