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  • Mickey - in Reply on Genesis 3
    To Abel concerning Genesis 3; if you had read on just a little more.
    Genesis 4:25 it says that EVE bore Adam another child: named Seth. Just a little further on you see Adams death age, followed by Seths age at death. God was carefully overseeing the blood trail that would lead to the birth of Jesus. None of it was by chance/circumstance. Jesus came into the world. Both Joseph and Mary were descendants of king David. Jesus's blood must be pure from sin. His blood came from the Father. He only had Gods dna. That's why his blood was so unique. He must walk this world 33 years without sin. He called himself. "The Son of Man. "
  • Hilary Silberman on Psalms 91
    Blessed art Thou oh Lord our God King of the Universe
    Our Protector and our Healer Amen
  • Job - in Reply on Revelation 2
    There is a virus here in REV. that talks about 1/3 of the people on earth dying. Is this the coronavirus? I don't know but there will be one near the end.
  • Jessica Kincaid on Genesis 1:1
    In the Bible some where it talks About the things we were told about the year 2020
  • Yolanda on Revelation 17
    Why is the Euphrates River called the "Great Euphrates River?"
  • Job - in Reply on Matthew 11
  • Joshua - in Reply on Hebrews 13:8
    Amen! 100 years ago people said that the Bible needed to be changed to "get with the times." No doubt people said so before that, and they absolutely say it today. But that is nonsense. Jesus' and His words are the same today as they were 2000 years ago. It's futile for us to change His Word to suit us.
  • Job - in Reply on Matthew 10
    If that is so, we have no choice. We are not robots, we have a choice to follow Him or not. Let us eat drink and be merry for tomorrow we die. Is what you are saying.
  • MackintoshSamantha on 1 Timothy 6:10
    The secret of success is hard work
  • Job on Matthew 8
    And Jesus saith unto him, See thou tell no man; but go thy way, shew thyself to the priest, and offer the gift that Moses commanded, for a testimony unto them. What is the gift that Moses commanded?
  • Job on Matthew 7
    Lord forgive me, a sinner.
  • Job on Matthew 6
    Forgive me Father, A sinner.
  • Fred Scanlan - in Reply on Hebrews 5
    An earthly priest is a shepherd unto Gods children.A good shepherd, will lead his sheep so that they will learn what is the good path , a good shepherd will know how to do this because he understands the dangers that surround him and His flock.His infirmities like the sheep are the same. The shepherd called, are a priest unto a high priest, who is Christ. Their is no priest between the sheep and the shepherd, only the high priest ,Jesus Christ.
  • Annysia on 1 Chronicles 9
    The people of Jerusalem have returned from exile and they try to restore order back to their lives after seventy long years. It's great that one of the first things they brought back is religious duties and that God left the lands practically untouched. Showing putting God first should be our priority to gaining success.
  • Annysia on 2 Chronicles 24:16
    This chapter shows the rise and fall of what could have been a great ruler. But because he removed the Lord from his life and ignored what the prophets told him, he and his kingdom were punished. Not only did another kingdom wage war upon his, but Joash ended up being assassinated by his servants. This really taught me that without allowing your actions to be guided by His teachings, everything you have done will amount to next to nothing.
  • Annysia on 2 Samuel 20
    This story tells a bit like an epic - the Rebellion of Sheba. It's quite an action-packed tale full of politics, tensions between tribes, sieges, and lots more in a single chapter. Not only that, it also shows how power corrupts, as Sheba wanted to gain the power David had. It's quite inspiring that David, despite all the temptations surrounding him stood strong because he had his beliefs in God and even God himself on his side!
  • Annysia on 1 Chronicles 8
    This shows the lineage of the line of Benjamin. Their tribe was powerful during post-exile times in Jerusalem. It is clear how influential they are due to the sheer number of members listed in this chapter. Notice how no matter how influential a tribe is though, everything comes to an end. Power and influence are not permanent but our relationship with the Lord persists if we are faithful.
  • MT on Acts 5
    God hate liars and so do I. Now to pretend that you have a certain amount of money when you have
    more is lying. If they were to give a portion to the God and then hold back they are not worthy of
    life. Lying to the Holy Spirit and God is punishable by death.Husband and Wife lying about money.
    To fall dead in the Church is even worse.What an example to the whole church. Yes! That was Fear
    worth having. These were church people who were liars. God will not allow this disrespect going on
    in his house.
  • Fred Scanlan on Hebrews 3
    Growing in the gospel of salvation, Christ speaks of clearly. The danger of loosing ones faith is not impossible! This is a war between good and evil. This battle is not only here on earth but in the heavens. When you come to Christ and are baptized into his death and risen in His resurrection, you are a new creature in Him. Created in Him.Most religion today teaches a social gospel, based on works. When you understand the power of the holy Spirit, it will guide you into all truth. The last idea you would have is loosing so precious a gift. Temptation and Satan never leave. When your roots are deep He will have a hard time deceiving you. Remember its soly by grace we are saved not our works
  • Annysia on Joshua 16:1
    The inheritance of the children of Joseph was vast and rich, but that did not mean there was no more work to be done. They were given the task to drive out Canaanites but they did not so that they could use them to "serve under tribute" or to work for them. Even if this was against God's will, they did it because it was the easy route, showing that what is easy is not necessarily what is best.
  • Annysia on 2 Kings 24
    Jehoiakim is an example of a leader who does not have God in mind when he does his actions. Jehoiakim's people were arrogant in thinking that God was on their side, but because He knew they were not repentant, he did not support their cause to become an independent kingdom. From then on, more and more evil kings ruled Jerusalem that believed only in false prophets.

    This chapter tells us that without God guiding you in your actions and listening only in what you want to hear, nothing good will come out of it.
  • Richard castillo - in Reply on Romans 6
    Thank you for your prayers
  • Annysia on 2 Chronicles 23
    Jehoiada is someone that stands up for what is right. He did all he could to bring back the line of David (the true rulers) back to the throne and fight against tyranny. He was "just" a priest, but he stood by his believes despite the dangers it posed to him. In the end, he succeeded. God was on his side and he brought the line of David back to the throne.

    This chapter really shows you how important it is to stick to your beliefs and if you're on God's side, He'll definitely support you throughout.
  • Adam - in Reply on Genesis 3
    Should people who commit moral crimes not be accountable for it? Let's say someone severely hurt you or your loved one, would you not want justice? Adam and Eve sinned against God which they were told in advance what the punishment was. Sure enough they sinned anyway which created mortality for all mankind. Now everyone dies regardless, just timing is the only undetermined factor. And when people were extremely wicked and doing nonstop evil and oppressing each other 24/7 with violence, rape, orgies, mass murder, basically creating a hell on earth before Jesus saved everyone, at times God did punish them by taking their lives early.
  • Annysia on Psalms 142
    Reading the chapter of Psalm reminds me of Christian songs I would listen to as a child, I remember the comforting feeling of the lyrics because it's as if they were telling me, "It's okay, God has got your back through all times - especially in these times." This contemplation or "maschil" of David seems especially relevant while we're all stuck in our houses in times of extreme worry because of the Corona Virus pandemic. This seems to be a great reading to calm our nerves and just know everything will be better.
  • Annysia on 1 Chronicles 3
    It's fascinating to see how David's bloodline reaches because of the power and lands he held during his time as a king. I didn't know that he ruled different lands at different times. What confuses me is he was regarded as being beloved by God but at the same time, teachings during that time say that polygamy was seen as wrong. Someone beloved by God should be abiding his teachings, right? I may be wrong with my timeline on when polygamy was regarded as immoral, though.
  • Annysia on Hosea 9
    This seems to be an easy to interpret chapter. Hosea tells Israel that they have looked away from God and thus He is punishing them for it by taking the land He gave them away from the Israelites.

    This seems to be an example of how important it is to be grateful for what is given to us because once we take it for granted we'll realize how important it was to us in the first placeo.
  • Job - in Reply on Malachi 4
    Julie, Julia: I don't have a pair of pink glasses and I don't listen to voice from radio or recordings made by man. But I do have a KJ Bible and this is what I read and go by.
  • Alta waller - in Reply on Deuteronomy 22
    It is the new testament we are supposed to listen to excluding how were supposed to be baptised what god says we do if he says that females must wear skirts or dresses we are to be obedient for jesus has said disobedience is worse than witch craft the fact that adam and eve disobeyed jesus he had to shed the blood of an innocent animal which is why they used to sacrificies until the spotless lamb jesus christ sacrificed him self on calvery day what you are doing is misleading gods sheep and in the bible it says those like pastors that mislead his sheep shall deeper darkness and punishment than those that never knew his name.
  • Job - in Reply on Malachi 1
    OK, May God bless you mightily.

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