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  • MB on Psalms 123
    This psalm came the right time ..God hears our cry's from Heaven and answers our prayers ...I need God's intervention my grandbaby ..He is being taken from his home to stay from time to time with a father who didn't want him before ....but is now being selfish and is using the child as way of getting even with his mom ..I pray for Peter to let go of the annamosity and do what's best for his son.
  • Scripture to Confirm Please
    Where does it say in the Bible which day of the Week God started Creation? was it on a Monday or a Wednesday etc...
  • Love is Freedom on Revelation 13
    Dear Cathryn, your Heart words reflect the Jewels of Love, Trust and Faithfulness. God Bless you Greatly.
  • Chrie Cliene on 1 John 1
    Verse 7 says we are to walk in the light as God does. To me that is the same as walking in the Spirit, his Holy Spotit. That is a sure fire way to steer clear of sin and temptation. I like that.
  • Chrie Cliene on 1 John 1
    I love the short letters of John, they may be short but they are powerful and priceless. All of us are sinners, no one can escape that hard fact. But, like so many other places in God s Word he delights in showing those who will listen and have faith in Jesus how to be forgiven of sin. When we sin again, don t wait, go to Jesus immediately and ask for forgiveness and he will forgive.
  • Is a White Lie Ok
    What is a White Lie, we see with Rahab it was Protection for the Spies and her family and showed her Faith Joshua 2-Heb11:27-James 2:25. In our times we see this with Brother Andrew and his Team who smuggled Bibles into China and many have Faith today because they were able to read God's Truth and reject Carnal Paganism God knows our Hearts and our Motives and we will reap what we sow Good and Bad Galatians 6.
  • Jes - in Reply on Proverbs 18
    Proverbs 18:21 relates to James 3:16 as it describes the tongue as fire. It either brings healing or destruction. Its the smallest part of the body but can be reckless if its not controlled by the unction of the holyspirit. The fruit of your lips should honor and bless the lord at all times and his praise shall continually be in your mouth...!
  • JLS on Proverbs 17
    Proverbs 17:22 reminds me of how God is near the broken hearted and saves the crushed in spirit. Many are the afflictions of the righteous but the Lord delivers him out of them all...the proverb is true. We can not bear a crushed spirit so God delivers us from it. Glory be to God!
  • Jesus is Lord
    Cults reject Scriptures which confirm The Godhead or Trinity yet are confirmed asTruth 1Cor12:3. They and others not yet reconized as Cults claim some were not in the original Manuscripts and have deleted Scriptures or added and changed words and they continue to do this in their latest Translations. They claim Psalm23 is not about Jesus but He confirms in Jn10 He is The Good Shepherd and 1John 5:7.
  • Ms Js on Proverbs 16
    Proverbs 16:24 reminds me of how at work one time i took an order over the drive thru intercom and when the lady drove to the window to pay she said you sound very pleasant as you took my order. I didn't expect that. Christ in us is what makes the difference. I pray that God will continue to use us for the sake of the gospel bcuz God works thru our gifts in us to reach the lost hurt and broken!
  • JS on Proverbs 15
    I know Proverbs 15:1 to be true bcuz ive experienced it over and over again ...throughout my lifetime if i ever was in a situation that was not in my favor, i didn't have to keep speaking my mind i just chose to walk away to help diffuse the situation. And i can truly say it works every time. Arguing or fighting is never the answer...always choose to share the greatest gift...LOVE!!! Be blessed...
  • JS - in Reply on Proverbs 14
    Its honestly important that we stay filled with the power of the Holyghost becuz whether we evaluate what we hear others say, the Holyghost is a teacher and a guider and it leads you into all truth. So you can rely on the holyspirit even if you dont have a good teacher preacher or speaker in your city...God still makes his word clear and available for us all. Praise God!!
  • J S - in Reply on Proverbs 13
    The things we need in life are spiritual! Money could never buy us love joy peace faith meekness...etc. Thats why we don't have a massive amount of wealth becuz God allows us to fill up on his word and it can not be replaced with materialistic things.... Its nice to have nice things but this part of the bible in proverbs is simply put....Winning souls is wise not winning the lottery...!!!
  • Seventh day is sabbath - in Reply
    Us refers to Himself and one or more persons and Our refers to the speaker and one or more other people. The world was created by God speaking the words and refers to making "man" in the same image character as Himself the Father, his Son Jesus and the Holy Spirit. 1 John 5:7 says For there are three that bear record in heaven, the Father, the Word and the Holy Ghost.
  • Adam - in Reply on Proverbs 20
    John 2:10 is Jesus's first miracle of turning water to wine and it indicates people got drunk of this wine. So, this confirms it contained alcohol. Wine by definition is fermented grape juice containing alcohol and if it does not, then it is not wine, but grape juice. Both the word 'wine' is used and the word 'drunk' is used here.
  • I am - in Reply on Psalms 131
    My Holy Father teaches me that man must lose all pride to be fruitful in Christ and to be thankful to GOD. Pride has no place in Christ Jesus as pride is contrary to the meekness and lowliness in Christ's heart. For it is written of Christ, I can of mine own self do nothing: as I hear, I judge: and my judgment is just: because I seek not mine own will, but the will of the Father which has sent me.
  • J S on Proverbs 12
    Proverbs 12:4 is the highlight of the chapter bcuz a virtuous womans behavior and attitudes shows that she has high morals and standards. Shes more than just a jewel embedded around her neck... To sum it up, a virtuous woman serves God with all her heart, mind, body, and soul! Consider that women of God....!!!
  • Tricia - in Reply on Daniel 3
    Oh yes. I believe this. And when he does speak it's such a calming reassurance.
  • Jessica s on Proverbs 11
    I def feel like in 2019 and within the last 20-30 years ppl have centered themselves around the knowledge of gaining more wealth and trusting in its substances than getting on the altar and getting filled with the Holyghost so we can trust God with our lives..bcuz Proverbs 11:28 reminds me that on Christ the solid rock we stand, all other ground is sinking sand. So everyone trust in the rock JESUS
  • Marlon Brabham
    Heaven has seen it before! Regardless of the situation. We have this assurance I will never leave you nor forsake you.
    Hey I'm prayer for my mom and myself we wanted God answer our prayers and I just wanted know do you have a free bible study by mail
  • Jessica s - in Reply on Proverbs 10
    I honestly feel like if u have to ask if winking is bad...more than likely it is. The emotion, intention, and spirit behind most of what we do is most important than the actually behavior mom dressed me and my twin up for church growing up and ladys in the church winked at us all the time cuz we were so cute...that's a good wink...winking for attention attraction is not. God bless
  • Michael - in Reply on Proverbs 20
    strong wine is that has fermented long enough to get one drunk. i second Terry's opinion.
  • Rich castillo - in Reply on 1 Timothy 6
    I don't understand your name?
  • Geoff - in Reply on Acts 19
    Cheryl, I offer this out of concern and hope for others to do it as well. If, I don't know a word in reading I immediately google it, to help me understand. If, i don't know a concept I google it and look at a few answers so as to have understanding. If someone has a sincere question posting where it takes weeks or months for answers is not best. Also, the answers given may not be best.
  • Katherine smith on Isaiah 29
    trying to learn the bible but I love Isaiah reading it
  • Kathy Huddleston
    pray for me to be healed of diabetes
  • Debbie
    Why do some people think 1 John 5:7 should not be included in the Bible?
  • Obbie Beal on Proverbs 8
    The above is a decree from Jehovah, GOD, thereby a foundation tailored to fit us both individually and collectively for living life according to the WILL Of GOD. It being a decree no man can It. It shines brighter than the Sun which gives light to us so we will not stumble and fall injuring our self. Never-the less- most use Sunlight to blindly see, so we stumble and fall injuring our self.
  • God is Good - in Reply on 1 John 3
    I agree with you Adam that God like He did with us He gave Satan free will and he chose to continue to do evi 314 . Some ask than why did God knowing Satan would do evil create him. If we didn't have a choice than we would be puppets and God can use for good what Satan means for evil. Hell is needed for those who do evil without Repentance. Satan will be thrown into the Lake of Fire for Eternity too.

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