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  • BSP on Psalms 127
    Verse 6~Even though Jehovah God is the most powerful God he takes the time to notice humble humans.
  • Bruce on Mark 3
    Vanessa: Mark 4:1 It was No Boat. Christ Sat on a Ship, a Sailing Vessel. Mark 3:9 was a Boat. Check in a Concordance, Two Different Words.
  • BSP on Malachi 3
    Verse 16~Jehovah God not only values and cherishes the words and actions of his servants, he also pays close attention to their thoughts.
  • Faye on Psalms 47
    Just because people have different views on the word terrible doesn't give anyone the right if not by God's standard to say we want to change the truth of God's word we sometimes need help in understanding why would he use the word terrible? It's logical today to ask such questions. Question is do you have the Godly attitude and reaction that were suppose to have, after they asked them.
  • BSP on Psalms 119
    Verse 108~Jehovah God has allowed us to offer praise and we should use that privilege wisely.
  • Lauren on Isaiah 11
    Angela: As far as I am aware, the words, And the lion shall lay with the lamb, has never been in the Bible, not even in newer versions. The confusion probably arises from it being a common phrase in many Sunday Schools. I think it's a similar case with the exact words, cleanliness is next to godliness, since it's also popular quotation, but technically isn't in the Bible either.
  • BSP on Psalms 40
    Verse 5~Jehovah God had been so good to David and with all of mankind and David was unable to put into words how wonderful God was but David was determined to praise Jehovah God to the best of his ability.
  • BSP on Psalms 127
    Verse 3~David knew that Jehovah God was so wonderful and his goodness was so beyond measure that He is most worthy of praise.
  • DEE on Psalms 83
    HALLOWED means holy, its not a name and JAH is the shortened form of JEHOVAH
  • BSP on Psalms 37
    Verse 8~A first step to avoid giving way to violent and evil deeds is to control our thoughts and emotions.
  • BSP on Proverbs 10
    The blessing of Jehovah God is was is of the utmost importance. His blessing adds no pain to our lives.
  • Ivy Johnson on Jeremiah 23
    V#3: WOW to thee so called preachers: preaching replacement theology: God is finished with ISRAEL: and help to bring about the BDS: and antiemetic movements: All enemies of THE GOD OF ABRAHAM:ISAAC:JACOB:and their SEED Forever: ISRAEL also. Soon they ALL will have to give an ACCOUNT to GOD ALMIGHTY: God is married to the JEWISH People Forever: TheY are the APPLE of HIS EYE: The most delicate area.
  • Obbie Beal on Luke 8

    11 Now the parable is this;The SEED is the WORD of GOD. (sowing is a as mention above is a very old method of planting seeds; in this case though many seeds are sown by the sower into the heart of us, many of the some seed will not never produce because the heart was so hard or cluttered with earthly junk).
  • William Mandirima on Proverbs 10
    Jesus is Lord Ever never change
  • Obbie Beal
    through the eyes of Jesus we learn Jesus has not loss sight of HIS # 1 mission (redeem man from sin... 23-27); but through the eyes of the 12 disciples
  • JIMUSMC on Proverbs 7
    When we want to know Gods will,there are three things that always concur-the inward impulse,the word of God,and the trend of circumstances.God in the heart,impelling you forward,God in His book corroborating whatever He says in the heart,and God in circumstances,which are always indicative of His will.Ref:A lesson about Gods will from F.B. Meyer
  • Obbie Beal on Luke 9
    through the eyes of Jesus we learn Jesus has not loss sight of HIS # 1 mission (redeem man from sin... 23-27); but through the eyes of the 12 disciples
  • Vanessa on Mark 4
    we live in a world where many thorns and thistles are rising trying to choke out the truth putting it away in a closet or covering it up, we are to be the light not blinded by darkness that think they are doing good by God but still in the grips of the fowler, it's not about the world and embracing sin but delivering the word, a house cant stand divided, you cant have it both ways God Bless
  • Vanessa on Mark 3
    he did enter the boat next chapter
  • Vanessa
    make no mistake Christ did not come to condone sin, he preached the Father's word not to go in vain, but to deliver the message and we are not to waiver, if we are children of God we speak truth and we need to take a stand against those corrupting morals and to take liberties to serve our God, we need to take a stand now, make our voices heard before we have none
  • Vanessa on Matthew 7
    never pass judgement without cause, do not make false judgement,if you preach make sure it's to the word
  • Winnie Kyokunda Buziro on Psalms 20
    Psalms 20, encourages us believers. To know that even if we're are attacked by the enemy, our God is our defender. And if He is our defender who can fight GOD, the Almighty. Let's be rest assured that He cares for us, no matter what we go through in life, so let's put our full trust in Him in Jesus Name. Amen
  • Thomas Pradeep on Psalms 1
    the broader perspective of this passage is that we must not have friendship with the world and its pleasures. We can talk to sinner and sit with them but whats the objective of that indulgence, is it for pleasure and enjoyment like most people do or is it to change their life and show them true light.
    Intension of our heart is what God sees.
    Wonderful psalm by brother David!!
  • Maggie on Proverbs 31
    I think it can relate to pleasing God also with your whole ❤ , and whatever it takes ,you want to make it in, that he tells you well done keeping your ❤ pure before him that men may see your works and Glorify God, Amen
  • Nina flora on Amos 8
    Amos is most definitelly speaking of now..where we are in doubt.
  • Oscar Kaubi on Philippians 1
    I compare the passage to Joshua 24
    where Joshua calls on all the people to pledge commitment to God
  • Robert Hiltebeitel on Galatians 3
    I agree that they go together, but actually when the Scripture says "Believe and be Baptized...", I would say that "Being saved is essential to baptism". Must believe first, then Baptism, as a testimony to God's saving grace with accountability in the presence of other believers. Blessings.
  • Mary Heyward on Judges 4
    I am searching for clarification on Judges 4:19
  • Joshua on Isaiah 4
    Today's woman of the world identifies with complete autonomy and independence from the authority of any man. Yet in spite of all this "equality" , for many women , the absence of any biological miracle of giving birth is still a reproach not necessarily in the eyes of a sinful society but to many not all women themselves who would love to bear children hence they still need a man .
  • Lauren on Psalms 32
    Sawme: Actually, the word Selah first appears in this context in Psalms 3:4. There are multiple interpretations of what this word actually means. The most logical explanations in my opinion would seem to be that it either indicates a type of pause, or a term of deep affirmation. We see this word used a few times in Habakkuk as well. You shouldn't be sorry, it's a good question.

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