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  • Sheba on 2 Corinthians 5
    Again, the power of God's excellent Word is emphatic. We have a building of God eternal in the heavens. Walk by faith, not by sight. Let us live to be accepted of God. We don't live unto ourselves, but to Christ. Jesus makes us a brand new creature. The sin spirit is taken out of our lives. We are ambassadors for Christ. Jesus therefore, reconciles us to the Father.
  • Sheba on 2 Corinthians 4
    This chapter illustrates the beauty of holiness. God gives us knowledge through Jesus Christ. As Jesus was raised to life by the power of God, as saints, we shall also be raised from the dead. We are troubled, perplexed, and persecuted, but never in despair and not forsaken. Jesus takes good care of his sheep. Lift up your heads and enjoy the salvation of the Lord.
  • Sheba on 2 Corinthians 3
    This chapter has depth of meaning and takes special meditation. Importantly, the take away is "where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty. Let us live in the Spirit and walk in the Spirit, and therefore have great peace. Additionally, "our sufficiency is of God". How wonderful to know through Christ we are liberated. Don't put your trust in man, but trust only in GOD.
  • Ken Holdredge
    Who here knows of the true cosmology of Gods creation?
  • Randy Blair
    The Holy Spirit does Ken, start with Genesis 1:1 and read the Word of God that profoundly states the origin and development of Creation. He masterfully made, created, and literally spoke things into existence. He is the TRUE cosmology of Creation. His name is Jesus, after reading Genesis read the Book of John. There you will see the Creator and His Creation. Hope this helps.....God Bless you
  • Ken Holdredge
    I am talking about geocentric vs heliocentric.
  • Fred
    Were Adam Eve the first humans created?
  • Ann
    Fred, read Genesis 5:2.
  • Valarie Polk
    Yes Adam was the first one
  • Frederick Matney
    How do incestual relations in the patriarchal period of the bible reconcile with God's unchanging nature?
  • Joni
    What do you do after you have been saved and you son
  • Albert
    I Don't know, because no one is saved until christ returns. These only ones who are save,are those who died in Christ. Meaning his true followers, who preached and lived and walked as Chist did. Remember, Christ said, "Those who endure til the end, shall be saved. Those who follow the way Jesus taught, til the end, will be saved. They are not saved now. The bible has many scriptures on that.
  • Daniel perdomo
    are you save if you are git save
  • Angela W.C. Niyi on Daniel 2
    I think that Daniel was a wise , honest, and sincere person who carried for his people. The decisions that Daniel made while he was dealing with the King, I believe that Daniel was taking his advise from the Lord God directly. I also believe that Daniel's honesty and loyalty to the king, kept Daniel alive and unharmed. I believe that the integrity presented by Daniel should be an example of...
  • Patty Tozi on Proverbs 4
    God, l want to Live and Serve you. Make me strong and courageous when you show me!!! God says not to tremble or be dismayed-- for He is near you always.. Now, how are you ready to let God show you what He needs you to do? Or are you going toward the worldly way of evilness of Self?..
  • Patty Tozi on Proverbs 4
    God is good!!! thank him for being your heavenly father!!! praise him often!!!
  • ALEX on Revelation 12
    Rev 12 ,the woman is the world,jesus said the field was the world where that good seed wd be sown,her child is th h.g. as jesus said that which is born of the spirit is spirit,she is the best example of the heavenly birth as her child is the kingdom of god unless you receive the kingdom as a lil child etc. when isaiah saw the kingdom coming he said unto us a child is born unto us a son is
  • Donald presnell on 2 Corinthians 1
    Christ alone take you home .
  • Sharon on Proverbs 4
    proverb 4 :23 is very perfect word from god
  • Riikka on Proverbs 4
    Yes, I think so, too. I'm a very exact person detailed and also caring and it's nice to know that God likes me - or my doings. I love people, I do paintings, I like to study and teach. Sometimes I notice God is there with me.
  • Paul J Mitchell on Ecclesiastes 3
    The Unbelievers live under the sun as the Believers live under the heavens.
  • Riikka on Exodus 20
    God wanted to be present among His people. He spoke to Moses and gave instructions how to build altars for Him. He wanted people to remember Him and also not to sin.
  • Larry on Revelation 9
    Rev.9:2-12 world war 2 hitler is the angel and the beast from the bottom less pit is and his Allies. Rev. 9:13-20world war 3 and there will be survivors but they will still not repent and would get ready to Fight JESUS CHRIST OUR KING AND SAVIORIt will be tremendous hardship for the survivors after the war and it would be better to have died in the war.GOD ALMIGHTY BLESS US ALL
  • Larry on Revelation 11
    Rev.11 is about the muslims in the temple. god almighty cursed out israel out of the temple because they had never repented.ezekiel 43 hence god took the people from the east to build the temple. now the witnesses are also the people from the east isaiah 43. jesus also talked about them, there is and there will be worshippers in jerusalem that wil worship the father in spirit and in truth.
  • Christine
    i have recently been attempting to find someone to help my son who is possessed. i am and live away from my boy... i have contacted many pastors in the last couple of months ..only two have answered me back and both were of no help.. the first i aske to meet with my son and he did not he speaks the second sent me the suicide hot linewhat does the bible say about the ministrie turning away
  • Wayne lawrence
    are the church of philipi and church of philadelphia the same
  • Nene on Genesis 1
    God made light so we can see , if every thing was dark we couldn't see anything we would be stumbling around. God made many lights,Sun,stars,moon. What happens in the dark come to the light. God is almighty he made everything. He also made herbs to eat and smoke. But one thing I do know ,God is a jealous God. And if God made man in his own image he must be a man. There is but one God, almighty.
  • Kevin Mack on Psalms 37
    I feel that psalm 37 applys to what's currently going on in President Trumps life and the U.S. the democrats are the wicked and stand up for Satan and his ways. Cannibalism,communist, pedifiles,murderers of the unborn, false accusations, false flag mass shootings by operation gladio, destroy all they touch.
  • Jan on Psalms 37
    There is no such thing as a politician that will benefit from the ways of the Lord. Unless, of course you name is Jimmy Carter.
  • Ruben Hartness on Psalms 37
    Kevin--You are sooo right. Prophesy reads that all this turmoil must come to pass and in Mar 13:23 "behold I have told you all things" all the prophesy . v-30 reads that "this generation shall not pass, till all these things be done. This is the generation of the fig tree began in 1948 when Israel again became a Nation unto itself. Time is closing on this very fast. We will overcome by faith.

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