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  • Freedomborn in Life... on Jeremiah 10
    As we know Raymond God Loves everyone He is Love and can be no other way but He hates evil. Homosexuality like all Sin is evil Rom1:24- 32 but except for the Unforgivable Sin Heart Repentance brings God's Forgiveness and Freedom although if there is no True Repentance as shown by continuing to Sin without guilt or fear of the Consequences it leads to Commiting the Unforgivable Sin - Blessings Anne
  • Ruth Anne Goff on Acts 1
    Jesus did know when He chose Judas that he would betray Him. Jesus was God, so He knew. That, in my opinion, does not mean Judas was predestined Jesus didn t choose him for that purpose. I believe that Judas believed Jesus would deliver Himself like He had done on previous occasions.
  • Marjorie Hodges on Acts 1
    God is who choose the disciple to replace Judas verse 24 God knows our hearts I was told Theophilus is a title which I don't know whether that's true that being said how would one go about finding out who that title belong to ?
  • Ruth Goff on Acts 1
    According to my source, Theophilus was likely involved in Greek or Roman government, so that was his name not a title.
  • Marjorie Hodges on Acts 1
    Thanks for your reply I wish I had where you got this information
  • Obbie Beal on Revelation 16
    The day and hour mention above is at our front door of the world and the world, both saved and not-saved are so busy with cares of the world such as jobs, 401-k, education, retirement, me,me,me, my,my,my, never-the less verse 15 above is written in stone. Thank GOD for HIS Blessed Assurance Jesus has prepared a place for those to obey John 3:16.
  • Freedomborn in Truth on Jeremiah 10
    True Albert No one can prove that Mary Conceived in December. Jesus was Conceived by The Holy Ghost when Mary's Cousin Elisabeth was 6mths Pregnant with John The Baptist and that was in April which means Jesus was Born in December. Pagans carved images of their gods into trees and than adorned them with gold etc and than bowed down to Worship them. I don't Worship Christmas Trees do you Albert?
  • Shannon
    can a man or woman get married again
  • Jr
    Matthew 19:9 - And I say unto you, Whosoever shall put away his wife, except it be for fornication, and shall marry another, committeth adultery: and whoso marrieth her which is put away doth commit adultery.
  • Church tabor
    yes just repent of your sins God will forgive anything all you have to do is believe it
  • Ruben Hartness
    Shannon--see Mat 5:31, Jer 3:8, Rom 7:3, Eph 1:7. All sins are forgivable except the sin of not letting the Holy Spirit speak through you during your hour of tribulation when you are brought up before Satan in the sixth trump. Pray for forgiveness---God id the Judge.
  • Paul
    Ruben, what are you talking about
  • Ruben Hartness
    Paul- I ask you to read Mat 531,32,33. When you marry you male a vow unto death do us part. That is a vow to God you have broken UNLESS your spouse died --that is till death we part. You may marry again. If you do divorce Rom 7:1,2,3, you can repent of that sin and be able to marry again. Jer 3:7 touches on this subject also. Eph 1:7 tells us we will be forgiven. God loves His children.
  • Paul
    Sorry, I was referring to the area where you mention satan at the sixth trump
  • Ruben Hartness
    Paul-the short space given to answer you is not sufficient. Start with Rev 10:1-21. This covers Satan' roll in the 6th trump. Rev 10 1:-6 is the beginning of the 7th trump to fore tell when time is no longer. The Millennium 1,000 years 1day 1 day as a thousand years The Lord's Day . Satan comes first to for five months to try to win all Gods souls. Please write what you don't understand.
  • James on Revelation 11
    I am puzzled by the reference in Revelation 11:19 when it talks about the temple of God being opened in heaven... and yet, in Revelation 21:22 it says, 'And I saw no temple therein: for the Lord God Almighty and the Lamb are the temple of it.' Any help with this one would be much appreciated!
  • Amimo D. on 1 Chronicles 1
    its amazing how it travels over time to link generations, this is so sweet to read
  • Vanessa on Romans 16
    Being followers of Christ we do not sit passive and pamper sinful ways or we stand divided from God, we rebuke those in sin and even pray God will give us the verse to show to them be firm in the word, correcting is caring and loving, if we didn't then we would say nothing and let them walk into the fire,as some of the churches are doing today, cherry pick scripture GBU all
  • Sam friday on Matthew 24
    A careless Christian will spend time attacking fellow Christian workers by speaking evil and backbiting and also having a compromising life with unbelievers, such a Christian will be caught unawares.
  • Sheba on Matthew 8
    Jesus is the healer. He didn't send anyone to the physician. He spoke the Word and the people were healed. Let's believe and have faith for healing. Jesus is able to do all things thought impossible. He's loving, compassionate, tender-hearted and merciful. God sent us a mediator -- saints use the power of Jesus. He's here for the asking and willing to help us. Live right and see results.
  • Sheba on Matthew 7
    Strive to enter in at the straight gate. God does not bend his rules for us. When we keep God's commandments, and ask for things, he knows how to reward the righteous. He keeps his promises. Inwardly search your heart and see if what we do is acceptable to God. Judge yourself by the standards of Jesus. He is our perfect example, and he leads us to our Father in heaven. God wants saints.
  • Sheba on Matthew 6
    Keep your mind on Jesus. Take no thought concerning food, drink and clothing. Concentrate on godly things and seek God's kingdom. He provides for the righteous. Sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof. Evil is rampant. Therefore, let us set our affection on things above, and God will surely add all good things to our life. God's works are wondrous and He never fails. Get joy in Jesus.
  • Sheba on Matthew 5
    God has called us to PERFECTION. Anything less is missing the high mark the Lord has set for the saints. Be ye perfect as your Father which is in heaven is perfect. God gives the command, and Jesus furnishes the power when we obey Him. This is penetrating and spiritually powerful. God only wants the best for us. Perfection is being pure in heart. God is awesome and mighty. Follow Jesus.
  • Gwendolyn
    What does God mean when he uses the word democratic in the bible? Gwendolyn
  • TJ
    Nowhere in the KJV does God mention "democratic"
  • Hoe Of Glory on Psalms 24
    Standing in God's holy place, one needs:- Clean Hands, Pure Heart, Honesty, Rejecting False Idols and Wealth. Amen
  • Freedomborn in Life on Jeremiah 10
    Thank you Stanjett so True, God Bless you greatly for your Loveing Faithfulness. In Funday School I ask the Children what happens when an egg hatches? they say a Chicken is born, Yes New Life and that is what Jesus came To Give Us His New Life the Old has gone The New Has Come. Without Christmas there would have been no Easter and without Easter there would have been no need for Christ- mas - Anne
  • Word on Revelation 15
    When Satan comes as a false Christ or antichrist, instead of Christ, and makes his presentation by healing a political wound and performing supernatural events as the likes of bringing down lighting from the sky at his will and claims to be God returned you will then see a beast rise up out of the water people don't go just wait for the true Christ. Stay home with your bills payed, food 3 months.
  • Marilyn on Psalms 70
    I asked God to give me a Bible chapter to read so the 70th Psalms came to me. This Psalms brought joy and happiness to my heart. When I looked at how my enemies would be turned plus they will be made ashamed. People do and say mean things to you, but God would let them be turned backward and confused. Every Child of God is protected. We belong To a loving Father who gave Jesus. I love Him!
  • Busus on Psalms 70
    He is amazeing that thank you for your forgiveness love and mercy

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