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  • Roganie wilson on Revelation 12
    I am so sorry before but hi my name is Roganie..I love doing bible study.
  • Leslie A Ford on Amos 3:3
    Have you all never experienced the love and forgiveness of Jesus Christ? You sound so full of hurt and betrayal. I know it all too well. The loneliness, the years of loneliness. But, never give up on love. Faith, hope, and love in the Spirit of God not young
  • Daniel Raymond Gibbs on Matthew 1
    I have decided to start studying the New Testament, as a former war veteran, I find the Old Testament to be to mentally stressful. In fact my Mental Health Councilor recommended that it would bring more joy, and peace to my old mind from the past . As I have already walked down those evil roads 54 years ago.
  • 2Chrome Eyes on Acts 26:14
    Jesus was saying to Paul, about not being able to resist the truth, that it was Jesus who knocked him off his horse, and is Lord, calling to him; And that he must go forth in obedience with the truth of Jesus.

    The pricks are the evidences of truth.
  • Fareed on Matthew 7
    Is being homosexual a sin
  • Adholhok Martha on Revelation 1

    Am very grateful for what the Lord is doing, please, I kindly request you to help me in prayer.

    I have applied for a position in which we are three in.

    Am all away from south Sudan

    Thanks, Jesus loves you all
  • Keerthi on Matthew 11:17
    Explain clearly Mathew 11-17 verse we have piped unto u and u have not danced
  • Bendito Palavra on Hebrews 1
    How is it that God himself calls his Son, Jesus Christ, "God" (theos in the Greek)?
  • Sunday chansa on 1 John 4:18
    How can I become a man of GOD
  • Butch on Matthew 1
    In Acts chapter 2 the day the New Testament Church began, on the day of Pentecost, they were baptized in the name of Jesus, then in act chapter 8 the Samaritans were baptized in the name of Jesus, then in Acts chapter 10 the Gentiles were baptized in the name of Jesus, then in act chapter 19 Paul said to the Ephesians that were the followers of John the Baptist ask them if they received the Holy Ghost since they believed and they end up receiving the Holy Ghost with speaking in tongues just like and Acts chapter 2 and Acts chapter 10 and they were re baptized in the name of Jesus, my question is why do most of the churches when they baptize you they use the titles Father Son and Holy Ghost and not the name Jesus, Father Son and Holy Ghost are not names, Hebrews 1 and 4 said that he inherited his name he inherits his name from his father which was Kept Secret in the Old Testament but revealed in the New Testament?
  • 1 searching on Matthew 12
    Matthew chap 12 vs 31-32 say all manner of sin and blasphemy will be forgiven, over a year ago I came back to Jesus and the church after having been away for a very long time, I have repented and turn away from the life I was living. Now I confessed my sins and I know Jesus died on the cross for all my sins. But it is different this time I don't feel forgiven like the last time. I guess what i want to know am I still saved even though i feel Jesus won't forgive me this time because I don't think he should forgive me. I know it how it sounds, but this is a very scary place to be because I do believe and always did. But all I ever hear from pastors and people are how once they came to Jesus they never looked back. What about all the people like me who knew wrong and did it anyway. then something makes us come back to our senses and we return to God. Are we still forgiven if we don't forgive ourselves?
  • Raymond on Genesis 3:1
    What one thing did Eve not have that all other people have?
  • Maria Tineo on Exodus 22:18
    There is a witch coven where I live (in the floor above) and these people already killed 5 people in my family! That's why the Bible The Holy Word of God decrees; "You shall not allow a witch to live." Exodus 22:18. These witches are on a seek and destroy mission.
  • Carolyn S Hedgepeth on Psalms 33
    What does the Bible say about divorce
  • Tom on Romans 10:13
    Romans 72 and first Corinthians 739 state that a couple are married till death parts that divorce is only during the engagement. Like Mary and Joseph
  • Hardley Boswell on John 1
    As i read its amazing how we need both law and grace,man creats and enforce the law and King of Kings gives us a will to chose.The truth is we need both in order to live in this world
  • RC Andrews on Psalms 109:8
    Jesus is the Son of God. God says so Himself.
  • Langst on Sybi l Sybil Langston on Matthew 24
    What does he mean in Matthew 24;16-17
  • SYDNEY MOGAECHO on Habakkuk 2:3
    No men shall stand before the spoken word of GOD.

    VISION will propel you into kingdom space, so if you believe that God has spoken to you,

    Sign up, stay connected, and see your life and your assembly advance from Glory to Glory...

    God honors his word.
  • Gerald Ray Payne on Genesis 1
    I would like a structured program for reading the Bible in one year. Thanks, Ray P.
  • Jared Korenko on 1 Peter 5
    What about the lost book of Nicodemus that was originally called "The Acts of Pontius Pilate"???????
  • Dorothy Carter on Job 11
    why did God tell satan not to touch Jobb's soul?
  • Donna on Ezekiel 18:26
    Could someone explain verse 26 please? If you are a believer and you have an abortion are you still forgiven?
  • JENY HODGES on John 1:1
    I am thankful for I can use freely to post the Bible verse on the twitter.
  • Roland finlay on Luke 11
    Verse 46 seems not to speak well of lawyers or is it my reading of it. Luke 11 v.46.
  • Nomathemba on Wisdom of Solomon 18
    iam surprise about this chapter of Kingdom of Solomon

    my bible only have songs of Solomon tell me more
  • No name on Psalms 109:8
    God will be the judge of all things and in the coming days we will wish trump was back. He not perfect but he is more christian than Biden ever thought of being.
  • Anna on Isaiah 41:10
    "The enemy is "like" a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour." Notice the Word of God says "like"; he has no teeth to devour God's children, but he does a good job keeping us in fear. The Word tells us "fear not!" Why? Because no darkness on the face of this whole earth can overcome a child of God! Why? Because God is with us! When everything looks like it will fall apart, hold on! When everyone seems to be against you, hold on! When those who should know you best are believing concocted lies of those who choose to be used of the enemy, HOLD ON! When it seems that there will be some catastrophic end to whatever it is we are facing, anchor yourself and H...O...L...D O...N!!! As I speak to you, I speak these truths to myself! There is a mighty God, my Father, Our Father, who is holding me/us!!! Don't give up, give in, wallow in self - pity or cower in fear!!! Our Father is faithful and I am a living testimony that He is! He's coming soon! Be encouraged! God bless.
  • David on Acts 2
    What's the meaning of 2nd Peter 3:10? Will the earth be destroyed by fire literally?
  • Rick on Isaiah 54
    What does gods word say about all liars ?

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