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  • Theophilus on Isaiah 7
    when God give his name to some one, it reveals what he is going to do and be for them. God revealed his name to Abraham as El Shadai literal Jewish understanding is my name is power enough. God reveals his name to Moses,as i shall be with you. God reveals his name through the virgin birth prophecy, as God with us. God reveal his name as Jesus deliverance,salvation
    birth prophecy as God with us
  • Brianna vs. 2 on Proverbs 21
    Society today is trying to make any and every lifestyle be acceptable and without consequences. However, we have to acknowledge that there is RIGHT and there is WRONG. We can't push that everything should be accepted and then wonder why this world is going down the toilet. Just because something seems right in our own eyes it does not make it right. We need God's standard of right and wrong.
  • Brianna Vs. 4 on Psalms 20
    The Bible holds to the key to success and states it plainly. While the world is doing everything to achieve " success" but serve Jehovah God, we are told that if we keep his commandments and put faith in his son Jesus Christ, then the desires of our heart can be granted and God will grant success to all our plans. I can personally say that this is true as God has blessed me richly in my life.
  • Brianna Vs. 8 on 2 Corinthians 9
    I love sharing this scripture with others. This scriptures gives encouragement that our ability to survive in this world whether it be emotionally, mentally, or even financially is dependent upon our relationship with Him. Whether we are single, poor, or disadvantage Jehovah God's blessing can make us self sufficient in all things. Then we can be truly happy, despite our circumstances.
  • Douglas G Wells on Romans 7
    If a cheats on his wife she free from the law
  • Juju bobay on Genesis 1
    This is the best bible online i ever read .I thank God so much for waking me up this morning,and a be able to read my bible! Thank the Lord for allowing ya'll to see another day just like i do. When i wake up in the morning i thank God for allowing me to see another day, next read my bible .and start my day while praying. I THANK YOU JESUS SO MUCH!
  • Sandie on Psalms 103
    My husband was critically ill the pastoral care lady told me to claim this Psalm and verse three especially and say it every day. That was over 15 years ago. He fortunately recovered and I still say this comforting psalm every night.
  • Uyen Nguyen on Jeremiah 29
    It is a wonderfull promise of Elohim to His people in the midth of corrupted heathen.
  • Nichole greeson on Philippians 1
    how do you reach the lord
  • Nichole on Hebrews 12
    how do you fall from grace
  • SHAUN on Acts 3
    Hello, well I believe that Peter was known as a common man throughout the region. infact he was average. thus they could not fathom how "the average man" could have such authority over principalities of that nature.
    Jesus on the other hand had gathered great fame and was perceived by many to be a prophet. An other reason would be that Jesus is Christ and His own people would not accept Him.
  • Samuel Anil Babu on Revelation 1
  • Nathi cilo on Acts 11
    peter was true servant of the lord that always was in connection with with the voice of God. The way that Peter responded to the call against the perceptions, the law, creeds of the Jews is a perfect type to the church that we ought to be moved by the spirit and not man made ideas, creeds or culture.
  • Sheila Gillett on Psalms 112
    I thank God that He is letting me know that I'm secure in His hands. Bless the Lord for His benefits.
  • BSP on Joshua 5
    Verse 12~the manna had been miraculously provided by Jehovah God to sustain his people in the wilderness and once the purpose is served was up, they no longer had to eat of it.
  • Verse 28~Prosperity for the Israelites depended on Jehovah God's blessing. He was their provider.
  • Verse 5~Many blame God for the suffering that takes place on this earth, but this verse shows that it is the fault of imperfect mankind because Jehovah God is perfect and holy and can have nothing to do with the wickedness we see on earth today.
  • Christina Palmer on John 3
    That Gods Love Is so devine, that even when he thought we were lost, he agreed to send his first son, to this earth, to bleed and die, for someone like you and I. so that we might Live and serve! Praise God, for his blood makes us what we ought to be! His power, cleans the heart and makes us Free!! Praise God almighty!
  • Verse 25~When the nations saw the plagues that befell the Israelites, they were to know it was because of their own failings and not some shortage on the part of Jehovah God.
  • Verse 2~The Israelites were to give the first fruits to Jehovah God. This would help them to remember to put God first and give him their best.
  • Verse 19~The ability to glean was a loving provision from Jehovah God. It really allowed those who were in need not to have to beg and to be able to go out and gather food for themselves and their family.
  • Verse 21~A stubborn and unrepentant child brought shame to his parents and if they continually tried to help him, but he refused to change, he was stoned.
  • Verse 10~This shows the hatred that Jehovah God has for child sacrifice and for any magic or things dealing with the bad spirit forces.
  • BSP on Deuteronomy 4
    Verse 2~Jehovah God's word is perfect and it should not be added to or taken away from.
  • BSP on Numbers 34
    Jehovah God made sure that all had an allotment of land in the Promised Land. This shows how orderly and just that God is to his people.
  • BSP on Numbers 21
    Verses 2,3~The Israelites made a vow to Jehovah God and God fulfilled his part of the deal and so the Israelites carried out their vow.
  • BSP on John 3
    Jehovah God gave his firstborn son so that we could gain everlasting life. This was the greatest expression of his love and we should show our appreciation of this precious gift.
  • Jim Nickles on Philippians 4
    After reading chapter 1 of Philippians the bible questions section to the right asks , Who wrote the book of Philippians? Correct answer Paul and Timothy. At he end of chapt.4 it is inserted by this site that Epaphroditus wrote it.Is this in error or am I mistaken?
  • Randy on Romans 6
    Jesus said that whosoever commits sin is the servant of sin. So the only way to not serve sin is to stop sinning. But God be thanked, that ye WERE the servants of sin. Sin is all unrighteousness. Being free from sin we are now servants of Righteousness. PEACE!
  • Willie Lewis on Ephesians 3

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