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  • Robin Shovan on Proverbs 3
    For me to not lean on my own understanding, but acknowledge him in all they ways, then he shall direct they paths, I like asking in the name of Jesus and no doubt it shall be given me Amen.
  • Mary Brown on 1 Thessalonians 1
    this chapter address the three person, this I read, but didn't Paul wrote the book of Thessalonian.
  • Anonymous on Revelation 21
    The Bible very clearly mentions an eternal Hell in several passages. All sin must be paid for because God is just. Sin is either paid for by eternal damnation in a literal Hell, or by the sacrifice of Christ.

    II Corinthians 5:6-8 expounds upon our souls being either in the body or with the Lord, and so we know that we will be in Heaven while our earthly bodies remain in the ground.
  • Bonnie Rateree on Psalms 23
    All my life He has carried me through - now I know His power and anointing on my life - surely goodness and mercy...
  • Lady A on Matthew 28
    Trusting GOD the Father, through his son Jesus Christ. He is the first and the last fruits of each day of my Life.....
  • Gonzalo on Matthew 28
    It is one thing to believe God loves you when you believe you've given Him a cause and a reason to love you, but is different when you've give Him no cause and no reason, and God still loves you, he loves you because He is Love. For he is kind unto the unthankful and to the evil.
  • Rosemary Nmeregini on Matthew 1
    Jesus is a Divine Gift from God to mankind, so believers of the gospel of Christ should cherish this divine gift and surrender all to Him and serve Him in Truth and in Spirit, for the coming of the King of Glory is at hand thanks.
  • Rosemary Nmeregini on Isaiah 60
    Let everyone that Believed depart from iniquity and shine has the Lord commanded and the blessing of the Lord will come to passed in our lives in Jesus Name. Amen
  • Theodore Douglas Barnett Jr. on Isaiah 5
    All nations that make the choice to turn from God, Will be turned into hell. That is not a threat, that is a promise. We in the USA live under this derision that God loves us as a nation so much and that because we have "In God We Trust " printed on our money, God will excuse sin. This is the hour of repentance. Hebrews says judgment must come to the church house first before the world.
  • Onu stellamaris on Psalms 18
    Psalm 18 really spoke about God's wonders, how he reserve and save us from the hands of the wicked ones and by his power he made us overtook our enemies, the wicked men of the world and verse 35 it say" Thou hast also given me the shield of thy salvation: and thy right hand hath holden me up, and thy gentleness hath made me great.” Yea he made me great and uphold me in high places. That is God s.
  • Lilian on Matthew 11
    Take my yoke upon you and learn of me for I am meek and lowly in heart and ye shall fine rest unto your soul amen thank you Jesus i love you and i have accepted you as my Savior my Jehova Jireh the Lord my provider Shalom amen
  • Navin kumar Erpulla on Matthew 11
    It is contrasting statement by Jesus, when he says take my yoke and you will find rest in your soul, how can a man take a yoke and find rest, but i think what Jesus might have mean was, though my yoke is heavy but the burden is light and hence come unto me i will give you rest, Thats what we are missing these days we abstain Jesus from any involvement in our life, we must realize putting God first in our life, and hence he requires total surrender.
  • Frances on Psalms 121
    My God will never leave me. I can trust him to protect me and mine.Thank you for saving me and for healing my body.
  • Jason hoose on 2 Corinthians 5
    jesus chirst is god i'm aposotlic i got the holyghost and was baptized in jesus name
  • Erlend Mathias on Genesis 1
    The Spirit of God moved over the face of the waters, and God said "let there be light". I think the presence of God produced light. There is no need for sun or moon in Heaven for the glory of God illuminates brighter than the sun.
  • WILL on Psalms 12
    TO BSP: verse 3 says "THE LORD" not "JEHOVAH GOD". read it again. Then read in revelation where it says not to change one jot or tittle in the WORD OF GOD.
  • Omologe John on Matthew 1
    Joseph was privileged to name Jesus. Likewise, God has committed some things into our hands which only we are appointed to do. We must not fail Him. This is why we need a conversational relationship with Him so that He can guide us through our Devine destinies. Joseph heard from Him through dreams, but we can go a step further to hear Him while we are awake. Open my eyes oh Lord by your mercies
  • Cee cee on John 8
    I have to ask God daily to guide me in this dark world. He will always make a way of escape. Its up to us to take it
  • Ibiso on Jeremiah 8
    Jeremiah 8:17: God said he is Black: He is angry with Israel for not worshiping HIM but other gods He is Black with anger. wow, may we repent and never see the darkness of God's anger.
  • Debbie Bloodworth on Genesis 2
    I thank God for his wonderful creation
  • Andy on Matthew 11
    Gazz, The kingdom of Heaven refers to Christ's Kingdom on earth and how the prophets were beaten and slain. The violence is on earth not in Heaven. John the Baptist represents a change from prophesying about Christ to revealing Christ.
  • Peter emizibo on Ezekiel 23
    the bible say God is a righteous God he will judge every one accordant to their work in day is coming accept they repent
  • Wonderlyn Horsley on Psalms 27
    May our hearts and minds continue to seek after the Lord increasingly as the days go by!
  • Jews27 on Psalms 22
    We are the kingdom of God. We host the Israelites as the inhabitants, of our inheritance. They call us their fathers and we are the LORDS houses. In us the temple is built, Jerusalem, crossing the Jordan, etc. It pertains to us, within us. This generation waits for a sign. But Jesus said, there will be no sign because the kingdom of God is within us. When we get saved the kingdom is planted in us.
  • Simeon Freemen on Revelation 13
    In the UK and much of western Europe increasing use of contactless oayments mean that we are just few years away from a cashless economy and total knowledge of ll our 'buying and selling' by banks, big business and government. If the beast is anything it is the combined might of these global and technocratic institutions.
  • Cliftine Shields on Amos 6
    We are to turn from our wicked ways and obey him.
  • Alex on John 2
    Jesus wd not commit himself to any man b/c he knew what was in man and needed not that anyman should testify of man v 24
  • Athea on Genesis 1
    Genesis 1 lets me know the Awesome and unique mind and plans of our lord and savior Jesus Christ God Being the creator of us all and how mind blowing how we were made in his uniqueness and likeness of the High Supreme Amen
  • Bruce on 2 Timothy 2
    W.I.Bill: It's Just Reading The Word of God. Ask The Lord for Understanding. Without The Spirit Living with in: You will never Learn. You Need Salvation First. Given a New Heart:All Things Will Become New 2Corinthians5:17. You will Know Impossible not to. Don't read other books, or commentaries.Turnoff TV. Stay in The Bible( I use KJV Concordance) I Talked with Lots of Pastors. Most Don't Study
  • Joe Joe on James 1
    I think James must have written this book after 70 AD, after the temple was destroyed. When he said to 12 tribes scattered abroad.

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