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  • Shumani Joyce Ndou on Ezekiel 14
    We will be judge buy our wrong doing , as God he doesn't want to see us worship the Idols and consult the false prophet. want we have to do we need serve God in truth and in spirit lets trust God with everything we do he will help us Amen.
  • Lilian on 2 Corinthians 2
    Now thanks be unto God which causeth us to triumph thru Jesus Christ Thank you Abba Father for giving Jesus to us without you Jesus I am nothing
  • Titus on Ecclesiastes 8
    How do you receive the Holy Ghost?
  • You will have to for the holly ghost to find you
  • Ellen Johns on Matthew 7
    Lack of church discipline is a byproduct of false teaching in my humble experience. My estranged husband was sucked in deeply to false teaching and try as I did, he rejected my efforts to help him discern and to snatch him out. I wouldn't follow as he tried to lead me astray.I stood my ground whilst all manner of strange things were being taught and were going on at the new church he took me to and gosh I didn't go down well. Eventually he had an affair with a female member at the church and others there were actually trying to justify it calling me "difficult". In my bible it says "contend for the Truth"..I pray for him regularly and know that nothing is impossible with God but he's unteachable and won't I continue my walk alone. The ramifications of false teaching are alarming to say the least.Put on the full armour.The enemy has no new tricks and God has provided the instructions for what is needed to equip us in the battle. Test everything.Stand firm. Our Commander has already won the war. How reassuring is that. God bless.
  • Ellen Johns on Matthew 7
    Just spent a very worthwhile hour listening to the sermon "True marks of the Spirit" Dr.Martyn Lloyd Jones..spiritual guidance from a true man of God.
  • Teresa Lee on Deuteronomy 6
    I think sometimes people misenterpret verses in the Bible and what I believe the meaning is is Loving God is Loving one another and Doing your best to follow his commandments which is once again loving others without judgement and giving from your heart not cause you feel obligated. Also God created all things and loving All animals is also very important I believe. Loving God is being Kind to Others and not bearing false witness against each other. Give and pray in private not for show. Pray for understanding of God's Laws and strength to do the right things in his eyes not people eyes and judgments. In Jesus Name Amen.
  • BSP on Luke 6
    Verse 12~Jesus spent the whole night in prayer to Jehovah God before he made a major decision. We too should pour out our hearts in prayer to God in order to get his thinking on matters and to have his guidance.
  • BSP on Philippians 4
    Verse 4~We have many reasons to rejoice in the Lord. Everyday is a new gift of life and we have the promise of a beautiful future in a paradise.
  • BSP on Hebrews 11
    As physical creatures it takes faith for us to believe in the things we can't see with our physical eyes. The more knowledge we take in of Jehovah God and the more we see his hand in our lives the deeper our faith will become.
  • Molly on Hebrews 12
    Nichole, that is a very good question! We fall from grace when we choose the world and it's ways above GOD and the values He requires us to live by. GOD's will MUST be preeminent! That means His will comes before all else, even those fleshly desires we believe we must fulfill.
  • Franklin Miller on Hebrews 11
    In response to John's comment on 3 10 2018, 7:44pm... In view of Jesus clear statement in John 3:13, Enoch was not taken to the heaven of God s residence. He died, as the apostle Paul, after naming Enoch and other ancient faithful witnesses of God, makes clear in saying: In faith all these died, although they did not get the fulfillment of the promises.............. Hebrews 11:13
  • Thomas Hiatt on Numbers 13
    And those who issued the evil report were not allowed to enter the promised land,
  • Patricia on Psalms 1
    Note the progression of sin. It starts slowly and ends up saturating. It begins with walking along side of us gains our attention, causes us to stand and ponder, then it entangled and wallow in it. But not the just, we are always looking toward our Savior
  • Chris Powell on Ecclesiastes 8
    God is in control, obey his commandments and live! He knows ALL about his creation and only he knows it all. Man can try to understand but will fail. Why can men not except that God is real and that his word is the truth? He even promised us to come visit us the true believers via the Holy Ghost. Even in these darks days I pray and Thank God for the Holy Ghost.
  • Kinson on Genesis 1
    God created the living word, the word was in the biginning all the things which have breath. Not spoken or written. There is the word of God and the word of man. Man is a word of God, Jesus is a word of man.
  • Vanessa on Matthew 7
    one path is wide most will follow that, then choose the narrow path which is less traveled, many will knock few will enter the kingdom. I see preachers today saying sinning is ok as long as you have received Christ's as your saviour, and then you read this, it's hard today to live free from corruptions, seek daily for wisdom in the word and hand things over to the Lord, trust in God, Amen
  • Shamika dunn on Ephesians 4
  • Shirley Jordan on Psalms 91
    It is the heart and soul of the book of Psalm, and I truely believe in that, and I will always have faith and believe there is a God....
  • Joe on 1 John 4
    If you look Genesis,it says let us make man in our image..then shortly after it says God made Adam,and breathed life into him..That kinda had me too when I first really read it..God has a people.But I don't think all are for the purpose of personal salvation.some wood for the fire and some the silver being purified.keep seeking his wisdom and he's going to show you many things I would hope.Bless you
  • BSP on Hebrews 10
    We must not forsake meeting together for worship of Jehovah God. As the end of this world is coming we must do so to an even greater extent.
  • Kurt Chappell on Hebrews 10
    Sacrifice of Christ who says, “ it is finished. Souls redeemed, now free of Satan's bonds, forever loosed. Our light is Jesus, and we beg for good-works, more so to be alongside Jesus in Spirit watching and joining him in those works. Not allowing worldly fleshly temptations take us where the devil lives. Encourage fellows with Church, the Word, and the Spirit, continuing our race, even battles.
  • IC men on Acts 1
    @A Disciple-Thank you brother! I see now that we are always witnesses, not just when we are "witnessing". I've been marvelling at how "invisible" I seem to be when I'm out in the world. Finally I realized God is like that also, and yet He Is no less Powerful or Deserving of Respect. His Power and ours Is the Longsuffering power of Divine Invisibility in the face of Human Sin and Blindness to Him !
  • Biblefan on 2 Samuel 16
    Absalom seems as sleazy as Saddam Hussein's sons Uday and Qusay. The Bible doesn't seem so far fetched when u compare with the wantoness and lust of today's dictators (and elected officials for that matter). We all know what happened to Absalom, Uday, and Qusay. - this particular chapter isn't for kids to read. I've read in the orthodox community - they wait til 30 yr age to read certain texts.
    God word are true and sincere. God word is a gude to living a pure and righteous life, Thank you Jesus. Do you best to live a righteous life everyday.
  • Randy on Matthew 25
    Word...The word rapture is in the bible. It comes from the Latin Vulgate Bible. It means "caught up". Holy to the LORD!
  • EGWU CLETUS on Psalms 3
    It gives me hope and strenght
  • Michael Vines on Acts 2
    ACT discuss the details of tithing and offering
  • Sonia on Psalms 92
    JESUS is my all in all. He is everything to me. It is always wonderful to give praises to Him always, wherever we are, because He alone is God and He alone deserves All our worship and praise. Glory to God for the opportunity to praise God. Praise God. Amen.
  • BSP on 2 Timothy 4
    Verse 3~We are living in a time when many do not want to hear about the Bible or do not respect the Bible.

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