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  • BSP on Isaiah 6
    Verse 8~Isaiah didn't know the full scope of the assignment before he accepted it, but he eagerly volunteered and put full faith and trust in Jehovah God.
  • BSP on Revelation 2
    Verse 10~Some of the trials that would be faced by true Christians are mentioned here and these call for courage and trust in Jehovah God.
  • BSP on Psalms 91
    Verse 13~Jehovah God can equip us to trample Satan under our feet as a big snake. How fitting since Satan is the original serpent.
  • Jackie Tettleton on Romans 1
    The people knew God was the Creator but they would not acknowledge Him as such. They relegated Him to a list of pagan gods. When they did this they chose to walk away from Him. He had to let them go because He will not force anyone to worship Him. He also knew what was in their hearts and so He had to turn them over to the lusts of their hearts. God is God. Malachi 3:6 I am the Lord, I change not.
  • BSP on Revelation 5
    Verse 5~Jesus is here referred to as a lion because of his lion-like courage and strength that he has.
  • BSP on Hebrews 10
    Verse 39~Paul had faith in his Hebrew brothers and sisters. He said that they were not the sort who shrink back.
  • Billie CALAME NORMAN on Deuteronomy 8
    All.I...know, the Holy..Spirit..gave, me, this
    Scptiure yrs..ago....and, I believe..its,, power.
    That..the, Lord, will.give.but..dont, comes, from....I know,, blessings are, on..the, wayyy
  • BSP on Philippians 3
    Verse 7~Paul considered the former material things he had as a loss or as rubbish when compared to the privilege of having a relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • BSP on Jeremiah 20
    Verse 11~Jeremiah had complete trust in Jehovah God and this helped him to be courageous and carry out his commission to preach.
  • BSP on 1 Kings 22
    Verse 14~Micaiah was going to speak the truth no matter what. He had God's approval for this.
  • Pastor Vitus Raphael on Psalms 121
    This Psalm lets me know that God is too faithful to fail, this confidence makes me also know that I cannot be disadvantaged because my God is always awake.
  • Pastor Vitus Raphael on Psalms 121
    This Psalm lets me know that God is too faithful to fail, this confidence makes me also know that I cannot be disadvantaged because my God is always awake.
  • BSP on Acts 20
    Verse 28~The sheep belong to Jehovah God and overseers must render an account for how the sheep are treated.
  • BSP on 1 Kings 17
    Verse 7~The stream ran dry, but Jehovah God continued to care for Elijah. We may get down to the bare minimum, but God can care for our needs.
  • Cheryl on Genesis 6
    How is it that we say that the daughters of man mated with the Angels when we are also taught the Angel's have no sex , are they taking about men having sex with woman without marrying her and then saying the made giant children none as the nephilim dosen't make sense ?
  • Alex on Romans 8
    NOT death nor life nor angels nor principalitiles nor powers nor things present nor things to come nor height nor depth nor any creature shall be ABLE TO SEPARATE US FROM THE LOVE OF GOD WHICH IS IN CHRIST JESUS thus if you have been saved by his love ( his word ) you cannot fallaway R LOSE THE LOVE OF GOD, GODS WORD CANNOT RETURN UNTO HIM VOID IT HAS TO PROSPER IN WHAT IT WAS SENT TO DO SALVATION
  • Waylin's on Psalms 82
    This refers to the second set of fallen Angels, of whom mated with the daughters of man. This was there judgement to die as mere mortals, because before they were immortal before they fell from grace like one of the princes who fell from grace the first time satan .
  • Shayna on Proverbs 24
    I serve a Mighty God who gives confirmation He is Alive and He is Real..I love the Lord..And He loves me!! Don't ever let ANYTHING trick you into believing otherwise..Amen
  • WIlliam
    My question is where did Cain wife come from? Were she and her people also created by God OR: were she and they distance relations of Cain and Able. What were the time frame before Cain and Able was begotten. Gen. 2 verse 4 indicated the one day could be generation according to God's time frame. Could there have been several generations and many children begotten before Cain and Able.
  • WIlliam
    Jeff: Adams was 930 years(Genesis Chapter 5 verse 5. Adams lived 800 years AFTER he begotten Seth Gen, 5 vs 4 Just thought you may want to know the references.
  • William on Genesis 4
    To the 12 year old; you are doing the right thing. Please remember, the Bible will be confusing to those which really do not understand God's reasoning and plans. Also please remember that only the King James version is the true word of God which hasn't be change since it were printed in 1611. Other versions of the bibles has been changes to change the meaning of a version or the intended meaning
  • James on Isaiah 61
    Comtemplate the ‘shalls’ Of vs. 4-7. The fruits of the blessings of the Messiah. 1) They shall build 2) They shall raise up 3) They shall repair 4) Strangers shall feed 5) Foreign offspring shall care 6) Ye shall be named 7) Men shall call you 8) Ye shall eat 9) Ye shall boast 10) Ye shall have double 11) They shall rejoice 12) They shall possess 13) They shall have joy everlasting. 🌈Jesús Saves
  • Lorease on Genesis 8
    Adrian, according the 2 Peter 3:10, the earth will be destroyed (renovated) by fire next. The first time God baptized the earth to cleanse it. Again, 2 Peter indicates, next time God will address sin with fire, to purified it.
  • Lilian on John 15
    Greater love hath no man than this , That a man lay down his life for his friends. Thank you Jesus for the blood you shed for us . Abba Father we've love becoz you first loves us. And because of your love to us you sent Jesus to us so that we all must have life in abundance THERES NONE LIKE YOU JESUS I WILL LOVE PRAISE AND WORSHIP YOU FOREVER MY JEHOVAH MY ROCK AND MY SALVATION AMEN hallelujah
  • Stephen B on Revelation 21
    Roger Austin, you will indeed know your loved ones by name! And you will know all of the saints by name. Peter knew Moses and Elijah. Even the rich man knew Lazarus and 'father Abraham' though at that time there was a 'great gulf fixed' and he could not pass to them.
  • Adrian on Genesis 8
    So the next time god punishes the earth will be with what?
  • Adrian on Genesis 7
    So what happened to cain?
  • Brigida solis on Ezekiel 15
    Jesus Christ is the true vine, my vine. If I could be a branch, leaf,stem or any part of His vine would be totally awesome! Thank you Jesus, Lord for dying and saving me. Help me be part of the True Vine!
  • Jef on Genesis 1
    @ Jan, Verse 30 says that the green herbs are food for the animals.
    "And to every beast of the earth, and to every fowl of the air, and to every thing that creepeth upon the earth, wherein there is life, I have given every green herb for meat"
    So... herb bearing seed and fruit from seed bearing trees for the human and green herbs for the animals.
  • Dewey J on Luke 16
    Mary, no it doesn't. The point is the negotiated settlement with his master's debtors which put money or assets immediately in his hands he didn't falsify the bills he merely made a better deal for his master and his debtors after he had stolen from him. Jesus is encouraging Christians to imitate the wisdom of the steward working with the people to get his master some assets back v8. Glorify God!

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