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  • Kathy on Romans 5
    To me this means that Jesus died for our sins for one or millions. Because of who he is we have Grace through his blood.
  • Steve on John 3
    Ah, 3/16, the genesis of the born-again movement. But Jesus clarifies saying that being born again means born from above. Above is qualified as the Spirit, whereas below is the earthly flesh organism. At birth, the flesh is born. The Spirit does animate and permeates the body. But, psychology and self awareness, and Ego convinces us of something else, that humans are self-generating the life
  • Dominic Adokoh on James 5
  • Hazel Carty on Matthew 15
    What comes out of the mouth comes from the heart Lord let all the word of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in thy sight o Lord my God of my salvation
  • Davis Petit on Ezekiel 13
    Ya'll can keep looking for Asparagus Christ. If I see sum'n flyin' in the sky I'm gonna mistake it for a turkey. Look at the Hebrew for pillows (Concealment) Concealing What? Truth Of Course! His Torah/Word! "Is Rex Lex? or Is Lex Rex?" Is The King Law? or Is The Law King?" The Answer? Both! He Is King of Kings And Lord Of Lords! Make your Calling And Election Sure! Shalom Elechem!
  • Kingsley on Psalms 118
    God is my power and strength
  • Dianne on Psalms 103
    My sister is having emergency surgery on her colon as I type. I will send this to her friend who is there. He needs to be uplifted. We are all believer's in Jesus. Love this chapter.
  • Gary Olsen on Isaiah 25
    This chapter is huge for those who see. "Trust ye in the LORD for ever: for in the LORD JEHOVAH is everlasting strength."
  • I Am that Michael Isaac Dale on 2 Peter 1
    No prophecy of the Scripture is of any private interpretation; for it required the coming of Jesus Christ with the Holy Ghost. But now do ye all prophesy, confessing not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh, shewing ye are false Christs and false prophets. So it is written, For the prophecy came not in old time by the will of man: but holy men of God spake as they were moved by the Holy Ghost.
  • Gary Olsen on Isaiah 28
    Continuing with verse 1, "glorious beauty" or what it is that fills you with pride is called a "fading flower" which means that it's all going to go away or be taken away. "The head of the fat valleys" means those with great wealth who wield power. "To be overcome with wine" means your eyes are filled with the material stuff of this world and you have no room for God in your heart of mind.
  • MAKASI on Proverbs 1
  • Ivy Johnson on Matthew 11
    Christians are reluctant to take a stand for the Gospel. Unlike people of religions! We have a Relationship with our God. When the Gospel is trodden down, the Violent, Christians Speaks out on behalf on God. We will not kill anyone who disagree with the God or His Holy Scriptures. We should not sit idly by and allow the enemies of God to deface or mocked the Scriptures. Stand up for Righteousness.
  • DBL on Genesis 22
    Genesis 22 is a controversial passage in the Bible as it is a representation of the savagery of God. The undeniable request of Abraham contradicts the ideals of God. First, the concept of child-sacrifice later abhorred by God is promoted in this passage. Also, the violation of God's covenant to expand the Israelites through Isaac is obviously threatened. How can God ask contradictory things?
  • Bruce on Matthew 2
    Brittany: Do You Know About Christmas? Or Easter? Maybe Easter is The Best Day Ever for Us. Jesus Died on The Cross to Pay for Our Sins. He came Out of The Grave. Now We Can be with Him Forever. I Will See You in Heaven
  • Obbie Beal on Daniel 9
    faithful Daniel (though a slave in a foreign country) holds a high office in government; he has not forgotten Jehovah /God; also this prayer of Daniel clearly teaches us in 2019 why GOD allowed HIS wrath on the promised-land. This prayer of Daniel is applicable to us because the whole world has repeated that day /then. So Being SAVED BY THE BLOOD OF JESUS is our only HOPE. The trial-date is set.
  • Debra on Daniel 1
    In verse 3 - the word eunuchs-
    And the king spake unto Ashpenaz the master of his eunuchs, that he should bring certain of the children of Israel, and of the king's seed , and of the princes;

    Also verse 11: Then said Daniel to Melzar whom the Prince of the eunuchs had set over Daniel, Hannaniah, Mi'shael, and Azari'ah.

    Can anyone please help me understand those verses. Thank you.
  • Catherine Hazur on 1 Timothy 1
    For what you are seeking, use a Concordance
  • Joe on Hebrews 3
    Steve's words: "It is way more then inviting Jesus into your heart whilst the pastors prays" is also what I believe. That is the beginning, but one must follow Jesus' commands thereafter, live following his example, bring forth fruit. It's not a 1 time event, but an entire life style of devotion to Him.
  • Don Carlton on John 11
    Compare Jesus raising Lazurus from the dead to us winning souls for Christ. He told the people who loved Lazurus you remove the stone, share the Gospel....that allowed Jesus entrance to speak life unto Lazurus. Then after that he told them to loose him, the bonds that still held him after receiving life. As the church is to lift up, build up and edify those who have come to life in Christ.
  • Rose on Matthew 3
    Christianity~both Orthodox
  • Rose on Matthew 3
    Hi Christine, you asked..."Jesus is born then he is a man. What happened as he grew? Why do we baptize babies now? Did he make his holy communion?" Not much is know of Jesus' childhood, no one was there to 'record it write it down'. A good movie that shows a little is "Jesus of Nazareth"...Are you a Catholic? I was raised would be my guess that NO, Jesus didn't make Holy Communion
  • Pearl on Psalms 121
    The LORD is always with His children and we should put our trust in Him and Him alone. We must not look to the right or to the left but keep our eyes on Him the Author and Finished of our faith. He promise to protect us so we just have to rest all our cares on Him and believe and trust Him no matter what we go through rest assured He is with us for He cares for us. Praise the Lord.
  • Student of the word. on Revelation 13
    The 42 months in prophesy = 1260 days a prophetical day = 1 prophetical year. Papal Rome tortured and killed God's true 7th day Sabbath 10 Commandment keeping people for 1260 years in the Inquisitions of the Dark Ages of earth's history. The Papacy forced 7th day sabbath keeping Christian's to worship on Sunday,the day the pagans worshipped their false sungod "Sunday is The " Mark of The Beast."
  • Student of the word on Revelation 13
    The dragon we know represents sata and paganism. A woman in scripture represents a church.A pure woman represents Christ's true church.A woman such as Jezebel the wicked Queen and wife of wicked King Ahab, represents Satan's false church. The Roman Catholic Church is nothing more than baptized paganism. She is Satan's counterfeit church. Called "The Whore", harlot church, and "The Mother of Harlot
  • Vanessa on Romans 10
    it is by hearing and reading that Christ through his death and resurrection he fulfilled the laws, and yet some still follow the laws that were given to Moses. We are to live by faith and call upon Jesus, and thank our Father always. I spend a lot crying thinking how many walk blind to how great our God is and his mercy for all if the seek,they will find, how great is he, Love him always Amen!
  • Paul Smith on Genesis 4
    Very good on some of you, There were children born unto Adam and Eve in the garden. How could Eve's pain in child bearing be increased if she has never had a child. Adam was created in the image and likeness of God and Luke 3:38 calls Adam the son of God. But Seth was created in the image and likeness of Adam or man. Understanding this, Genesis 6:1,2 make more sense, And they have different natures.
  • Paul Smith on Genesis 6
    If the sons of God are fallen angels then what do you do with Hebrews 1:5? Unto which of the angels said he at any time, Thou art my Son, this day have I begotten thee? The answer is at no time. Are angels heirs of God and joint heirs of Jesus Christ? Do they inherit Heaven? No. The sons of God are men. But where did they come from or at least, when did they come?
  • Taylor on 2 Peter 1
    Knowing this first, that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation. Verse 20
  • I Am that Michael Isaac Dale on Revelation 1
    Ye confess not that Jesus Christ is come in the flesh nor do ye profit. But it is for the sons of God to believe; preaching the Gospel of Christ to Israel in Spirit. For ye, being many, are now evidence of Christ. As it is written, Little children, it is the last time: and as ye have heard that antichrist shall come, even now are there many antichrists; whereby we know that it is the last time.
  • George McManus on Revelation 20
    All are sinners..Christ died on the cross for all of our sins every single one of them ...Believe in him and Accept him as Lord and Savior....Repent of sins ask God to forgive you for your sins..Do this and your name will be in the book of Life...Amen

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