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  • Patty Tozi on 2 Corinthians 1
    Thank you for that beautiful writing about what l know to be true. I have been through many hard knocks to reach out like l do--with the light of the truth of who our God really is. I have learned it all by staying quiet and alone. God talks to you thru silence and listening from the heart of His Love. God is all Love and Compassion. Remember that. All you have to do is read Psalm 23 John 3:16:
  • BUCK on Isaiah 30
    An open rebuke is better than secret love.
  • Artie vanlandingham on Genesis 4
    How could Cain be afraid he would be killed since he was the first son and no other people are mentioned? Is this just Gods choice among all flesh in all continents that failed to be Gods choice to reveal his word? Since Neanderthal DNA is not found in Africa is every Island a different race?
  • Heather Smith on Genesis 4
    Good point. My understanding is that Cain referred to his family that is not mentioned. Remember, the task gave Adam and Eve. He was afraid he would be "subdued".
  • Artie K vanlandingham on Genesis 4
    If you perform one work in Gods will professing Jesus as out of God and the Ram substitute unto a Muslim Lucifer will bruise your heel's physically, which proves the curse placed upon us is not fiction. Just tell God your sorry he is divorced from you and pray to do one thing for him without your understanding. The devils head will get bruised and he will attack your heel's. Satan will confirm God
  • Artie K vanlandingham on Genesis 4
    The scripture is meant to give the Holy Spirit, not knowledge, or else knowledge is grace and we need not faith. So who were the first two prophets? Now ask yourself who are the last two prophets of Revelations. HE and HE makes the she goat sacrifice void and we must remember Moses said: The women who's heart stirred them up in wisdom spun goat hair?
  • Artie K vanlandingham on Genesis 4
    Since Neanderthal DNA is not found in the roots of Africa, we can only assume the first man may have been white and Eve black. Even Jesus said it is not of our need to know the ways of God and the past or future. God could have made many people in different Islands, but choose to reveal grace and his word to a chosen people. Natural selection made by God, or the mark of Cain, but he went east.
  • Adam on Genesis 4
    It's my opinion that God created more people either after Adam and Eve or at the same time. I think this for a few reasons. First, because Cain and Seth had wives. If the women were from Eve then they would be their sisters. Second it says there was a land of Nod outside of eve. If there were no other people why would this land be named, unless it was a community. I think races came from Babel.
  • Artie K vanlandingham on Genesis 4
    Even with knowledge we can't explain why we need a covering, nor could we have oil or gas without the death of dinosaurs. So we can ask why we were not first, but 1000 years ago we couldn't ask why we were not before olive oil or oil for lamps. We are the only animal that believes in nothing, because we believe in the love of another, yet it is, yet not, yet is. If you are atheist love is not.
  • Artie K vanlandingham on Genesis 4
    The bible is not made so we can have knowledge, but so that Gods natural selection would carry the word from him. Cain should have been beheaded by Islam, yet mercy gave Cain the countries of Persia, or Iran. He was cast out east of the Euphrates. Abraham married his half sister. Moses married a black woman from Ethiopia. Why does the animal called humans need an animals skins to live with? O
  • Eileen Walker on Psalms 11
    Okay, I am confused. Does this all mean that you MUST attend or belong to a church? What if you have tried seven different churches over time and have found that you don't fit in any of them?
  • Simpson P Withrow on Psalms 11
    Have you examined yourself to see if you are really saved? Are going to liberal churches who are teaching a false gospel out of a false bible. If you are not getting fed the right food, you will die. If you are not getting the right teaching from the right Bible, your spirit will starve to death. I would suggest you find a church that teaches out of the Good old King James Bible.
  • Paul on Psalms 11
    I know the situation you are currently in is difficult, however, continue to look for a church to attend. At this time I too am looking for a new church to attend and I've attended several, yet have not made a commitment to stay at one particular location. I always make an effort to visit a church at least 3 or 4 times before making a decision. Keep trying, God will provide.
  • Eileen Walker on Psalms 11
    Thanks, Paul. for your comment. However, maybe I did not describe my situation accurately. We have been a member of a particular church for around five years and then bam! something happened that discouraged us and we are not feeling welcome like we used to feel. It was a big issue, in my opinion, and I know I have to forgive. It is difficult and I have had this happen over and over.
  • Freedomborn - Grannie Annie on Psalms 11
    Dear Eileen I understand your Heartache when we Trust others which is part of Love and they hurt us it's hard to Trust again What Randy shared is needed and I have Forgiven but that does not mean that I accept the wrong they did and nor does God and He tells us that all Scripture is for us too 2Tim3:16-18 whenever we are in need including for Reasurence and Encouragement 1Sam30:6, God Loves You.
  • Adam on Psalms 11
    Hebrews 10:24-25. There are no perfect churches, because it's made up of imperfect people, but what better place for imperfect people to go- if they didn't go, maybe they'd display even more flaws, and maybe no one would even go to church anymore. There will always be a few difficult people, just like any non-church group, but they don't represent the whole. It's also ok to change churches too.
  • Freedomborn to be Perfected on Psalms 11
    I agree Adam we can't judge everyone in a Church by those who hurt us but if their in Leadership others will be polluted so we are to Rebuke and forgive more than once Lk17:3 but if no Repentance we move on I haven't found a Church where all are Perfected in Love and nor am I yet but I'm Aiming for it as God asks us to do Mat5:48 and as Paul and others became before they died 1Jn4:17-18 -Anne
  • Adam on Psalms 11
    I agree that those in church leadership should have higher standards. The Bible gives such examples of standards for those qualified to become elders of church. 1 Tim. 3:1-7, Titus 1:5-9, 1 Peter 5:1-4.
  • Patty Tozi on Psalms 11
    You know Adam. I have been going to different church denominations trying to find one elder of each church that really cared about their people that attend. They seem to have their mind set on self and pride of themselves. It seems they act out what people need to hear. But behind they carry many rules of how all the heads should act. WHERE IS GOD'S TRUE LOVE? A Compassionate Feeling Heart? God's!
  • Freedomborn in Unity* on Psalms 11
    True Adam but today Woman are taking over the Role of Pastor or Elder which means they are Teaching in Authority over Men and God warns us about this 1Cor14:34-38 1Tim2:11-13 We are equal in Christ Jesus Gal3:28 but our Role remains as your Helpmate. We can share God's Truth or Correct Error but only as Scripture confirms and not in Authority over Men and this is for our Protection -Grannie Annie.
  • Paul on Psalms 11
    I know all to well what you are going through. We had attended our former church 15 years when we left. There was an issue with a family member who could have used some encouragement and direction from church leaders, but all that happened was him being snubbed along with the rest of our family. At the time I was part of the praise and worship team and my wife a former children's church leader.
  • Eileen Walker on Psalms 11
    So, did you leave that church or what did you do? I am struggling.
  • Paul on Psalms 11
    yes, we left the church to find a new one. Adam is right, we can't let a few represent the whole. I am still looking for a "new" church, my faith in Christ Jesus remains and I believe we will find that church soon. KEEP LOOKING.
  • Randy Blair on Psalms 11
    To all who commented on this question and are making reference to Psalm 11: This Psalm has nothing pertaining to a church or problems within an assembly, it's David's personal testimony and struggle with fully trusting God, and how he overcame that fear and temptation of unbelief. People operating in the flesh will hurt others, sometimes accidently. Seek God for healing forgive them at all cost
  • Eileen on Psalms 11
    I agree. It was the Pastor who hurt me and snubbed me, but I went to church Sunday and he came to speak to me saying nothing significant. Tears came to my eyes, but I forgave him in my heart. He is a good pastor despite his demeanor and I enjoy his sermons so we will continue with our current church. Thanks for all of your posts.
  • Obbie Beal on John 21
    21, 22 Notice Jesus issued a order specifically to Peter also notice Peter quickly became concern with what was one of the other disciples was going to do. In verse 23 Jesus be specific to Peter also us in 2019. So when GOD gives me or you a specific a order do not as Peter, who became concern with what about them..
  • Obbie Beal on John 21
    21, 22 Peter seeing him saith to Jesus, Lord, and what shall this man do? Jesus saith unto him, If I will that he tarry till I come, what is that to thee? follow thou me.
  • Obbie Beal on John 20
    29 Jesus saith unto him, Thomas, because thou hast seen me, thou hast believed, BLESSED are they that have not seen, and yet have believed. 2019, we give thank to Jehovah GOD for this BLESSING.
  • Marjorie Hodges
    Was Jesus in the grave from Thursday night?
  • Adam
    Mark 15:42 suggests that Friday is that Jesus was crucified, hence the term 'good Friday'. If Friday is counted as day 1, Saturday day 2, and Sunday day 3 then it's on the 3rd day, rather than 'after' 3 days. There's an argument for Wednesday too as the day of crucifixion.

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