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  • Child of the most high God on Revelation 11
    How dreadful it will be to fall un the Mighty Hand of God. The heathen do not what is coming! to be come a doctor you have to have studied for it for years, you cannot just jump in to it likewise to make heaven you will have read God's word and worked with Jesus and made Him your personal saviour and a friend. You cannot insult Him and disrespect Him and hope that one day He will have mercy on u
  • DOROTHY PERSON on Psalms 91
  • Geraldine Cole on Matthew 1
    Maria u are right it was a privilege for Mary to carry Jesus Father God use her for that special reason . As the father God used Mary Jesus wants to use us today as his witness he want to use us in many ways all I can say here am I Jesus use me
  • Millicent Powell on Luke 12
    Do you have a bible study class in Orlando Florida I could do by phone I am disable unable to see hear or speak clearly
  • Sheila Mcdonald on Psalms 91
    The Lord is my rock, whom I trust.
  • Ron on Matthew 11
    So glad that in verse 5 that Christ said and the poor have the gospel preached to them. We do not have to have worldly riches for Christ to love and save us. Praise our Heavenly Father for saving my soul and set me on the good road that leads Home.
  • Teresa gosa on Luke 21
    The catching away is so secret. I thought this scriptiure was refering to this event but its not its the second coming of jesus after the 7 years of tribulation seeing we are so close to second coming how much closer are we to the catching away or rapture get ready get ready.
  • Kellie on Mark 13
    "No man knows the DAY or HOUR" that's not to say we shouldn't watch and know the time and season of His return. Jesus warns us to watch and tells us what to watch for. The words Day and Hour bring it right down to the very day and very hour....No man know that day or hour. But, we should study and be able to determine the SEASON of His return. HE commands us to Watch and not Sleep.
  • Timothy Stevenson on Mark 13
    This has nothing to do with the present day, but clearly refers to the coming period of seven years which is called the Tribulation. Mat 24v29: "The Tribulation" is very specific with more details along with ch25. Is necessary to distinguish between the coming of the Lord to the air for His saints 1Cor15v51-54 1Thes4v13-18 , and the Lord coming to the earth with His saints 2Thes1v6-10 Rev19
  • Brianna vs. 18-19 on Psalms 127
    If people would turn to their God Jehovah, how much better would the earth be? Everyone's trying to look for solutions in Human Governments, money, and science. Yet the world gets worse not better. God promised that if we would call on him and fear him, then he would be near to us and rescue us.
  • Brianna vs. 17-20 on Nehemiah 9
    Our God is such a merciful God. With the Israelites, despite their numerous sins against Jehovah God and his representatives this highlights how God still cared for them and kept his promise to Abraham. Our situation today is similar. We live in a wicked world, yet God hasn't abandoned us. He is giving us time to repent before he has to execute justice.
  • Douglas G Wells on Romans 3
    The bible says their is only one way to make it to heaven. Take that to the bank
  • Geraldine Cole on Psalms 9
    JESUS will give everyone their just Reward be it good or bad because he is a just Jesus .he does not have any special ones he love better than the other. Thats how his children must be as well .so u that say u love Jesus but u have all these people that u put above otherJesus will deal with u hell is waiting for u ! Amen
  • Loretta on Proverbs 15
    I have proven Proverbs 15:1. I have been in situations that could have become ugly, but became lovely. We know God's word is true. Read !it, obey it and watch it become real.
  • Albert morris on 2 Chronicles 5
    How wonderful it would be if we all could be in perfect harmony in church praising him so that his glory could fill the temple.
  • Don McKee on Isaiah 41
    My inspirational scripture for today!
  • Gen on Genesis 4
    I felt as if this chapter was very confusing. There are some people here who I have never heard of. I don't think this part is in the Bible I have at school. Yes, I am twelve, and every night I want to read at least one chapter of the Bible. It really makes me feel one with God.
  • Ron on Isaiah 41
    So thankful that he saved me, and I know he will always be there for me and all of his precious children, and I truly love our HEAVENLY FATHER.
  • Linda prevo on Revelation 6
    Rev 6:2, The white horse, is the Antichrist presenting himself to the world as a prince of peace. He preaches peace, but is preparing for war, as symbolized by the bow. The *crown* represents the fact that he will conquer many countries. At first he does so by peace, but will quickly graduate to war.
  • James on John 8
    There are so many messages that can be preached from this chapter but lets focus on one and that is prayer. This group of men knew just where to find Jesus early in the morning, because the scripture tell us that Jesus went early in the morning to pray. Do we start our day with prayer. When you talk to God as you start the day with prayer. That day will always be a good day. Prayer must come first
  • James on John 7
    Jesus Himself was God manifest in the flesh, stood that day in the midst of those that were there including His earthly family and they rejected Him ( God in the flesh). Jesus cried out to all even those that did not believe Him," If any man thirst let him come unto Me and drink, and they refuse even as today me refuse the invitation to eternal life. Come to Him today and never thirst again.
  • BSP on Joshua 9
    Verse 18~The Israelites fulfilled their vow with the Gibeonites. Jehovah God takes very seriously how we fulfill our vows.
  • BSP on Joshua 4
    Verse 7~The Israelites were to pass down to their children the history of how Jehovah God took care of them and delivered them and this would help their children build faith and trust in God.
  • Janice smith on Joshua 4
    You nail your statement straight to the truth! AMEN AMEN! Keep studying God's Living Word!
  • La inf on Psalms 37
    Oh how beautiful these commits are they are so up lifting! Our imperfection are our burdens and loving Christ our burdens our his when we go to him. I love the Lord because it is right he won't let us down! Psalms 37:5 is my most favorite verse! God bless and keep the flame burning brothers and sisters in Christ.
  • BSP on Joshua 2
    Verse 12~Rahab had great faith in Jehovah God and she showed her faith in his servants. She placed her and her family's life in God's hands.
  • BSP on Isaiah 41
    If we have Jehovah God on our side we have no need to fear. He is the most powerful being in the universe and he can help us through anything.
  • Alex on Romans 7
    Jason i admire your spritual insight,but if you read Romans 7 v 4 we see that Nabal was symbolic of the law our 1st husband but Romans 7 v 4 says you are dead to the law (Nabal ) by the body of Christ that you should be married to another ( Christ ) Abigail married another which was David then Nabal died. At Horeb Moses married Israel to the Law/Nabal he said this is what God has ENJOINED unto you
  • His Purpose on 3 John 1
    Only to often we become the only Bible people read, Thus it behooves us to walk in grace and Love with all that is in us. It is one thing to hold a position in church that should be considered an honor in service to those around us, and all together another thing to set ourselves above those in whom we serve as it appears Diotrephes was doing. the Gospel plainly teaches to walk in Love .
  • Andrea on Proverbs 18
    I believe that what we say comes from our hearts. It's a heart matter! That may not be a good thing. It's time to clean out some of old stuff that keeps us drom speaking the right things!

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