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  • Scott Bestler on 1 Timothy 6
    I listen to Bob Cook's radio show every morning on Family Radio. He defines godliness as the evidence of God in our everyday life. I like that.
  • To receive the Holy Spirit one must confess and repent from your sins, pray and ask God for the Holy Spirit to fill you, be baptised (this is an outward show to the world that you have accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior). Expect God to work in your life! Amen
  • Johnny Martinez on Ecclesiastes 8
    1 Peter 3:21 says baptism is to save us. it is NOT an "outward" sign.
  • In order for people to see Christ in us it should show on the outside what is really hidden on the inside.if Gods love is in us people should see that without question.the power of Gods love is life changing and that's the real message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.People should see a reflection of Christ thru your lifestyle which is an outward sign not thru t-shirts and bumper stickers....
  • Tasha on Habakkuk 1
    A very touching book of the Bible! I am reading it in English, Georgian and Azerbaijani (!!!). Habakkuk was a sensitive and passionate man, completely devoted to the Lord. Pouring his heart out, and our Merciful Lord listening intently to the complaints and answering, is what is most striking in this small book of the Bible.
  • Philip Mutia on John 6
    The thinning of the masses, the elect identified.
  • Vanessa on Malachi 4
    Elijah did return as John the baptizer but they did not recognize him. Matt:17:1-3 Moses an Elijah will be there as his witnesses
  • Maria on Exodus 7
    Moses was a prophet because he spoke with God. Today, he is still speaking through prophets in these last days. Moses had a good education in Egypt. Yet he was not eloquent, still our Lord chose him for his purpose of saving Israel. Today is the same, our Lord is choosing the humble people to do his work. Many disregard the calling because they are distracted in the world. They refuse like Egypt.
  • Maria on Exodus 14
    Moses for the Israelites, he was their savior. Moses also represented our Lord Jesus Christ for our present time, he saves us from our sins, both Moses and our Lord Jesus save those who believe in them, Egypt kept the Israelites as slaves through Pharaoh, the devil keep us as slaves through our sins. We must repent, so that we may be saved. Repentance is the dry land of the red sea. Today repent.
  • TK on John 14
    thomas said Lord we don’t know where u r going, how can we know the way.
    Simple family, Jesus said: I am the way,
    I’ve said many a times what about my job, my family, my finance, my husband, my wife, my reputation.
    Simple Jesus said I AM THE WAY: Beautiful thank u lord help me keep the focus amen
  • C.T. on Psalms 125
    Don't give up my brother, I went through the same thing. We have to keep on holding on like job in the bible. my faith was wavering when I lost my mother
  • Bianca douglas on Genesis 11
    As we know the heart is deceitful and wicked above all things. God who has the ability to see the hearts of all men look at the motive that was behind the people true desires to build there own city and own tower to reach heaven. I believe in there own selfish will those words were utter not to build for God's glory but rather than to glorify themselves. We must remember God is the creator.
  • Cynthia on Psalms 123
    As the brother said it is so true. Put your Trust in God for he is the only one that can help you. for He healed my great niece, when the doctor's said they could do no more ,that all hope is gone Then GOD stepped in."'' He Performed a Miracle last month as in yesterday.
    want He do it? The Doctor's were so shocked, but we had faith in God and he showed up.
    Nobody but you God. We Give praise.
  • D.M.
  • Danny Mitchell on Psalms 27
    Hebrews 13:5, say let your conversation be without covetousness and be content with such things as ye have: for he hath said, I will never thee, nor forsake the. We have that assurance that God is a very present help in times of need. He is married to us.
  • Evangelist Warren on Genesis 20
    We develop in knowing the Voice of Our Holy Father. Discerning God's Will follows after accurately discerning His Voice. Alike Abraham's early beginnings, we establish the [FAITH] in God's Voice and TRUST His Promises by experiencing [intimate] challenges in His Presence. It was only in three chapters prior (Ch. 17) when Abram's name (destiny) was sealed as God's Chosen - Abr 'AH' am The Prophet!
  • Grace on 1 John 4
    1 John is speaking mainly on loving one another and no one made a comment of
    The LOVE of GOD for us and the same LOVE
    We are to show toward one another.
  • Jd on Proverbs 17
    watch ur words be wise in everythg
  • Alex on John 6
    Vicky how true your post about the Good Shephard being concerned about not wanting to lose any of the Crumbs, he sure is not gonna wanna lose any of his ppl. And when he fed the multitudes he didnt cull any body he fed em all the good the bad and the ugly EVERYBODY GBU.
  • Michelle Roussell on Psalms 1
    It's where I can find peace,I don't care what my troubles are there's a verse that soothe your soul aching heart your troubled mind etc
  • Vernon cartwright on Genesis 1
    God did not create sin. The first two chapters of Genesis shows the God created a perfect world. Chapter three is when enter the world , because of disobedience. Adam and Eve were instructed what tree not to eat, but they disobeyed God. Sin is transgression of God law ,1 John 3:4. Sin originated in heaven with Lucifer, Isaiah 14:12-15. The law is the ten commandments written with the fingers of God
  • Emile adonsi on Genesis 2
    YOU, LORD!
  • Anonymous2 on Genesis 32
    When Jacob wrestled with the angel, what happened to his thigh after?
  • Stanjett on Genesis 32
    after, he halted upon his thigh. I guess that means he limped.
  • Jake on Matthew 6
    The Bible fully supports and even advocates donations. This verse is saying that you shouldn't give just to show how good of a Christian you are. Because if you are showing off, then you're already receiving your reward, which is glory. Jesus warned us against this.
  • Larry F on Psalms 100
    I love i't
  • Bertha Allen on Psalms 100
    Its strength me in my walk with the LORD JUST reading his Words daily is such a blessing
  • Foxy what does it have to do with this on 1 Timothy 1
    that is Christ alone take us home . by the cross he came to safe sinner . the blood he shed for us. to come to he is our hope to get god
  • Vicki on John 6
    John 6:39~~Jesus is incapable of losing any of His sheep as many think He can. He is the good Shepherd and simply can’t and won’t lose any of the true sheep. If he’s so concerned that none of the fragments of the feeding of the multitudes not be lost, He is certainly not going to lose any that belong to Him.
  • ALEX on Micah 5
    Micah is telling us that HE was gonna given them up till the woman gives birth which is the woman in Revelation 12 which is US. HE GAVE THEM UP FOR 2000 YRS.LAST 2000 YRS HAVE BEEN AN ABOMINATION OF DESOLATION, time of darkness Spritually speaking WHEN NO MAN CAN WORK.THATS WHT HAPPENED TO THE EARLY CHURCH SHE WAS A GREAT ARMY OF GOD BUT HE GAVE THEM UP AS MICAH SAID I.E EZECK'S DRY BONES RISE AGAIN GBU.

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