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  • Greetings God Is Good - in Reply on Psalms 1
    Are you on the way to Heaven did God choose you from Eternity by His Forknowelage of your Heart Repentance showing your Faith in Jesus as your Lord and Saviour are you Conformed into The Image of Jesus having Worked out your Salvation not meaning worked for it but by putting your Carnal flesh to death by The Spirit and being Born Again of God's Seed so you don't Sin and Perfect like He is in Love.
  • Gmara
    What is the biblical significance of the Dove?
  • Blessings in Knowing God'sTruth - in Reply on Psalms 41
    Iam, To know God's Good Will for us and His Truth we Trust Him and do what He tells us in Scripture. We need His Wisdom Proverbs 4:7 we weren't Born with it we all lack it James 1:5-8 We are told to Ask, Seek and Knock in Lk10:11-13 and when we ask in agreement with God's Good Will for us including for The Holy Spirit we will Receive them and we will know God's Truth and His Heart of Love for us 1Cor2.
  • I'm Adopted by my Abba Father - in Reply on Psalms 1
    Jesus was my Friend when I was young but later my New Mother and Teacher told me that God, Jesus and the Bible were just made up. I continued to believe this lie for years so I had a bath without Soap when I was told if I wanted to Teach Sunday School I had to be Baptized I have always Loved Children all ages so I agreed but Yes Jesus Came After His Lost Sheep and Brought Me Back To The Fold- YES!
  • Mary B on Matthew 7
    Yeah but the thing is that there's no such thing as a sinners prayer. It's no where in the Holy Bible.
  • Linda Templet - in Reply on Genesis 7
    Mommy you may see a boat being built to save people but I see a church. You may see animals entering the boat, but I see people whose SPIRITS or behaviors are like unto animals . You may see Noah gathering food to keep all the animals and his family alive. I see Noah gathering FOOD FOR THE SOUL. Don't ask me of I don't believe the Bible. What I don't believe is that people do NOT understand story
  • Linda Templet - in Reply on Genesis 7
    What I am saying is GOD IS A SPIRITUAL Being that lives INSIDE of your body. I believe every word the Bible says. Noah was a PREACHER of Righteousness. Spirit is the thinking, feeling, motivating part of man. You can not understand what the Bible is trying to teach you if you keep mixing physical things with spirit things. Some people act like ANIMALS before they were saved--are they animals? NO?
  • Harvey on Genesis 8
    Blessings and love to every brother and sister in Jesus Christ for 2020!! Lets pray for each other continually, let us watch the signs of the coming of our Lord and Savior and increase our knowledge in the Word of God to be able to give answer to those who are hopeless... God bless you all...
  • WILL on 1 Chronicles 2
    begat means to produce a child. your parents begat you. you begat your children.
  • Harvey - in Reply on Genesis 8
    To be exact, the flood waters were on the earth one year and two months, that is the last mention of waters being dried up... God bless...
  • Harvey - in Reply on Genesis 8
    Good day miss Smith, i would like to ask you to read chapter 15 until 17 again and then reconsider your opinion on what God has commanded... I hope you see God commands Noah to bring forth 'every living thing', including his family which God already mentions in the verse prior... God bless you all...
  • I am - in Reply on Revelation 13
    Few souls, even eight, are now in the earth beneath, being baptized: see 1 Peter 3:20 and 21. GOD, my Father, knows them. Many souls are reconciled to GOD by the coming of Christ, by whom I am a witness. It is written, Say not in thine heart, Who shall ascend into heaven? that is, to bring Christ down from above: Or, Who shall descend into the deep? that is, to bring up Christ again from the dead.
  • Lil Helper - in Reply on Isaiah 54
    And who did GOD choose? Who are GOD'S chosen? - Israelite's - Refer to 1 Chronicles 16:13-O ye seed of Israel his servant, ye children of Jacob, his chosen ones. Isaiah 41:8-But thou, Israel, art my servant, Jacob whom I have chosen, the seed of Abraham my friend. GOD chose Israelite's to come out of the world Gentile ways like Easter pagan and Christmas pagan and keep his commandments.
  • Mommy4 - in Reply on Genesis 7
    Are you saying you don't believe what the Bible says?
  • Nkechi Obi on Psalms 91
    Psalms 91 is my daily prayer, I feel like I m missing something any day I forget it. I feel Gods Almighty power and protection each time I say this prayer. I am who I am because of God. He never fails . I will forever worship him
  • Genoa Peak
    What does round tires like the moon mean Isaiah 3:18 mean?
  • WILL on Psalms 12
    GOD or LORD in all caps is GOD or LORD. it can be nothing else. To make it something else is changing the holy, infallible word of GOD. We are instructed not to change one jot or one tittle. Who do you think GOD was talking to in GENESIS when HE said, "let US make man in OUR image? Was GOD talking to himself then?
  • Mary Ann - in Reply on Matthew 24
    Yes, keeping ourselves in the love of God and being salt and light to those who surround us, Amen.
  • Linda Templet - in Reply on Revelation 3
    Read v.1 you will see the word signified. The Book of Revelations is full of signifiers. What does your cross signify to you? To me, It signifies the pain and suffering that Jesus suffered because of other peoples sinful ways of life. People seem to forget that we are reading a SPIRITUAL book. To understand what one is reading, one must stay focused on the INNER Body not on the OUTTER body.
  • Understanding God's Rest - in Reply
    If nobody knows which day God started Creating how do we know when He Rested or which day is the Sabbath is.
  • Obaapa - in Reply on Revelation 4
    That is true Walter
  • Obaapa on Revelation 4
    The 4 living creature are holy
  • Kwabena on Psalms 56
    It is a nice Bible verse
  • Thelma Denson on Romans 1
    God let us no what you can not do to be save.
  • Salvation is shown in Actions - in Reply
    Yes I agree Rodney, we need Honesty in our walk with The Lord He tells us in 2Timothy 3:16-17 that His Truth in Scripture is very much needed for our Perfection in His Love Those who said Lord, Lord were lacking in what is important for Salvation. How we treat others is how we are treating Jesus we can't earn our Salvation but we will show we have it when we are Born Again of God's Seed 1John 3:9.
  • Rejoicing and Crying on Proverbs 17
    God's gift of Good Humour has often blessed me but there is a time for everything and telling jokes to anyone who is hurting is not Healing we Cry with them Rom12:15 and have understanding and Compassion 1Pet3:8 Rebuking can be needed with others and we may be rejected but it's not Love to see anyone in danger and not warn them Some of God's Guidlines for RebukingV15 above Ez3:18-2Tim4:1-4 Jude22.
  • BettyAnn Street on Psalms 51
    We would sing it every Sunday in the Lutheran church this my favorite Bible verse
  • Church - in Reply
    no it's not
  • I am - in Reply on Revelation 13
    It is written, For many deceivers ARE entered into the world, who confess not that Jesus Christ IS COME in the flesh. This IS a deceiver and an antichrist. And we know that we ARE of God, and the WHOLE WORLD lies in wickedness. And we know that the Son of God IS COME, and has given us an understanding, that we may know him that IS TRUE, and we are in him that is true, even in his Son Jesus Christ.
  • God is good on Psalms 1
    Are you a hundred percent sure that ur going to heaven one day?

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