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  • Word on Matthew 25
    The mystery of the rapture is that It's Not In The Bible! Except In Ezekiel 13 where God speaks of preachers who make up things, their own Devine thoughts which are lies telling people they will fly to save their souls (KJV) well God hates it! No rapture we all change at the 7th Trump and no one gets out of the test that God has planned for salvation. Think! Keep track of the subject when reading.
  • Rory on Philippians 4
    It's your street of mind that determines your status and relationship with tha HOLY SPIRIT... Light and darkness can't dwell in the same vessel at the same time. Let us be mindful of this.... If thine eye be dark... How great is that darkness.... All this scripture discribes a state of mind. Therefore, we must continually guard our minds by keeping it flooded with GODS WORD, SONGS OF Praise, etc.
  • Word on Matthew 24
    Ivan all changed in spiritual bodies 7th trump Christ returns set up His Kingdom. But during 6th trump antichrist Meaning instead of Christ performs supernatural tricks claiming he is Christ return, world believes the Saints delivered up to death, Satan, by those near to them and others because saints know he is a fake and won't follow put captive speak in tongues because it's God speaking.
  • Sam on James 2
    Verse 24 We are not justified by faith alone, as falsely taught by Luther. This is the only time the term faith alone occurs in scripture, and herein it says we are NOT justified by faith alone.
  • Vera Ship on Psalms 5
    God is our protector. He is ever present. The doors that were shut to you will open because of God's favor. Favor comes on two feet. No hurt or harm will come nigh your dwelling because of God's grace and mercy.
  • BSP on Genesis 25
    Verse 21~Children are a gift from God as shown here when Isaac was entreating Jehovah God in regards to Rebekah having a child.
  • BSP on Genesis 24
    Verse 19~Rebekah went above and beyond and was willing to be self-sacrificing. She had fine qualities as a potential wife.
  • BSP on Genesis 22
    Verse 3~Abraham had an extraordinary amount of faith in God. He was willing to sacrifice much. Jehovah God blessed him and used him as an example in what he would do centuries later in offering up the life of his son Jesus Christ.
  • W.w on Ephesians 5
    sorry, what is the name of the man who is reading in audio?
  • BSP on Genesis 20
    Verse 6~Adultery is considered a sin against God. Jehovah God here warned Abimelech before he committed a grave sin.
  • BSp on Genesis 19
    Verse 16~Jehovah God showed great patience and loving kindness towards Lot when he kept lingering. It is better to obey God immediately and not procrastinate.
  • BSP on Genesis 18
    Verses 4,5~Hospitality was a very important custom in ancient Israel. Hospitality should be important to us today.
  • BSP on Genesis 17
    Verse 17~From a human standpoint Abraham and Sarah having a child in their old age was laughable, but with Jehovah God all things are possible.
  • Daughter of a king on Psalms 51
    This psalm is near to my heart because it is the only offense David had committed. God testifying of him said that David was a man after his own heart and perfect towards him save for the offense with Bathsheba. This psalm is for a righteous man that has endeavored with all his heart to keep the faith but due to a lack of watching stumbled in the way. God's mercy is able to uphold such a one.
  • BSP on Genesis 13
    Verse 9~Even though Abraham was older than Lot he let him have the first pick. Abraham was truly a humble man.
  • BSP on Genesis 12
    Verse 11~Sarah was a beautiful older woman and so Abraham took precautions to keep him and his family safe while they travelled.
  • Shadrach Shambee on Numbers 36
    This was an interesting book showing how God kept His people safe and regulated! And shows where society gets some of their moral practices from!
  • BSP on Genesis 11
    Verse 4~The people were disobeying Jehovah God in his purpose to have the people spread out and inhabit the earth. They were selfishly trying to make a name for themselves.
  • BSP on Genesis 9
    Verse 14~Jehovah God created the rainbow as a sign that he would never flood the entire earth again.
  • BSP on Genesis 7
    Verse 1~God took notice of Noah and his family's righteousness. It was not in vain that Noah stayed faithful to Jehovah God and it is not in vain to be faithful to God today.
  • BSP on Genesis 6
    Verse 13~God told Noah what he was going to do ahead of time. Jehovah God always warns his servants ahead of time.
  • BSP on Genesis 5
    Verse 27~Methuselah is the longest living human recorded in the Bible.
  • BSP on Genesis 4
    Verse 7~Jehovah God tried to reason with Cain before he committed the horrible act of murdering Abel. Cain ignored this warning and he followed his own wicked heart.
  • La inf on Psalms 5
    He will shelter his followers with guidance through safe passages because we are following his guidance and is leading us to his might presents which his heaven. Thank you Lord. We are not our own.
  • BSP on Genesis 3
    Verse 2~Eve had been told the command not to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and bad. She clearly stated the command here and this shows that she knew what she should not have done and what she should have done.
  • BSP on Genesis 2
    Verse 2~God rested from his work of creating. He continues to work to sustain us and help us day to day.
  • BSP on Genesis 1
    Verse 26~Jehovah God created man in his image. The human creation was the only creation said to be made in his image.
  • BSP on Psalms 5
    Only those who are righteous from God's standpoint can truly have his blessing.
  • Latonia Wingfield on Isaiah 32
    I justwant to tell lord to keep his hand on me and my kids and my grandson I need pray and guide with my family that why I'm trying to stay pray up so I can get out my mother house and get my own house for me and my kids and grandson I known you got lord thanks you I love you.
  • Charley on 1 Chronicles 16
    the prosperity gospel is out of hell. repent man is lost and of need of a saviour
    his name is jesus christ. run from the prosperity gospel it will send you to hell
    repent or perish. luke 13-3

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