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  • Hal Cline on Psalms 23:4
    Psalms 23:4-6 Yea, though I walk through the valley of death

    (maybe), I will fear no evil; for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. 6: Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever. However, one needs to be in no hurry to leave your family and friends behind! Get well Mike!!! Hal
  • A - in Reply on Acts 16
    You just read it here in verse 31 and 32, it doesn't say anything about "trying to live right" or "going to church" or "being baptized." It says believe on the Lord Jesus Christ to be saved. If you're trusting in anything in addition to Jesus to be saved, then you're saying what Jesus did for you is not enough on its own to wash away your sins and save you. We are saved, as it says, by believing on the Lord Jesus Christ, nothing more and nothing less.

    Ephesians 2:8-9 For by Grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: Not of works, lest any man should boast.

    Romans 4:5 But to him that worketh not, but believeth on him that justified the ungodly, his faith is counted for righteousness.

    John 3:16, John 3:18, John 3:36, etc.

    It's great to live right and God rewards His children abundantly, but Christ alone saves.

    Galatians 5:4. Christ is become of no effect unto you, whosoever of you are justified by the law; ye are fallen from grace.
  • Jesse - in Reply on Acts 22
    Charles, I'm not sure what more I can say to you. You obviously are not understanding me. Can you not see that I have agreed with you for the most part. Women are not allowed to pastor a church where men will be in attendance. They are not allowed to teach the men. I've already said that. What else are you looking for? You are way off if you believe you understand my logic. Street preachers? Come on!

    I agree with you that you have quoted scripture as it is written. You quoted it perfectly, you just misapplied it! You probably feel that I've done the same, so where does that leave us? It's not what I say that is truth, and it's not what you say that is truth, and it is possible that we can both be wrong. God's word is truth, and if one of us is incorrect in our understanding, He will deal with that. Would you at least agree on that?

    Also, do you see how the person who began this post could not have been the one teaching? We may never find out since the post was sent 4 years ago.
  • Jimmy Mills - in Reply on Psalms 150
    Love Psalms 150 especially verse 6 Let everything that hath breath Praise the Lord Praise Ye the Lord. I praise our Lord Jesus regularly holding hands to heaven thanking him over and over especially for my life his grace and especially for John 3:16
  • Jim on Psalms 31
    We have to give everything to God in prayer, no matter what it is . Stop holding on to things you can't control . God is the strong tower, he is our refuge; God said in the word that if you have faith of a mustard seed you can move a mountian. Trust in the lord;he is the only one that can stop from falling.
  • Rebecca Wells on Acts 22
    I am wanting to know which verses in the New Testament speak of Pandemics & also the things God will take away because people aren't living or worshipping right?
  • Julie Tran on Philemon 1
    I was a slave of philemon and apostle Paul brought me to faith in Christ is is Onesimus
  • Jesse - in Reply on Mark 4
    Ashley, I don't believe so. The thorns in the Parable of the Sower is talking about thorns that were already there, and seed falling on top of the thorns. Then it talks about he that hears the word, he gets involved in the cares of this world, and deceitfulness of riches, and they choke the word out. No spiritual growth there. He's got the Word trying to establish itself in soil that is already taken up.

    Jesus calls it the care of this world and deceitfulness of riches. The word care is the word MERIMNA. It is Satan's only weapon against a believer in Christ, and it means the occupation of the attention of the mind. He cannot penetrate the Spirit of Christ that dwells in us, so he keeps us busy and our minds distracted with the cares of this world so we won't have time for the word, which hinders our growth process.

    Backsliding is not found in the N.T. and is never applied to the believer in Christ. It is strictly an O.T. term describing the Children of Israel.

    Hope this helps!
  • Karrie on John 5:4
    I'm having trouble on deciding of a prayer for my troubled heart for my unsaved troubled husband, as today is our 26th anniversary
  • Charles Hallam - in Reply on Acts 22
    I never called you a liar. Infomation speaking for it self. When ya make a scripture say something other than exactly what it says as written, you are changing God's Word and ya know what He says about that in Revelations. So using your logic, as long as a woman isn't inside of a"church" building, you're good with them being street preachers? I'm very happy to admit when I am wrong, but in this thread, I have only quoted the Scripture as it is written and you are making your own decisions. I don't name call, I only speak what I see in the Word.

    God's Word tells us to edify those that are erring, in hopes that they will learn what His Word says and will turn from their own will to His. I have not been harsh whatsoever. If you are offended by God's Word, you have to take that up with Him , not me. Where do you see this verse(s) that tells Chritians to build up those that err?
  • Darlene on Hebrews 10:26
    I take it to mean that God's grace is not a l license to sin.
  • Mishael - in Reply on Psalms 91
    I have peace now. It's hard to see all your prayers go with them. Harder still to see someone you love be in pain and terror, drowning. Still, I wouldn't have left that bedside unless the Lord had not told me what He did. Our prayers matter. They are with their Beloved.
  • Mishael - in Reply on Mark 10:9
    If you live in the USA, you can google your State's laws on it. Some states recognize it;

    Others do not. It can't be treated as divorce until someone moves out of the house.

    Since God created the first marriage with Adam and Eve, we have to observe His requirements to put away a "spouse".

    1 Corinthians 7-9; Genesis 38:8;

    Deu. 24:2-5, Hebrews 13:4; Jeremiah 3:14

    My comment here, is if God can say 'I'm married to you'..then marriage (a covenant) between two parties is serious and binding. If you bend the rules because society says you can doesn't mean it's the best choice.

    I say that because of how it hurts children to live the impermanence of life without one parent. I overheard one day a group of children call themselves, "divorced" kids. Five of them said, I'm divorced, and 1 kid said my parents are married. The 5 told him he was lucky.

    Talk it over with your Pastor or the Pastors wife.
  • Dwain - in Reply on John 21
    Before He was crucified, Jesus did miracles so people would believe He was who He said He was. After the resurrection Jesus was a walking miracle. There was nothing left for Him to prove. Now the miracles would be done by His followers through the Holy Spirit.
  • Bob Hilt - in Reply on John 5:4
    Look into the life of Constantine Simonides, he was likely the greatest forger than ever lived, and he claimed he was the one who forged the SINacticus manuscripts which do not match the Vatican manuscripts. It is full of corrections and I would never trust it for anything.

    The Vaticanus (look at the last 4 letters) are missing the entire book of revelation. National Geographic has an article on why many scholars believe at least 5 of the dead sea scrolls are modern forgeries that the museum paid millions for.

    SInacticus and Vaticanus do not match each other. I spent a year on this subject in Bible college on the graduate level.

    Should we trust the Vatican manuscripts? You know the group that burned people at the stake for daring to have a Bible? William Tyndale comes to mind.

    Just trust the scholars of the King James who knew the languages and what manuscripts to use.

    The Majority text of the Greek manuscripts are reliable and match each other. God preserved his word.
  • James brooks on Ephesians 3
    There is nothing in the New Testament commanding a follower of Christ to tithe;period. Stop lying on GOD and telling people that tithing and giving an offering is the same thing.If you feed people things that the Bible does not say.that,s antichrist speaking.'God says H e loves a cheerful giver,not a cheerful tither. Revelation 22:18&19,2 Timothy 4:1-3.All scripture is given by inspiration of GOD;not man.when I think about tithing i think about Exodus 35and36 when the people were told to stop bringing.GOD,s people will give without being told.GOD Bless.
  • Dwain - in Reply on John 21
    Pray IIChronicles 7:14. God's answer to Solomon's prayer in chapter 6. Repent. Praise. Worship.
  • Wandaprosser on Isaiah 55:13
    I loved as much as you'll receive carried out right here. The sketch is attractive, your authored material stylish. nonetheless, you command get got an impatience over that you wish be delivering the following. unwell unquestionably come further formerly again as exactly the same nearly a lot often inside case you shield this hike.
  • Jesse - in Reply on Acts 22
    (Part 4)

    It doesn't say she was teaching, does it? Is it possible that she was receiving the teaching? That would make more sense to me, because if it were her doing the teaching, why after years go by would she be perplexed by seeming contradictions? Do you honestly believe that she was doing the teaching and becoming perplexed at her own contradictions? I think not! She says at age 37, her spiritual eyes were opened when she put her life into God's Hands." Praise the Lord for that! It sounds to me that she was the recipient of the teaching, not the teacher herself, and had enough of the contradicting messages that she was being taught. How about that for a twist!

    Before you come back and attack me, I hope you can please see what you are doing. It's definitely not edification.
  • Jesse - in Reply on Acts 22
    (Part 3)

    The bible does not tell us everything about the early church. There are things we can't find in scripture. It doesn't cover all of early church history. Have you ever gone outside the bible to look something up?

    Lastly, since I have a knack for "twisting," here's a twist for you. Did you give much thought to Patricia's post before you went on the attack and accused her of teaching in the church? Apparently not, for it is easy to see that she was not the teacher, but the pupil. Her opening statement would tell me that she couldn't have been the one doing the teaching. I never accused her of teaching, you did!

    Look at what she said in her opening remarks and think about it. She says "Years of teaching Sunday morning and afternoon and evening had me perplexed by seeming contradictions. At age 37 my spiritual eyes were opened when I put my life into God's Hands."

    One more to follow.
  • Jesse - in Reply on Acts 22
    (Part 2)

    You throw out the word feminism a lot, and I can't help but envision in my mind the entry door to your church having a sign posted saying "Women, keep your traps shut beyond this point."

    Am I still "twisting" something here? If so, please point it out to me. Since you're that guy who's been through the bible "MANY" times as you say, you probably would be the most qualified to explain it. Edify me, don't tear me down!

    You ask me where in the Bible does it say that in the early church men sat on one side and women on the other? You are right, it doesn't say that. I guess it wouldn't be twisting scripture if I read it elsewhere, so I'm safe there. And if you want an answer to that question, you can research it yourself. A man of your knowledge probably doesn't need my help finding the answer. Not everything we say has to be proven from the bible, unless of course it is the doctrine contained within.

    More to follow.
  • Jesse - in Reply on Acts 22
    Charles, you went from calling me a liar to telling me I'm twisting scripture to make it say what I want? First of all, I'll be the first to admit that I can be wrong. My strongest point as a believer is to confess my spiritual stupidity before God and confess to Him that I don't know. My confession to Christ is that I'm just a dumb sheep in constant need of a shepherd. So, can I be wrong, yup!

    You sir on the other hand would probably be pained to admit that you could be wrong. You speak about edification, but how is it edifying to anyone when your words seem so harsh. How does that build someone up?

    I know what Paul said. I've read it. Women are not to pastor in the church, pretty simple! Being silent does not mean they can't speak at all. They just can't teach the men or be put in a position of authority over the men in the church.

    More to follow.
  • Nina - in Reply on Luke 23:34
    Jesus is God, but he is praying to God the Father, his Father in heaven, to help him in his agonies
  • David Orren - in Reply on Isaiah 11
    The Roman Emperor Constantine reinvented Christianity in order to save the Roman Empire form hostile tribes. His idea was to create a unifying religion and he saw Christianity as that religion that he could identify with. It was under Constantine that the testaments were selected and the history of Jesus was rewritten. They scrubbed out most of the testaments which conflicted with the story they wanted to portray. What we call the 'word of God' is in fact the result of realpolitik by Rome to save itself from disintegration. It is even doubtful if Constantine truthfully converted. As Christianity turned into an institution the church repressed anyone who questioned its contents, killing any one who translated it to mean something different. What eventually got translated into the KJB is just what the Roman Emperor decided was OK to write about. We do not have easy access to the much greater amount of remaining material on the real life of Jesus which is locked up in the Vatican vaults.
  • Lisa M - in Reply on Isaiah 11
    Rosanna, the KJV is changing supernaturally: however, I have come to realize that the enemy is trying to change our focus from the Word of God. We are too late in the game to be distracted from the word. All it is doing is keeping me from really digging into his word and seeking Him for who He is. We need our relationship with the Lord to be strong and unwavering. The only way it is going to get that way is if we focus on Him and His word and not over these things. Pray the Lord will bring back to memory what the original meaning is and continue on growing in the knowledge of Him. That is all that matters now in these last days. God bless you.
  • Maryann on Revelation 2:10
    I have a question in these end time's how are we to fight back is it only spiritually or physically .. when martial law comes to take us out our homes are we to fight back ? And are we to forgive them as they hurt us like Jesus did on the cross? things are happening so fast and i feel it's to late for me to learn ? how are we to handle or except it when your being taking away for them to kill God's children? certain things i'm not understanding can be frustrating .. are we to forgive those that are hurting us or wanting to kill us ..
  • Pam - in Reply on Psalms 91
    Chris, I want to thank you again. Keep it up.
  • Nicole on Tobit 6
    I think as a non believer of the kjv , these are important to read because I know the kjv doesn't make sense as a whole. It's to contradiction. Yet I searched for more and between these and the lost books, I was able to find god again however when I read some comments from so called Christians, my stomach turns and I think it's a waste of time yet again. I encourage others to read the nag hammadi library in addition then make your own decisions
  • Nicole on Tobit 6
    I think as a non believer of the kjv , these are important to read because I know the kjv doesn't make sense and between these and the most books, I was able to find god again however when I read some comments from so called Christians, my stomach turns and I think it's a waste of time yet again.
  • Fred scanlan - in Reply on Matthew 4
    The holy spirit will lead you into all righteousness. A joy unspeakable . Thanks for reply. In Christ. FES

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