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  • Italianna Linh on Genesis 2:9
    Wow, God is so amazing, he wants the best for us.
  • MICHAEL KERR on Isaiah 40:31
    Waiting upon the Lord (40.31) in my view has two complementary elements, serving and anticipating his future calling to act and serve, a truly fundamental and inspirational promise that believers ''walk and not faint''.
  • Jeremiah 23:5-6 is such an encouragement when we would despair because of all that is broken and hurting in our nation and world. The righteous Branch, from the lineage of David, the coming King who will reign and prosper, foresees Christ's second return. He will execute judgment and justice (just in Israel?) no..."in the earth," the whole earth. The whole creation groans and travails together in pain until now ( Romans 8:22) and only Christ's return will relieve it. My challenge is not to be overburdened by worry and fear for what is happening, but to endure and wait patiently for Him. He will be called THE LORD OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS, for we have no righteousness of ourselves.
  • Dorinda Newman on 1 John 3
    What are the traditions that Paul is talking about
  • Prince on 1 John 3
    what does the bible speak about the felling of disappointment
  • Kathleeen goodick on Psalms 91
    I lov the Lord
  • BSP on Hebrews 11
    Verse 9- Abraham had a great amount of faith in Jehovah God because he didn't know much about the land he was going to or what he would encounter along the way but he trusted in God completely.
  • BSP on Luke 21
    In verses 29-31 the disciples were instructed to stop and look at the fig tree, notice the buds, and discern that summer was near. Today we must take notice of the events and conditions taking places around us and discern that soon Jesus will return and take action.
  • In verse 12, Jehoshaphat is pouring out his heart to Jehovah God and he even admitted that he did not know what to do. God answered his prayer because Jehoshaphat had complete trust and faith in God.
  • Mild Bill on Matthew 13:41
    Alex, you err, "as all men will give birth to Christ", not ALL," Not every one that saith unto me, Lord, Lord, shall enter into the kingdom of heaven; but he that doeth the will of my Father which is in heaven. Many will say to me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in thy name? and in thy name have cast out devils? and in thy name done many wonderful works? And then will I profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from me, ye that work iniquity." Matthew 7:21,22,23

    This is a detail of err in your teaching, which is heretical in total.
  • Patty Tozi on Romans 1
    It is Christmas morning. Miracles happen this day -Jesus our Savior was born on this Heavenly Day. All you do is get on your knees and Pray. Have the Faith it will happen on God's best timing and stay. Reach out to others as you would want them to do to you. The Love of our God for His Creations was seen by me more times then numbered. So am wise in telling you these truths. No matter your situation you never give up and go to the enemy's side. For the Faith you show to your Father in Heaven as you pray for a miracle today--Will come true in His timing for you. For a miracle was born this Christmas Day. And your miracle you ask for will be born today. Stay on your knees...Faith to Him... watch what happens in the end. Merry Christmas to all...with the Light of God Shining Bright...on you today!!!
  • Alex on Luke 11
    My comments about that Woman in luke 11 : 27 that was praising Mary saying blessed is the womb that bare you and the paps you have sucked which was MARY ,BUT Jesus was refering to another Woman when he said rather blessed are them that hear the WORD and keeps it which is the WORLD that is gonna hear his voice his seed etc and bring forth fruit unto God. Jesus said the field was the world where that good seed will be sown in their hearts and that good seed is the living word the very seed of God thus he truly the son of man as all men will give birth to Christ in the last day, Jeremiah saw all men in travail and birth pains when he spoke of the new covenant which is a birthing covenant , I WILL know them All from the least to the greatest which is an intimacy with God that is gonna result in a heavenly birth of Christ in all of US thus the Church is the bride that is gonna birth Christ a greater then MARY in a sense . Actually rather blessed are them that hear his words and keeps them as Jesus said. Read Jeremiah 30 : 6 Y do i see all men with their hands of their loins as woman in travail and birth pains a time of Jacobs troubles her Child is a heavenly Jacob which is the H.G. the ISRAEL OF GOD. Jeremiah saw all these things in the spiritual realm. when he saw the manchild that was gonna rule all nations and destroy everything not of faith. Gods battle ax. There is a greater MOTHER then Mary which is humanity. Remember David saw the whole world at rest and full of his GLORY in that last day. Jesus asked who is my mother ? then he said them that hear my words and keeps them simply b/c his word is gonna impregnate the whole WORLD and that is what God wanted when he made that GREAT PROMISE OF MULTIPLICATION SAYING I WILL MULTIPLY THY SEED AS THE STARS OF HEAVEN. thus the sower and his precious seed that new covenant . As Solomon said that thy NAME might be great in ALL the world . ok lemme go rake some leaves
  • Albert Taylor on Daniel 2:43
    This is the day that the Lord has made and I will rejoice and be glad in it. While we do not know the exact date of the birth of Jesus Christ, we do have December 25th set aside as a holiday. History records that more than 2000 years ago, a Man was born contrary to the laws of human life. Possessing an earthly mother and a Heavenly Father, Jesus came into the world for the purpose of saving us from our sins( Matthew 1:21) Without the pomp and fanfare of other famous kings, Jesus was born and placed in a manger. The Son of Man, as he often referred to Himself, healed the sick, raised the dead, cast out devils, fed the hungry, and went about the land of Galilee performing acts of kindness. Unlike the prophets of old, He was the Word. He was beaten, whipped and He died for the world by hanging on a rugged Cross. He never wrote a book, and yet all of the libraries of the world cannot contain the books written about Him. He never traveled 200 miles from the place where He was born, and yet, expanding seven continents--the gospel message has traveled all over the world. He never marshaled an army, and yet no other military leader could ever boast of making the Evil One drop his weapon, turn and run, without even firing a single shot. He walked with Enoch; He wrestled with Jacob, and He pleaded with Lot. Sometimes in the Old Testament, he was a pillar of cloud by day, and a pillar of fire by night. He was even known as the Angel of the Lord. He was the Seed of the Woman, the Passover Lamb, the High Priest, The Mighty God, the Everlasting Father, the Prince of Peace, Wonderful, Counselor, and even the Avenger of God's elect( I am sorry, Captain America is not the First Avenger). There are so many wonderful things about our Savior. I am so glad that He came into our world to save a sinner like me. I am so grateful that He gave His life. As the world celebrates this joyous season, I want to remind the world that God gave the Greatest Gift to all of us. Merry Christmas!
  • Roy Rhodes on Luke 17
    What should the responsibility of a wife be financially if she works should she be splitting reponsibilties of utilties and such if she works according to the bible should not we save money for emergencies and also save for our childrens inheritance Should spending money be discussed with one another even if its 20 dollars especially if you have a partner who is very free with money
  • Alex Comments about the WOMAN IN REVELATION 12, Her Child is the Israel of God which is the H.G. That was born by the seed of God ( the Word of God ).Remember Jesus said the good seed/Word are the Children of the Kingdom .YA gotta realize that Christ sows a heavenly seed which is the very LIVING WORD of God .Which is a much greater seed then Abrahams seed . Natural Israel . The seed of Christ is the Israel of GOD Which is her Child the living WORD of God thats how he will Rule ALL NATIONS HE IS GONNA BE BORN IN ALL of US VIA that good seed which is the seed of the sower . Thus her Child is the Child of PROMISE WHICH IS THE H.G. THE KINGDOM, that is gona rule all nations simply b/c he is gonna be born in the hearts of ALL MEN humanity, Remember Jesus said the field is the WORLD where that good seed will be sown,as God so loved the world, If i be lifted up i will draw ALL MEN unto me. Thus the WOMAN IS THE WORLD THE BRIDE the CHURCH but her CHILD IS EMANUEL THE H.G. GOD WITH US. Our Kingdom, Remember Jesus said unless you receive the kingdom of God as a lil CHILD you will in NO WISE enter there in . The wedding was started 2 days,2000 yrs ago at Pentecost ,They were all intoxicated at Pentecost in the spirit but they ran out of that 1 st wine,Jesus has kept the best wine for last Which is the new covenant , CONTENTS OF THE BOOK, Mankind is gonna have a baby Christ, the Womans BABY WHICH IS SPIRIT THE H.G. Thats y he always called himself the Son of MAN. Unto us a Child is born, Unto us a Son is given which is the results of the seed of the sower the Words of GOD , that NEW WINE, Ya gotta realize that the Kingdom nor true salvation comes till the woman gives birth . Revelation 12 v 10 . I HEARD A LOUD VOICE FROM HEAVEN SAYING NOW IS COME SALVATION AND THE KINGDOM OF OUR GOD AND THE POWER OF HIS CHRIST ( the womans CHILD is our new birth,our new innerman ,our new heart and new spirit .THE KINGDOM OF GOD BORN IN US VIA THAT GOOD SEED THE LIVING WORD THE H.G. GBU.
  • Rodney on Philippians 3
    Hi Chris .May you and your family have a Blessed ,safe and festive holiday .i have verses which i would like to share .please let me knw when i can do so

    Kind Regards

  • Dave on Genesis 2:9
    Why does Genesis chapter 2 begin with GOD did then Switch the name to The LORD GOD? Later GOD is referred to as The Word. I'm aware John 1 refers to the WORD and GOD being the same. Why does Genesis 2 change names? Is GOD and Lord God refering different aspects or just interchangable names before Jesus became flesh?
  • Steven Spencer on Psalms 1

    Here's a verse that is widely debated. I think we can determine by looking at the description of her, and the series of events concerning her in Ch 12 and prophecies pointing to those events in the bible. "you'll need your bibles". VS 1, the description, "She was clothed with the sun and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of 12 stars". If we go to Genesis 37:9-10. Joseph dreams and Jacob answers this one for us. Now compare the events in prophecy to Revelation 12. VS 2, She's travailing in birth pains, Isaiah 54:1-5. Is 66:7, ( BEFORE SHE TRAVAILED, SHE BROUGHT FORTH; BEFORE HER PAIN CAME, SHE BROUGHT FORTH A MAN CHILD.) Also look at Micah 4:10, and Micah 5:2-4. Revelation 12:14 say she was given 2 wings of a eagle, a phrase the Lord uses throughout the bible concerning Israel, Exodus 19:4' Isaiah 40:27-31. Deuteronomy 32:10-11. Look at Paul concerning the Israelites in Romans 9:5, "Whose are the fathers, and whom as concerning the flesh Christ came. THE WOMAN IS ISRAEL, Not the church. The church did not exist until after the child was born died on the cross raised the third day went to the father then gave the Holy Spirit to the believers. Thank you.
  • Regina Nagle on Joshua 6:3
    You are doing good with the Bible quiz God Bless you in the up coming new year
  • Nancy Baker on Leviticus 18
    Is the Lords name Jehovah
  • Mrfloyd on John 14:26
    Where in the bible do I find,,,,in the world but not of the world
  • GODFREY ROBERT CHARLES on Zephaniah 3:17
    Angel taking a message from God to Daniel was intercepted by an angel of satin
  • James on Revelation 9:11
    Abaddon will make the evil ones pay the price. Abaddon is Gods wrath manifested into a being that will destroy the impure when all the good souls have departed.
  • James on Mark 12:44
    That's ok though. Let them. It's humility. Pride tells us not to but pride is the sin of Lucifer.
  • Samuel Dare on Psalms 1
    When is the Sabbath day
  • Delon on 2 Kings 2
    Is the covid19 vacines the Mark of the beast. The DNA swab confirms a cold or flu virus & this it is a money maker costing the poor victim their lives @ a price of $3200. The vaccine containing the DNA of wolves, monkey parts & embryo, is not this forbidden blood & flesh or do we honor Jesus words in My 23 to obey authority? What is the Mark of the beast. Is it the all knowing tree of good & evil our service men have been subjected to (AI or Artificial Intelligence), Remote viewing & out of body experiences that will soon cause us to want to commit suicide yet not be able to die? These DNA changed using canavorus to eliminate the elderly populous & make big pharma richer? Is this not the Mark of the Beast, or I'd it the sin within us that will bring the beast to desire devouring our flesh? When the Harvest of Ingathering

    comes, will this not be God's Wrath?
  • Andy Metz on Daniel 2:43
    Daniel 2:43 is one of the most intriguing verses of the Old Testament. For a possible explanation, remember what Jesus said, "As it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be when the Son of Man returns." For those who miss the true meaning of Genesis 6 (fallen Angel's assuming human form, and siring mutant half-angel, half human GIANTS), what Jesus said about the conditions on earth at the time of His return corresponding to the conditions of Noah's time would not have the full meaning. Why did God judge the earth with a global Flood, killing everyone but Noah and his family? Yes, conditions were exceedingly wicked on the earth, and all the imaginations of men's heart were evil, but what was the PRIMARY reason God's judgment fell? It was because Satan had introduced his plan to corrupt the entire human Genome- and invalidate God's promise made in Genesis 3 concerning the "Seed of the woman") by introducing alien, satanic DNA via the co-habitation of fallen angels ("who left their first estate" and took on human form) with the daughters of men, of whom they took as many as they wanted (indicating this un-natural intermarriage- which was detestable to God- was occurring on a LARGE basis). WHY did God choose Noah to carry on the human race? Not only because Noah was a "just man" and a :"righteous man", but because Noah was PERFECT IN HIS GENERATIONS, i.e. Noah's bloodline had not been contaminated by an admixture, somewhere in his bloodline, eith the SEED OF THE SERPENT. if Satan could contaminate the ENTIRE human Genome with the SEED OF THE SERPENT, God's promise that the SEED OF THE WOMAN (Christ) who would crush the HEAD of the Serpent's seed would be invalidated. It's quite possible that, as it was in the Days of Noah, Satan will once again attempt to staff the leadership of the earth with half-angel, half-human beings, the product of the pairing of a fallen angel with a daughter of Adam. Ultimately, of course, it will be totally unsuccessful. Jesus has ALREADY won
  • There is a time for everything and we must use discernment to be able to tell when it is the appropriate time for something.

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