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  • Bendito Palavra - in Reply on Psalms 1
    The scornful mentioned here would be those that reject and ridicule the LORD and his ways. In that seat, they influence others to follow in their wrong path to ruin. I suggest using the word search at the top left of the chapter page to search other instances of the word "scorn" for more insight. We must be careful in our standing for truth that we don't become revilers, with verbal abuse, toward those who are blind to the good news of Jesus Christ, but rather pray the LORD would open their understanding.
  • where does it say do not pass judgement on others , or to judge or be judged
  • B. - in Reply on John 4
    Start with Romans 11. While you?re at it, read Deuteronomy 28, Revelation 2:9, and Revelation 3:9. I hope that helps.
  • Ozzie - in Reply on 1 John 4
    From my understanding reading scripture just believing you are saved Baptism is the first command given to identify with Chris being immersed unto his death and bringing up unto life but lets just say if your in the hospital for example and can t be immersed just believe from your heart and you will be saved had an uncle who was an atheist dying of cancer 6 weeks wen to visit him and started understanding scriptures more and more finally went into a coma we went to visit him while he was yet in a coma came out of the comma briefly accepted Christ went right back in a comma died soon after look in scripture one of the thieves hanging on the cross with Christ read that part of scripture.
  • Kevin Mack on Psalms 7
    I'd like to share with you what God showed me type into your browser (operation gladio and coronavirus) 2nd article on this website reads Bill Gates false flag ( picture of him with a hyperdermic needle and a bottle of serum) read the article please ! It's a long, long article. And remember God is still in control, and prayer moves mountains.
  • Pauline on Proverbs 31
    clearning up the whole church all the time what no help in the church.Why is that?
  • Chuck hinman on John 1:2
    how many times can a person ask for forgiveness for the same sin
  • Ngozi on Judges 9
    according to Judges 9: 54b And his young man thrust him through, and he died.pls check the answer is no correct
  • Vendall - in Reply on Genesis 6
    Because he gave us free will. Even though he gave us his perfect instructions, we make our own decisions and must accept the consequences be they good or bad. Free will! He did not want love that was not freely given...who does?
  • Lady A on Isaiah 44
    The will of my father be done.....
  • Donna on Proverbs 31
    May God help me to be this kind of woman. In my youth I strayed, now that I am older, I am close to the Lord, however I still fall so short of this Proverbs 31 woman. God help us not to get caught up in whether a woman should/should not work outside the home. Let us just seek to be this woman with our whole heart, with the help of Jesus, wherever our life is called to be right now, doing any task at all, let us do it unto HIM. Colossians 3:23:
    And whatsoever ye do, do it heartily, as to the Lord, and not unto men;
  • Robert Sefton on Psalms 1
    In Psalms 1, the Word says not to sit in the seat of the scornful. Sometimes when I am watching the national news, I become a little scornful of what the liberal news is trying to promote. My wife gets a little upset at me. Do you think that you could clear this up for me?
  • These locust have crowns reminds me of the coronavirus. Some area in Africa has is infested with locust causing big problems for the people there.
  • Sister Kelsie Joe Ann Lewis on Matthew 18:23
    I am a member of The Church of Christ.
    Can I have a preacher of my Church teach me. The word of God
  • Sa on Revelation 3
    I got rid of a wood cross I had because I didn't want to disrespect what the Lord did on the cross. It was becoming a decorative thing on the wall and I was admiring the beauty of it instead of what Jesus did on Cross.
  • Mickey on Ecclesiastes 11:5
    When you open this website there's a search box. Type whatever you want to look up I.e heal healing baptism
    It'll go fetch every verse in the Bible for you to read.
  • Sandra Lee - in Reply on Psalms 91
    It makes me SO happy there are some others thinking to do this anointing over their doors! I am still pondering that the ancient times anointing was for one overnight and this is obviously a longer time for this current situation. But all i can think of is "One day is as a thousand years to the Lord, and a thousand years are as one day". Time is irrelevant to the Lord. It is only ours to trust in Him no matter how long it takes, right? "To those who endure to the end..."
  • Linda Holliday - in Reply on Matthew 5
    1)Let every man have his own wife
    2) flee fornication
    3) fornicators shall not inherit the kingdom
  • Gladys Berrier on Mark 16:15
    Yes, I pray the ones who do not know heaven will be their eternal home will stop and ask God to forgive them of their sins and save them.
  • Fred scanlan on Mark 7
    I wonder if Christ went to the ocean for a little r and r. Frustrated by the jews for their persistent use of the law to disgrace Him and his word. Always pitting him against their traditions. Frustrated by there obstinance he calls them hypocrites. So he goes for a long walk to the oceanside where he receives a humble loving mother. A greek Mother. Ya ,ya. You can almost feel his frustration, using words like dogs when describing the gentiles and the Jews. Then this Mother blows him away with her confession. Her thankfulness in knowing what He will do. After He heals her daughter, He is rejuvenated, then proceeds on his mission to the 10 cities of Decapolis. Christ was spreading the Gospel
  • Adam - in Reply on 1 John 4
    God bless you Texas Pilgrim!
  • Fred scanlan - in Reply on Mark 7
    Christ is referring to the children of Israel, That the children would be filled or taught the salvation that has come unto them in Himself,the Messiah. Christ is that bread of life given not only to the Jews ,but also the Gentiles who this woman is. Jesus is saying that by giving his bread to dogs would be wasting his time not giving it first to the children of Israel. What is interesting about this story is how far Christ travels for this woman confession. Then leaves to return to Galilee. He uses her example of the great faith that she has, and her humility in knowing the Lord will heal her daughter. Confession is enough for just 1 crumb of his grace to be saved from sickness and sin.
  • John - in Reply on 1 Peter 3:21
    Born of water means natural birth Born again means born of the Spirit, that water can NEVER offer salvation the true baptism is the Holy Spirit. John the Baptist showed what he was doing was a shadow of what Christ would do when he said "i indeed baptize you with water, but when he comes "Jesus" he will baptize you with the Holy Ghost and fire" longer water the Bible plainly says what is flesh is flesh and what is spirit is spirit. Jesus said go into all the land teaching and baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Ghost. if you think any work can save you and yes baptism of water is a work Bible says not of works less any should boast
  • Rubbla Patton on Zechariah 7
    This chapter in Zecharish is what God requires of everyone justice for all people's. This what is going on in 2020 injustice for all of God childern . God demands justice .
  • Tyran Crudup on Proverbs 3
    Need healing scriptures
  • Jen Jen on Revelation 1
    Revelations chp. 1 which John wrote the book?
  • James - in Reply on Daniel 3
    where was Daniel..... last verse of the last chapter maybe.....just a thought
  • Alex on Genesis 1:24
    Everything has to multiply after its Kind but we see that Jesus cd multiply ( Reproduce Gods ) IN HUMANITY.When he breath on them they received the H.G. Jesus said the good seed is the WORD,God is SPIRIT and Jesus said that which is born of the spirit is spirit he cd multiply AFTER the GOD KIND.THUS HE WD HAVE TO BE God.He cd not sow the very seed of God if he were not God th Son.Simply b/c everything has to mutiply after its Kind.His breath was his Word/Seed.After all that was the great PROMISE i will multiply thy seed as the stars of heaven thus his Children GODS. HE REPRODUCES AFTER THE GOD KIND HALLELUJAH TY JESUS Thats y the seed is the pearl of great price its the very seed of God. gbu
  • Alex on Genesis 1:24
    It was God that made this law that everything in heaven and earth had to multiply after its kind.Thou shall not gender thy cattle after strange kinds. We see that Jesus did not reproduce himself after Mankind ( flesh and blood children ) His seed was the living word the very seed of God He multiplied after the God kind thats y he said to whom the word came (his seed) it made them Gods.His words were his seeds thats y he said b/c i have spoken these WORDS sorrows have filled your hearts SORROWS IMPLY A SPRITUAL PREGNANCY,then he describes a Woman in sorrows is about to have a baby then her sorrows are turn into joy after the child comes which is just parabolic of a spritual birth.Bornagain.

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