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  • Found sheep on Genesis 6
    This chapter tells us about fallen angels copulating with human race and consequently their giant-like huge in size children. The reason why Noah was only preserved is stated in Genesis 6:9Noah was perfect in his generation no fallen angel seed IN HIM. That is why God flooded everything else because it was corrupted with devil's seed.
  • Augustina Debrah on Psalms 91
    I say this prayers every morning l tell my children to read psalms 91 everyday. I am protected buy our Lord Jesus Christ. I believe in psalm 91. My daughter just had an operation and she is now recovery at home. To God be the Glory. I will always pray with psalm 91 for God protection. This prayers actually works.
  • Bruce vs 16-7th trump and to get there you have to go through the 6th trump,seal and vial? At the end of the test where all the people that are living and are alive during the 6th trump and that's everyone because we are all changed at the 7th trump. Vs 17 speaks of clouds, street Greek as in book of Hebrews and cloud is a group of people. Air, spiritual bodies, breath of life, new beginning. Wait
  • Word on Matthew 25
    Bruce know why the dead rise 1st because they are already with Him. The subject of this chapter 4 in 1 Thess is those that are sleep or dead not rapture and if God would of wanted rapture in the Bible he would of made a whole chapter on it.Listen to Paul in 2 Thess 2 read exactly how we gather back,don't believe lies taught from 1 Thess 4.Paul even says in 2 Thess don't listen to that first letter
  • Charley on Revelation 17
    wakeup rev 17-4-7 is the roman catholic church, mother of harlots,golden cup is the eucharist
    which is an abominationrev 17-1 the great whore that sitteth on many waters drunk with
    wine from her fornication,the ecumenical movement so called evanglical church joing
    together with the harlot system wakeup church before you are left behind. jesus saves
  • Portia on Psalms 4
    This is a Psalm I love I try my best to read it every night before I go to sleep. I know Almighty God hear me when I call. Psalm 4 also tell me to ask Almighty God to Hear me when I call and to have mercy up me, and hear my Prayer.
  • Levi on Matthew 6
    Matt. 6-10 I believe that until Jesus kingdom comes that his will is not being done
    today on this earth. We can see it everywhere! His will can only be accomplished through his people. THE HARVEST IS PLENTEOUS, THE LABORERS ARE FEW!!!
  • Levi on Revelation 22
    Open your eyes! Satan is now the God of this world. BE YE NOT OF THIS WORLD!!!!
  • HARMONY on Genesis 1
  • James patterson on James 5
    Its the precious and powerful Truth. We had a 15 year old girl who is a relative of mine who attended our church and she since birth had seizures and the doctors could not figure out the cause or how to stop them. We took her up front one Sunday anointed her with oil and prayed over her and since that day (praise God ) she has never had another one . James 5:14 says to do this. Its 6 yrs later.
  • Joan McKenzie on Psalms 62
    God is our refuge n fortress in time of trouble.
  • Betty J Mccullough on Psalms 34
    I will trust in the Lord until I die...I will praise the Lord all of the days of my life!! He is worthy of all Praises!!
  • Martha saulny on Psalms 2
  • Sheila on Psalms 91
    Evymorning i read this psalms and i know that God is my refuge.thete is no one like him i pray that i will never lose my salvation and i know he answers mother had 2 strokes and is recovering very well by the grace of she will come home next week becsuse my mom trust God she and i do too.he is our refuge can i know we adr protected in Jesus name Amen.
  • Rev. Dr. Moses Anyamwu on Matthew 27
    Matthew 27:50-54:
    A divine rearrangement took place after Jesus' last cry: Temple Veil open for new era, the earth responded to the call of Jehovah, the rocks splits and the grave opened up for believers forever and the centurion affirmed the ultimate genuineness of the Son of God who died on the cross.
    Now there is an open door for for those who will believe.
  • Joyce Ann Reynolds on Genesis 1
    Genesis 1 is a great guide in telling us what God has planned for the earth and our part in taking care of it. Replenish was God has plenished. HE created it first, we plant and harvest using what he's given.
  • Dennis on Nehemiah 1
    Janet, Nehemiah isn't the last book of the Old Testament chronologically, that would of course be Malachi. It is the last book to record the actual history of the nation of Israel. The following is a quote from Gill's introduction of the book: "it is the last of the historical books
    that was written, as is thought, and contains an history of the space of about twelve years"
  • Deborah J Watkins on Psalms 27
    This verse is so powerful because GOD is so awesome that through all our heartaches and pain he is still in control of our life. Even when you don't see things moving along like you want just keep prayed up! Just remember, God's time is not our time he does not work like that. Be Patience, Be Kind, and don't lose your HOPE! In due time when you least expect it
    his blessings will fall upon you.
  • Bruce on Matthew 6
    Karen: He's telling His followers not to be concerned about food, clothing things of the world, that the non-believers seek. Things needed will be provided: Seek ye first The Kingdom of God---. He is guiding me, them, us, You. Are We seeking our wants?
  • Bruce on Matthew 25
    word: For The Lord Himself shall descend from Heaven with a shout, with The Voice of The Archangel and with The Trump of God: and the dead in Christ shall rise first: Then We which are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet The Lord in the air and so shall We ever be with The Lord.1Thessalonians4:16-17.( The Rapture)
  • Douglas Gilbert Wells on Acts 23
    Paul full fill mission the Lord Jesus Christ had given him. And how forgave the men that whip him amen
  • John madden on Job 5
    We can't set limits on god, his ways are higher than the heavens
  • James mason on Psalms 19
    psalms 19 werw very enlighting
  • Karen on Matthew 6
    Jesus says towards the end of this passage " For these things The Gentiles seek" . Jesus is clearly not talking to The Gentiles here nor advising The Gentiles to live this way. So who is He guiding here. ? The Jews, Israelite's. ?
  • Paul on Philippians 4
    Praise our Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.
  • Emmanuel yeboah on 2 Chronicles 1
    Alters are prepared by men of God to sermon Him to listen to their prayers and God in His own wisdom descends with blessings. The same way witches, warlocks, voodoo also sermons the spirits the unbeliever on their alters and descends upon them all manner of courses.

    we must all harken to the word of God first in order to stand firm in his glory so no one can have dominion on our life.

  • BSP on Exodus 20
    Verse 4~The Israelites were not to make any images to help them in their worship to Jehovah God. God is a spirit and does not need any material images or statues for a person to worship Him.
  • BSP on Exodus 18
    Verse 5~Jethro put faith in Jehovah God on account of all the things that he had heard and seen. Our good conduct and actions can have a powerful effect on others.
  • Odinaka on Prayer of Azariah 1
    i love this book i have always wanted to read this in kjb bible
  • BSP on Exodus 15
    Verse 1~The people spontaneously started to sing praises. We should not hold back from praising God and we can praise God all the time.

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