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  • Vanessa - in Reply on Micah 5
    yes it's more materialistic then what the Christian holidays truly are, but this is what happens when they remove God out of everything, call immoral good and moral evil where is the church to stand up and fight the good fight. we need to pay attention to who we allow to run our nations, we dont need double minded people, they go to church and then pass laws and forget God. crash an burn
  • V. Turner - in Reply on Romans 6
    unfortunately, Randy, we are still in our bodies and prone to sin.However, with the help of the Holy Spirit, who is always instructing us, if we but listen,and if we constantly look at Christ, and emulate Him, we will become less and less inclined to sin. Look at Jesus constantly, follow Him in thought, word, and deed, and sin will eventually have no room in you.
  • V. Turner - in Reply on Romans 6
    once saved by the blood of Christ, you are saved. If the blood of bulls and goats were sufficient to cover sins for a year, how much more the blood of Jesus. Is God's Jesus blood of so little value? It is everlasting, eternal, and beyond our ability to comprehend it's worth. Just think, the grace and love behind the willingness to die, to save us from eternal separation from God hell WOW!!!!!!
  • V. Turner - in Reply on Romans 6
    Correction!. The blood of bulls and goats DID NOT forgive sin. The blood covered the sins for a year, and the shedding of blood to cover sins was a precursor to Christ's shedding of blood, which forgave sins. Forgiveness is forever. The yearly ceremony of sacrifice to cover the sins of people for a year had to be repeated yearly because it did not forgive the sins of the people.
  • Mary Stewart on John 10
    Jesus was quoting Isiaih who first said "ye are gods". We are all pieces of God and came out of God the first time we came to earth. I saw that in Christian Contemplation and Meditation which has been part of Christianity from the very beginning. Martin Luther practiced it and highly recommended it. Many saints, if not all, have practiced it as well as Catholics, Jewish Kabbalists and mystics.
  • God's Truth and Man's Error Past and Present
    Yes Pamalla Jesus was a Baby when the Wise Men Matthew 2 known as Magi and Kings visited Him but not in the Manger as it was only tempory the Inn was full it was in a house before He was Circumsied which was 8 days after He was Born. Being warned Joseph took them to Egypt and than Nazareth where Jesus grew up. King Herod had babies killed from Birth to 2 years he didn't know Jesus' age or where He was.
  • Little Helper - in Reply on Daniel 7
    Let me help you - First figure out "who" the "Saints" are: Psalms 148:14-He also exalteth the horn of his people, the praise of all his saints even of the children of Israel, a people near unto him. Praise ye the LORD. According to this verse, the "saints" are Israelite's and no other nationality. Also look at Psalms 50:5 The word "Rapture" isn't even in the Bible, but ppl talk it up like it is
  • Boghos L. Artinian MD on Revelation 1
    The concept of 'Rapture' in tissues would be the 'second coming of a surgeon' to save the good cells or tissues from a dead body to be transplanted into a living body.
  • Roosevelt
    for reading
  • Daniel on Psalms 53
    Mariya yes, the children of men killed the faithful one. But it was part of God's Providence, as it fulfilled the Scriptures. God was able to use the evil in men's hearts to defeat Satan. It's one of the things that God does best. That is, he's great at making good come out of bad.
  • Lynn Cohen - in Reply
    Matthew 19:28 and Hebrews 12:2. I searched "Jesus throne" in the KJV. This is all I found searching that way.
  • Alex on Matthew 13
    This parable of the sower and his precious seed is the very reason the woman is in travail n birth pains her child is the H.G. another Christ When he breathe on them he was propagating very God th H.G.Thats y he said b c i have spoken these wordsbreath sorrows has filled your hearts.sorrows imply a spritual pregnancy,when a woman is in travail she has sorrows but her sorrows are turned into joy.
  • Alex on Matthew 13
    Ya gotta realize that the sower of the good seed is the bridegroom,Thats y he is saying the good seed are the children of the kingdom which is a spritual child born in us via his seed th word Same seed that impregnated Mary is gonna impregnate this whole world.When isaiah saw the KINGDOM COMING he says unto us a child is born unto us a son is given,Thats y jesus said the kingdom wd come as a child
  • Alex on Matthew 13
    This parable of th sower and his seed is about multiplication in humanity as th ground is humanity,The world.the seed is the living word the very seed of God to whom the word came it made them Gods.Jesus said the good seed are the children of the kingdom which are Gods born in us via his seed words,th child is th h.g. as that which is born of the spirit is spirit, Thus the h.g is th Promise child
  • Alex on Exodus 3
    Exodus 3 V 15 God is telling Moses that his NAME WAS I AM THAT I AM HAS SENT ME UNTO YOU, He neva tells Moses that his name was jehoveh that was added by man th j.w.s.God told moses that his name was abraham issac and jacob impling father son and granson a mighty nation that wd become as the sand of the seas.God swore by himself about multiplication meaning that God wd be multiplied as th stars
  • Dave - in Reply on Leviticus 18
    Noah and his family lived and died before the laws in Leviticus were put into place so they would not have been breaking any laws by procreating with near kin at that time would be my understanding.
  • Humble your heart for all enimies and let Jesus Hand be your sword First SELAH!! on Psalms 109
    This is a powerful prayer it will work us you believe in our Father spirit "Flesh has been spoiled on earth but our souls are ever lasting "The wicked and Demons run about us every day every second fear not my father say believe in me praise me, love me, walk with me, her my voice he will lift us out of Darkness "I Rubuke all negativity and fear no one but God and Jesus """""!!!
  • Christian on Revelation 1
    I think that the book of revelation show the things witch will happen in last time: the end of this world.
  • Lawanda on Psalms 28
    I was 8 yrs old when my mom came 2 me and said we come 2 u, don't be afraid i didn't have any i deal what she was talking about, when me and my sister were little girl my mom would send us 2 church with the next door neighbor but god came 2 me when i was 20 yrs old and i was pregnant i saw myself buying pink clothes and 2 yrs later i saw my son. i don't know were i would be god.
  • Floyd T. Grissom - in Reply on Romans 13
    Verse 11 Wake up Verses 12 and 13 Get up Verses 14 Get dressed! And go to work for the cause of Christ!
  • Vanessa on Joel 2
    this is the days we are living in now
  • Jesus Christ David Boyce on Revelation 22
    Revelation 22:21 has a completion anagram for the bible linked to Rev13:18 '666' Rev22:21'The grace of the Lord Jesus be with all the saints.' amen The Beast China Warthog Lord men flee, I Jesus halts SIX Xi JINPING JINN PIG turned 66 6 months of age Dec15 2019 leader of China and I the legal Second Christ Thor am the man 66 6 Jan 10 2020. China was waiting for me to post this
  • Cynthia Cooper on Matthew 2
    JESUS is the Star of David me. HE is what guides by HIS Word, HE is the star Light of my life. That Star as becomes a HEro represents JESUS. The Eastern Star as HE ascended in the Eastern sky HE is returning back in that same Eastern sky will outshine that star because HE is the True Star of us True Sheeps Life. Bless Love all through the creator of the stars universe. HE's coming soon.
  • Gary on Ezra 9
    Verse 2 says so much. Leadership. By and large congregations will follow their leaders. If the leadership has gone south then the church will either split or follow. Leadership is key!
  • Michael
    Where does it say Jesus was standing next to God's throne and where is he sitting next to the throne and where is he sitting on the thrine
  • Lady Pamalla
    I don't remember baby Jesus swing born in a house!! It was a manger !!!!!!! And it is the kings from the east Not three wide men???? And the bible used to say The baby Jesus NOT the child And the three kings from the EASTdid not rejoice At the sight of the star of Bethlehem But when they beheld Jesus the son of GOD AND THE LION SHALL LAY WITH THE LAMB NOT THE WOLF WILL DWELL WITHLAMB
  • Wanda
    Psalms 34 17 The righteous cry and the Lord hearth them and deliver them out of ALL their troubles. He is a faithful God for those that are experiencing troubles in this season. Just trust His word. Don't be afraid when you are going through dire circumstances beyond your control.
  • Miriam zakaria on Luke 2
    This is a blessing
  • Ms. Smith on Matthew 16
    I will give my opinion of what I read and hope it helps the viewers. My thoughts on this chapter. The Pharisees and Sadducees ask a sign. Jesus cautions against the doctrine of the Pharisees. Peter's testimony that Jesus was the Christ. Christ foretells his sufferings and rebukes Peter. The necessity of self-denial. Remember viewers Satan kills, still, and destroy. families who we love to attack.
  • Stephen - in Reply on 2 Kings 2
    The Rapture will take place before the Tribulation period. And the Rapture isn't a mere theory. Read 1 Thessalonians 4: 14-18

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