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  • Tom on Matthew 1
    IMHO (based on my study and understanding ), Mary, being a virgin and chosen by God the Father to bear His Son, Jesus, was blessed. Obviously, a virgin conceiving without "knowing" a man is a miracle by God. But, Mary, unlike Jesus, had an earthly father and the sin nature of Adam since it is the father that contributes the blood to the conception. She rejoiced in God "her Savior". Jesus saves!
  • Bruce on Luke 9
    If any Man will Come after me, Let him Deny himself and Take Up his Cross Daily and Follow Me.(Verse 23) Means, Pick Up Your Cross and Follow Him, The Son of God. All True Believers Will have,Tribulation, Persecution, Trouble. We Present Our Bodies As a Living Sacrifice(Romans 12:1)You See Him:In The Bible(Hebrews 10:7) All Eyes will See Him (Revelation 1:7) Read Revelation 20:15
  • Lady A on Psalms 33
    Honor the Father who is in heaven
    Trust GOD and do good
  • Sean on Philippians 1
    I am understanding more clear. I often fear rejection but the love i have is deep and can never be turned away from. I need that assurance to let go. Trust and confidence
  • Kathy on Psalms 33
    Stay grounded in his word. He is the Great I AM!!!
  • Grady Winston davenport on Matthew 1
    More people's need to start reading the bible
  • Shelley
    the third day he would be taken and crucified. His death was the completion of his salvation work on earth and thus He would be perfected.
  • Shelley on Luke 13
    Jobly, I don't know if you received an answer but here is mine. At that point in time the Pharisees had determined to kill Jesus and persuade Herod to execute him. Jesus was headed to Jerusalem for his final week. He was not the meek and mild mannered man today's pastors make him out to be. He was letting them know when he would be there and at that time he would take over the temple. And on
  • Bruce on Romans 9
    Angelia: Verse 11: Esau is Hated Before He is Born. Before Doing Bad or Good. Therefore hath He Mercy on Whom He will have Mercy(Romans 9:18-24) --- He Hath Chosen Us in Him Before The Foundation of The World, that We should be Holy and without Blame Before Him in Love(Ephesians 1:4) Right now It's Very Hard to Understand. He Knew from The Beginning Who would be in Hell.
  • Mazie S. Blue on Luke 12
    Luke 12 appears to be almost like the 7 Commandments.Jesus is Instructing his disciples. He's speaking to them in parables say they can understand what he's trying to tell them.He's Prophesying of things to come.Some of them are already in force now.He is instructing his Disciples for us to follow too.He want us to be ready for The Rapture. He's kind of instructing us as a parent.
    I Luv Luke 12.
  • Christine Fiore on Isaiah 60
    I believe this is The New Jerusalem!
  • Latoya on Luke 12
    I do not understand the passage fully. Please me get a better understanding. Thank you for your time.
  • Angelia on Romans 9
    I strongly believe God gives us choices to be loyal/faithful to him but after he has given us so many chances he backs off and let us become the owner of our own fate. This is when we can say referring back to Romans 9:13 that hate steps in. I think it becomes hate of our evil doing not hate toward us as a person people often get confused with this verse.
  • Gary Loucks on Luke 12
    Reminds me that God cares about each and every one of His creations
  • Martha on Psalms 95
    The Rock of our salvation
  • Mavis on Psalms 28
    Vrs 8, God is our strenght to do everthing
  • Ampusam Symonette on 1 Chronicles 17
    I am thankful for the Word and so many opportunities these days to read and gain understanding I seek the aid of The Holy Spirit to assist me in understanding so I can have a better knowledge of God. Thank you for the Word. As a convert I have as an adult learn from scratch although the seed of desire was laid in the Christian Convent School I was sent to even as my parents were staunch Hindus.
  • Kathy on Luke 12
    God is Faithful no matter where you go or what you do. You have been bought with a price. We belong to him!
  • Ricky on Matthew 2
    You should count the wise men again, where does it speak of 3(Three) ?
  • Valarie on Luke 12
    God loves us!! We are important to Him.
  • Louie on Joel 2
    We as Believers in Jesus know that he promised he will return the part about who knows if he will return is those just before the Rapture of the church stated in such a way leaving room for those that do not believe till the death of the two witnesses and thereby forfeit themselves being taken up nevertheless the woman that fled Into the Wilderness Revelations chapter 12 so the food offering was l
  • His servant, Avadim on Luke 9
    How do I know, because I'm His Servant and disciple. And i seen Him pass me by in the flesh on Wednesday July 4th around 0830 0930hrs
  • His servant, Avadim on Luke 9
    Deny yourselves as righteous deny yourselves to be as Christs, Pick your cross means to own your ** look at your own sins and own it give testimony to the real ** y'alls really bondage and stop pretending like y'alls righteous without sin follow God and not Christ John aka Ian's the Apostle, that's what it means.
  • Kathy on Proverbs 31
    This Verse speaks Volume! Simply means that you can have all the beauty all the tricks of the trade. However , if you do not fear God and carry yourself like a lady the other things have no meaning. A woman that fears the Lord with Love and Respect is praised by God her husband and her children , she is a joy to those that know her.
  • Gregory Watts on Ephesians 4
    It is a powerful chapter all by itself, you could preach and teach it forever.....The worthy walk of the believer is how I like to refer to it.
  • Walter Waller on 1 John 5
    As I read this chapter it certainly gives confidence and
  • Donnie on Revelation 1
    The talk of the sabbath in the comments is well intentioned but incorrect. Jesus' first coming replaced the singular sabbath day with a daily sabbath. He taught that we are to hold his truths each day of the week. We are called beyond laws written for a people who were yet to receive Christ. For what is more, Christ and His teachings or a day of devotion? His death and resurrection replaced deeds.
  • Donnie on Matthew 24
    Vanessa, a TRUE bible church is a rarity. For sins we will not be judged, holding true we accept Jesus Christ has died for our sins and we are baptized in His name. Your comments are prudent. Even the evil one believes in Christ. It is our job as Christians to love with Christ in us. Limit love not to the deserving, that non-believers may escape the second death. Pray for Israel. Fight for God!
  • Samuel Asiamah on Matthew 8
    The spirit that have possessed the two men were to abandon their abode at the command of the Lord but for them to exist and continue to operate they needed a new abode therefore they pleaded to possess the heard of swine. They were cast out of the men falsely believing that they would continue to exist and operate in the animals but that was not to be and they were judged that hour.
  • Brayden Roussel on Genesis 22
    Abraham knew that his son would not die, it clearly states "And Abraham said unto his young men, Abide ye here with the ass; and I and the lad will go yonder and worship, and come again to you." I and the lad, will go yonder and worship, and come again to you, That part there means that he trusted in the lord and knew his heavenly father wouldn't accept his offering.

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