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  • Sarah on 1 Timothy 6
    Eutychus: your comment was a HUGE EYE-OPENER
  • BSP on 2 Samuel 6
    Verse 7~The ark was never to be touched, but Uzzah overstepped his boundaries and disregarded Jehovah God's law. He paid for this with his life.
  • Estella martinez on Psalms 23
    I have loved the 23rd psalm all my life, because it comforts me so much wheƱ I realize how much God cares about every area of my life. Thank you Jesus
  • K. Patrick Gibson on 1 Timothy 6
    John Chapter .1 In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. 14. And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, and we beheld his glory, the glory as of the only begotten of the Father, full of grace and truth.
  • BSP on 2 Samuel 4
    Verse 10~David didn't wish death on Saul. When a man came to him bragging about killing Saul, David had him put to death.
  • BSP on 2 Samuel 1
    Verse 12~Although Saul had treated David poorly, David mourned his death. He did not rejoice over the death of Saul.
  • BSP on 1 Timothy 6
    Some people say that money is the root of all evil, but this verse points out that it is the love of money that is the root of all evil. Money has a useful purpose and we need it to live, but we must guard against loving money.
  • Muriel on 1 Timothy 6
    2 PETER 1:20 Knowing this first, that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation. Based on the comments in this "Verse of the Day" it appears that most people need to STUDY 2 Tim 2:15 God's Word and let the Word speak.
  • Pam on Psalms 1
    God the creator of heaven and earth spare us your fellowers. We rejioce in your word and delight in your messages. AMEN.
  • BSP on 1 Samuel 1
    Verse 5~This verse doesn't mean that Hannah was cursed by God, but it means that he allowed her to be barren.
  • BSP on Ruth 3
    Verse 5~Ruth had deep respect for her mother-in-law and she showed it by her words and actions.
  • BSP on Ruth 1
    Verse 20~Naomi felt very bitter and expressed her bitterness by the words that she expressed here.
  • BSP on Judges 20
    Verse 5~The men of Gibeah were wicked and so they had to be punished for their inhumane crimes.
  • BSP on Judges 16
    Verse 16~Delilah nagged Samson to death so to speak. Samson unwisely gave into this pressure and because of that he lost his God-given strength.
  • BSP on Judges 13
    Verse 8~Manoah prayed to Jehovah God for instruction on how to raise his son. Children are a gift from God and parents should look to God for direction in how to train and raise their children.
  • BSP on Judges 11
    Verse 7~The men had chased Jephthah away but when they were in distress they wanted him to come back. Jephthah raised a valid point here and showed that the men had treated him unfairly.
  • BSP on Judges 7
    Verse 3~Those who were fearful were not made to remain and fight. This showed compassion on Jehovah God's part.
  • BSP on Judges 5
    Verse 5~The mountains are figuratively spoken of as melting before Jehovah God. This shows the tremendous amount of power that God has.
  • BSP on Judges 3
    Verse 12~As long as the Israelites obeyed God and did good they had his protection. We see here that because they did evil, Jehovah God took his protection away from them.
  • BSP on Judges 1
    Verse 1~The Israelites looked to Jehovah God for guidance and he provided them with someone to take the lead. God does the same thing for his people today.
  • Naszire an Hebrew Israelite on Judges 1
    No, we looked up to Yahshua Homoshiak and the Most high Elohim not Jehovah
  • BSP on Isaiah 64
    Jehovah God is our heavenly father because he created us and we should be like clay that can be molded by him.
  • Sabrine on Matthew 7
    It is as it says do not judge any one thou you will be judged too but not forgetting that the word of God says that
    Ask, and it shall be given to you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you so if we don't mix thing we shall be repaid by the almighty God
    May God bless u
  • Rosalind on Psalms 23
    With Him with who can be against me? No one!
  • Jonas on 1 Timothy 1
    Forgetting the weightier matter is forgetting the purpose why the scriptures are written: good for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness that the man of God may be perfect throughly furnished unto all good works! Hence, the warfare!
  • Jonas on 1 Timothy 1
    Why are people forgetting the weightier matter of paul's instruction on the Spiritual Warfare? The War according to the prophecy (the sure prophecy).
    Is it because God they say Loves all and that salvation is by grace and not of works?
    Where will change come in together with the melting of the elements and the love not the World and the ye are not of the world and the gospel of suffering? THINK
  • Alesha Johns on Romans 8
    Based on the scripture , it is just trying to advise us that we should not praise the world and do not allow our bodies be apart the ungodly behavior. We should praise the lord thy with pure heart and clear mind
  • John T. on Psalms 127
    I fill in my heart and soul, when Christ Jesus our Savior comes back to claim his bride and to bring with him the NEW JERUSALEM CITY, there will be no more pain, no more cancer, no more tears, no more sarrows, no more sting of death, no more evil, no more racism, no more lies, no more governments to LIE to US!!
  • Whitney Reese on 1 Corinthians 1
    1st Corinthians is one of my favorite books. Troubles in the church and disunity and contentions are still to this day a problem in many churches. I believe that 3/4 of our problems in the churche is pride and poor leadership in the community and church. Paul very plainly states that carnality is part of the problem. Thinking and walking in the spirit is something we need to pay attention to.
  • Rachael faith on Acts 5
    Please stop it my Brothers and Sister's in Christ. The most important thing is JESUS CHRIST died on the cross for our sins. Now it's was a stalk they nail JESUS CHRIST to what is a stalk made of wood what is a tree made up with wood now it was shaped like a cross. JESUS CHRIST is coming soon we all need to REPENT of our sins. I do every day. Thank you JESUS CHRIST for savings me from those demons.

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